Sign of VIRGO: Mercury & The Multi-Talented

Do you know someone who is very skilled, full of “know how” and common sense, very helpful, and yet humble and funny too? They probably have a “self” planet in the sign of Virgo.

In these monthly series about the signs, I’m taking the planet that is most powerful in that particular sign and focusing on that planet, it’s spiritual challenges, and Venus in that sign as well.

virgoglyphIn Virgo, the planet that is most powerful is Mercury. I’ve already talked a lot about Mercury in my previous post about Mercury retrograde in Virgo, so this post is a combination of characteristics of the sign of Virgo and the planet Mercury.

Something I didn’t mention about Mercury in my previous post about Mercury Rx, is that a good Mercury in the birth chart is a great thing to have because no matter what you do in life, you will do it better because of Mercury.

mercury planetAny planet that Mercury is with, aspects, or when Mercury is aspecting the houses ruled by itself (Gemini & Virgo) these planets and houses are much more easily manifested. In the Jaimini technique, this is called Jaimini’s Second Strength because it’s another, added, way a planet can produce its significations in your life.

If Mercury is your Self-Producer planet,* or is in a career position in your birth chart, then you are very likely to be in management, business, the arts designer(especially the craftsman part of the arts such as weaving, and commercial design of all kinds), acting, communication (writing, speaking), or the law as a lawyer, paralegal, legal secretary.  

Purpose of the Sign of Virgo

The divine has manifested himself as the entire universe and all things in it. He does this through Time, which is measured through the zodiac. The zodiac – the signs – are known as the Figure of Time and Time Personified.

The study of astrology is the study of the divine mind which helps us to see everything in creation as the divine, thus astrology is known as the Eyes of the Vedas (the Vedas are the holy books of India), and through studying astrology, we can see the truth. 

virgo-the-girl-signThis is very much what the sign of Virgo is about. Virgo is the innocent young girl before puberty who naturally sees the divine in everything. Before puberty, most of us have interests and talents that we pursue in a pure way, simply because we are interested and want to have that skill or knowledge in order to express who we are.

Virgo being ruled by Mercury, is happiest when it retains this quality throughout life. Virgo is referred to as the Virgin sign because in some way the Virgo person always belongs to themselves and can retain the innocent mind of the essential Self in love with all of nature.

In puberty, our bodies become agitated by Venus and we start to think about getting a mate and often, we stop developing ourselves, our skills, and our talents, and become too focused on getting and keeping that mate, losing an important part of themselves in the process.

People with Mercury in Virgo and to some extent, the Sun in Virgo, never really lose the joy of developing ones own talents and skills, whether with a mate, or not. Mercury, Sun, & Moon in Virgo people have many friends and possess a great sense of humor.

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Virgo & the Hips

Virgo represents the hips from the top of the hipbone down to the insertion point of the femur. This area includes the girdle area where the intestines are located. This is where the most important organ of purification is located, the large intestine. Virgo, therefore, represents work that purifies, which is also why the sign of Virgo represents the Karma Yoga path.

gandi-karma-yogaIf your Sun, Lagna, or Atmakaraka* is in the sign of Virgo, then doing your work without being attached to the fruits of your work is the Karma Yoga path and leads to spiritual purification. In Virgo, work is a form of worship, done selflessly as an offering to the divine.

Virgo is a Gentle Female Sign

Virgo is a female sign and is considered to be receptive and gentle depending upon how it feels, and Virgo wants most to feel useful, and is very available to the betterment of other people. This is why every Virgo that you’ve ever known always has suggestions on how you can do something or improve something, because being a highly skillful sign, they actually know what they’re talking about!

Leo Tolstoy-Moon, Mercury & Sun in Virgo
Leo Tolstoy-Moon, Mercury & Sun in Virgo

When a planet is in the sign of Virgo and is with cruel planets, then it indicates pain and misery that is held onto and hurts itself. Virgo and its opposite sign of Pisces, especially, tend to keep their pain to themselves rather than lashing out and hurting others.

The Moon in Virgo, being that the Moon is female and Virgo is female too, indicates a person who is sensitive to the feelings of other people. The Virgo Moon, ruled by Mercury, also often indicates a healer and/or a writer. 

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Virgo is a Dual Sign

The dual sign of Virgo is a blend of the fixed sign of Leo and the moveable sign of Libra, yet remains as it is while allowing for adjustments and improvements. The dual signs are the signs that come before the moveable sign that starts the next season and Virgo is the dual sign before Libra, which begins the fall season

Dual signs are multi-skilled and are fast to learn, bringing improvement within the existing framework. Virgo improves upon a person’s position in life and also upon their sense of self.

The Earth Element

theearthelementThe earth element is rational, meaning to derive understanding and to arrive at conclusions through logic. This gives good sense, sound judgment, and reasonable actions. Rationality gives good common sense, and the the saying “he/she is down to earth” probably comes from this. Virgo uses reason to understand problems and develop strategies to overcome the problems, which it then has the good common sense to apply. 

Virgo is a Tamas Motivated Sign

Tamas motivates Virgo to overcome physical ills (which is why Virgo people tend to be involved in the healing arts and/or the medical field) and remove itself from physical suffering.

Virgo is a Front-Rising, Day-Strong Sign

Front-Rising and Day-Strong signs are strong and vigorous during the day and get energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Day-Strong signs are full of know-how, and Virgo has the skills and abilities with which to fulfill its duties. Being ruled by the exaltation sign of Mercury, the manager and manifestor, Virgo is especially skilled in making ideas come to concrete realization.  

Virgo is a Two-Footed Human Sign

Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve

Two-footed signs are adaptable, but not particularly strong physically; their strength is their ability to adapt. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first half of Sagittarius, and Aquarius are the two-footed signs. The two-footed signs are most interested in first house matters of perceiving and following one’s true nature and path, they are least interested in the 7th house matters of maintaining partnerships (one of the reasons that Venus is weak in Virgo).

NEXT UP is the spiritual challenge of the sign of Virgo.

*The Self-Producer planet, or the Atmakaraka (AK), is the planet at the highest degree in the birth chart, not counting the nodes of the Moon, or Neptune, Pluto, or Uranus. Check out the Home Study Course What Planet is He/She From? The “Soul” Planet in Relationships.

**If you want to know more about the each of the signs, you can take Ernst Wilhelm’s course The Rasi Sutras which is where I learned it.


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