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If you don’t know for sure what reading to get, or if you want some combination not listed below, just email me at, and I’ll help you figure out what would serve you best now.

As you can see below, you will pay through PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account in order to pay, you can use a credit card.

I also accept checks (I’ll give you the address to send it to when we set up the appointment).

At the appointed time, you call or Skype me and we have our session. Our conversation is recorded and I save it as an MP3 and email it to you.


HORARY Consultation: $67.00

For when you have an urgent question on one topic such as a relationship issue, a job question, a health question or for just about any kind of question. Horary questions are done via email only.

 Read more about Horary here.

Ask Me Your Question Now $67.00


READY-FOR-LOVE Consultation: $159.00 for an individual, or $209.00 for a couple

FIND OUT in 90 minutes or less everything you need to know to have a more fulfilling love life. This comprehensive reading includes evaluating your relationship capacity, relationship karma (not everyone has the karma to be married, nor is everyone happiest being married), compatibility with current partner, a potential partner, or a past partner (or NO partner), timing to determine if you are in a love period and/or a love period leading to marriage.

Understand your love history and why were you with someone, why it didn’t work out, and what you can do to ready yourself for love now.

Or, maybe your present relationship is faltering and you want to know what is causing the problem and what to do about it.

In evaluating an individual’s love karma and a couple’s compatibility, several areas are considered:

  • Rahu and Ketu ContactsThis shows karmic connections and areas of life you will be involved in because of the relationship
  • Partner ProfileWhat’s your type? Seventh house/lord in natal, navamsa, and saptamsa charts, the Spouse Producer Planet (DaaraKaraka), Venus if you’re a man, and Jupiter if you’re a woman, 7th house/lord and DaaraKaraka if you’re gay. The psychological makeup of your partner, their general characteristics, if they are predominately masculine-energy, feminine-energy, or neuter, and their physical features
  • Jaimini AspectsThese help to see if you will marry a particular person (you have the Sun in the same sign as his Sun sign in the navamsa, for instance)
  • TimingWhen marriage is most likely to happen, and if both people are in a love period at the same time (sometimes the timing is the only problem between two people)
  • Relationship CapacityAre you or your partner the marrying kind, or not? If relationship is easy or hard for you, and what may be blocking love if relationship tends to be hard for you, or your partner (Read more about Relationship Capacity)
  • Vedic Compatibility TechniqueThis famous technique measures 15 areas of compatibility important for relationship longevity, purpose, productivity, and happiness. Though the Moon is the most important, I look at ALL the planets for compatibility (Read more about the Compatibility Technique).
  • MarsDo you have equal “assertive pressure” in the relationship, or is one person much more aggressive than the other? If you’re you prone to affairs, or your partner is. If you tend to have abusive relationships, or if you use Mars
    energy in the Venus arena, if you are too idealistic about love, or if you meddle in your partner’s business (this is a simple, but not necessarily easy, fix)
  • Partner Profile7th house/lord in natal, navamsa, and saptamsa charts, the Spouse Producer Planet (DaaraKaraka), Venus if you’re a man, and Jupiter if you’re a woman, 7th house/lord and DaaraKaraka if you’re gay. The psychological makeup of your partner, their general characteristics, if they are predominately masculine-energy, feminine-energy, or neuter, and the physical features
  • Relationship YogasEvaluation of any pertinent marriage yogas
  • Muhurta (optional) – For choosing the best time to marry, consummate the relationship, buy a house together, etc.
  • Fertility Report (optional) – Used either as a form of birth control or to get pregnant
  • If there was a question about whether or not you will actually get married, if you will break up, how the other person really feels about you, or if there is a question of fidelity, then I would also do a Horary chart, as these types of questions cannot always be answered with the birth chart.

You also receive:

  • The recording of our conversation in MP3 format
  • A copy of the charts used (if you’re interested) in PDF format

Get the Ready-for-Love Consultation $159.00 (for an individual at the consultation)

Get the Ready-for-Love Consultation $209.00 (for a couple together at the consultation)


WHOLE LIFE CONSULTATION: 20% OFF Limited Time Offer Price: $185.00
Normally Priced at: $231.00

This is the best reading if you want to investigate several areas of life instead of a deep dive into just one. We will cover career/purpose, relationship, self-knowledge that leads to behavioral changes bringing you better results in everything you do, spiritual path, health, timing, and insight into other important people in your life.

We can still emphasize one area more than the others if that is needed in your life right now.

This is also the best reading for seeing what is going on in your life now, when you are faced with a cross road situation, or when it feels as if a big change is coming.

Get the Whole Life Consultation – 20% OFF Limited Time Offer: $185.00 – normally $231.00


THE YEARLY BIRTHDAY Consultation: $125.00

This is also known as the Solar Return or the Varshaphala consult. Varshaphala, is the original Persian technique for the solar return (when the Sun returns to the exact degree it was at when you were born) every year on your birthday, covering a one year time period. The Varshaphala technique is much more involved than the usual Solar Return technique because it includes:

  • Arabian Partsadds a layer of meaning and specific information
  • Varga Charts(divisional charts that provide a close-up view of specific areas of life such as wealth, health, career, love)
  • TimingExactly when the easy, pleasurable times of the year will be to look forward to, and what times will be training periods requiring more effort and/or periods of stress that can be approached with the right mindset to reduce the perception of stress
  • YogasYogas are combinations of planets and houses usually representing events, or expressing the quality (eventful, uneventful, gaining, losing, etc) of the year
  • The FOCUS of the Yearshown by one pivotal House in the chart, and by one Planet that is the Lord of the Year (representing people in your life, activities, and events), and how all the other planets in the chart relate to these two focus points.

You will also receive:

  • The recording of our conversation in MP3 format
  • A copy of the charts used (if you’re interested) in PDF format

Get Your Yearly Birthday Consultation $125.00


YOUR GREAT WORK (Purpose & Career): $267.00

The promise of Jupiter, the great benefic planet of purpose, wealth, spirituality, and happiness is if you follow your innate nature, which is God-given, you cannot fail.

Why am I here and what is the work I’m meant to do?” is a question most of us ask at one time or another.

Ideally, we want to do work that is a natural expression of our talents, skills, and gifts. In our modern world of endless possibility, choosing a career path can be confusing because there are so many things you could do that you don’t know what to do (or maybe you tried to do a particular career, or two, but nothing seemed to work out).

No one wants to waste time on an expensive and time consuming education that doesn’t go anywhere. There are many unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily employed people with advanced degrees.

However, just because you could take a particular career path, doesn’t mean it will be successful and profitable. This is where astrology can really be of service to you. Your birth chart, your personal star map, tells all in the symbolic language of the planets, signs, houses, and stars.

There are many points in this star map that clearly tell you what your purpose is (what your great work is, what your soul is here to do), what careers would pay off the most, what your skills and talents are, and which of these talents and skills could actually support you and your family.

“Could I be successfully self-employed?” Your birth chart shows that as well as what areas of your business are most profitable and fulfilling, what isn’t, and even who and where your best clients/customers are.

Here are the areas evaluated:

  • Ascendant/ascendant LordYour literal path through life from birth to death, your body, and your image.
  • Atmakaraka (the Self-Producer Planet) in Main Birth Chart and Navamsa charts, Sign and Planetary AspectsThe filter you see everything in life through, the most important spiritual lessons for this lifetime, and what you most deeply want to express in your career. Your essence and who you are at the deepest level.
  • The Pada & Upapada (Career Indicators) – The nitty gritty about your talents, abilities, skills, and level of success and what particular types of careers your are most suited to and that you would be the most successful in.
  • Sun and Moon signs, house placements, & other planetary Influences – The King & Queen of your inner kingdom, the two main planets of consciousness that reveals how receptive you are to opportunities that come your way, how capable you are of using your masculine side in the world (and how to develop these abilities further), and integrate it with your social/people skills.
  • Lunar NakshatraYour temperament, your main motivation, another layer of insight into your purpose, gifts, and spiritual challenges. The Moon is the Mind, so this is a big part of your consciousness.
  • Planetary Yogas and Level of PotencyYogas are planets, signs and houses that formed special combinations that “yoke” you to your purpose and karmas. Another important and vital layer of purpose and meaning.
  • Degree of Capability & Success, and/or FameIf you’re more of a “behind the scenes” person or a person who needs the spotlight
  • Special Talents such as Writing Yogas (Even the Types of Writing!), Acting, Painting, Dance, Engineering, Technology, Management, Business & Administration, Politics, Military, Police, and more. Which talents are part of your career and which are more for personal fulfillment and development.
  • Rahu & Ketusigns, house placements & aspects – Very important part of your purpose and helps you to understand the lessons your soul has mastered and the ones you came here to learn.
  • Jupiterthe planet of purpose and happiness – Whether your sense of purpose, intuition, inspiration, and the ability to be happy is impaired, and if so, what to do about it.
  • SaturnHow willing you are to do the “boring” parts of any career, how you handle disappointment, and if you can persevere through the hard times.
  • DasasWhat areas of life are being activated by the Time Lords in your birth chart – Reveals what areas of life are currently activated and what areas of life and self that will be activated in the future, timing is always a huge factor in everything.
  • Identify Blockages Difficult Yogas, Obstacles, Delays – Where your ego may keep you stuck or blind and how to rise above it.
  • Remedial Measures Homework (mantra, charities, books, referrals) & as a BONUS, Feedback on Website (if you are self-employed)

Plus, you get a free job/career Horary Question, especially helpful for specific situations you’re dealing with in your job or business.

This is a great reading to get before investing in a college education for yourself or your children, if you’re contemplating a career change, or if you’ve always had a hard time choosing a career path and attaining success with it. If you’re multi-talented, this is especially helpful because you have so many options you often end up paralyzed with inaction.

Much research and contemplation goes into this reading before we even have the 90 minute to 2.5 hour consultation. It will take place over the course of two consultation sessions.

Several techniques are used, especially Jaimini (Read more about Vedic Jaimini Astrology), Parashara, Ashtakavarga, Varshaphala, Transits, and Horary, if you ask a specific question about a current situation in your job or business (especially if it involves other people), whether before our consultation, or during (Read more about Horary).

You also receive:

  • The recording of our conversation in MP3 format
  • A copy of the charts used (if you’re interested) in PDF format

Save years of time and wasted effort “finding” your life purpose, book your consultation today and discover what you were born to do.

YOUR GREAT WORK  (Life Purpose & Career) $267.00


~Muhurta Electional Report: $14.95

Maximize your chances for success by choosing the best day and time for a wedding, buying a home, starting a business, getting cosmetic surgery, going back to school to get a degree, and much, much more.

**SEE an example Muhurta Report.


~Fertility Report: $14.95

Find out when you are and are not fertile. This report is based specifically on YOUR birth chart. Use it for birth control or to make the most of fertile times to get pregnant. I need your accurate birth data – day, month, year, place and time – for this report.

**SEE an example Fertility Report.

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