You Are Here at the Divine Time

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Karen White, Astrologer

We’ve all heard the cliche that timing is everything. Well, it’s true! There is an order behind the order,” and everything is happening in repeating & predictable cycles according to divine timing.

(Millions of people know this intuitively which is why Sun sign columns are always popular. Our daily, weekly, or monthly forecasts give us a tiny glimpse of this secret order and structure).

You’re Not Too Early or Too Late

Your birth was precisely on time, and at the right time in history, in the right culture, everything, to further your soul’s course. You were born at the Divinely appointed time.

There is an order, a star map, for your life. For the soul, everything is always all right because we all have the same ultimate destination – to awaken to our divine nature and return to the One who created us. 

What Am I Doing Here?

But, in the meantime, we are here on earth working out our salvation with fear and trembling! It is confusing and discouraging at times. Especially when it comes to our two main concerns in life; love relationships and our creative work in the world.

Most people want some answers to the fundamental questions, such as “Will I have love in this life (when, and if not, why??), what is my purpose, my contribution to the world, and what is my spiritual path?”

Sometimes it seems we’re always in the dark and can’t see more than one foot in front of us at a time, desperately wishing we had a map and a bright lantern.

A Lantern in the Dark

We do! The moment and place of birth create our star map, also known as the birth chart or the horoscope. Astrology, the Science of Light – interprets that map for you. Astrology sheds light on our path in a way that we literally can’t find anywhere else on earth.

With the birth chart, we can see where we’ve been, where we are now, where we are going, the nature of our journey and with whom we will be traveling. Astrology is the study of TIME and specifically our journey through time, including past and future lives.

The birth chart shows about 75% of what will happen, or what is “fated.” But there is 25% that is between the Divine and us, it is our free will, for lack of a better term. It’s more complicated than that, of course, but it’s part of us that co-creates with the Divine, and with the Divine, anything is possible.

What Astrology Can Do for You

My heartfelt desire is to show you how astrology can help you now. I’m excited about astrology because of how useful, healing, and enlightening it is. It is a healing art and science that is meant to relieve the suffering of humankind.

With Divine Time Astrology, you can:

  • Get your specific questions involving other people answered (Horary astrology excels at this)
  • Validate your gut feelings, your intuition (and develop your intuition as well)
  • Confirm, or discover what path you’re supposed to be on, & what your next step is with the assurance that the universe is supporting you
  • Reveal the hidden, or spiritual reasons for things and apply planetary remedies to affect the situation in a positive way
  • Clarify relationship issues, find out exactly what is blocking love and what to do about it (what your friends would tell you if they knew you wouldn’t get mad)
  • Make sense of things that seem to make no sense-we’ve all had weird things happen that have no rational, logical explanation (hello Rahu)
  • Be comforted by seeing through your horoscope that you and the universe are one and all things are working together for your good

Astrology is a Gift from the Divine

I believe that astrology is a gift given to us by the Divine. Astrology is a study of the mind of the Divine and is meant to uplift, educate and bring us closer to the light. The Divine has not left us alone, but speaks to us all the time in many ways; and while NOT meant to replace prayer or meditation, astrology is one of the clearest, personal, and detailed ways that the Divine talks to us.

Can you be helped with your particular question or issue? Click here to find out.


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