The Atmakaraka Self-Producer Planet Course

The Atmakaraka (AK), or “Self-Producer” planet is your essence planet. In this home study course, we talk about each planetary Atmakaraka (AK) type; how to recognize them, what they most value, what they most need, and how to relate to them.

This knowledge is invaluable for understanding yourself and your relationships!

Once you know how to use the Atmakaraka (AK), the Self-Producer planet correctly, you will know what a person’s AK is just by their personality, speech, appearance, and even what they likely do for a living. Identifying a person’s AK is useful if:

  • You are dating and looking for your life partner
  • If you want to understand your current partner better (or boss, co-worker, friend, or family member)
  • You want a deeper understanding of your purpose
  • Your job requires you to cultivate relationships with people
  • If you are an astrologer who gives readings on career and relationships.

$69.95 Digital Download

The Atmakaraka in Relationships

Knowing your AK and the AK of your significant other, you’ll understand what motivates both of you at the deepest level. You’ll come not only to accept your partner as they are but enjoy your differences.

The Darakaraka or DK is the “spouse” planet and describes what qualities we look for in a partner; it’s our “type.” And your partner’s DK shows what they look for in a partner.

Therefore, our DK planet will usually be prominent in your partner’s chart in some way. and the kind of person we look for tends to remain fairly consistent over time. It’s probably one of the reasons we repeat relationship patterns with our partners.

One of the bonus videos is an examination of Tom Cruise’s Darakaraka and his three marriages. It’s fascinating how all of his wives have the characteristics of his DK planet.

Astrologers Karen White & Ryan Kurczak Teach Together

The Atmakaraka Self-Producer Planet Course


Astrologers Ryan Kurczak (AK Sun) and Karen White (AK Moon) teach this course together. Fun and lively, you will enjoy yourself while you get to know yourself and others more deeply. If you are a professional astrologer, this course will advance your practice significantly with this simple, yet profound, technique.

In this 15 Hour Audio/Video Course, we cover these topics (seven MP3s, five videos, & PDF e-Book):

  • What the Atmakaraka and Daarakaraka are and how to find them in the birth chart (it’s easy).
  • The significance of the planet representing the Atmakaraka and what that instantly tells you about the native.
  • What the Sign of the AK means.
  • The planets with and aspecting the Atmakaraka.
  • Career and purpose indicators for the Atmakaraka (these are general significations, this course does not cover the entire Jaimini career determining techniques).
  • What you can see from the Atmakaraka, and how to find it in the Rasi (D1) and the Navamsa (D9).

Course Essentials to Know Before Purchasing:

Total 15 Hours (seven MP3s recordings, five videos, & PDF e-book).
This course is a large file (over 1.38 GB). Be sure your internet speed can handle the download before purchasing.
The files are in .mp3, .pdf and .mp4 format. Be sure you can open these files on your computer before ordering this course. The course is delivered as one large zip file. You will need a program that allows you to unzip this file (most computers automatically come with the ability to unzip files).

$69.95 Digital Download

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is non-refundable.


The Atmakaraka & the Six Core Human Needs, or What Planet Are You From?

Really enjoyed the Ak Course. Having profound insights every week and it’s helping me pull the strands of my astrological learnings together.

Love the dynamic between Ryan & Karen.

The course should be taught at school to enable teens to understand themselves and relationships more and also within the counseling profession.

John Trotter, United Kingdom

Although I have heard much about the planets, I can never hear enough.

The more I read or listen to AK examples the more the information will become second nature for me.

Both of you were great teachers and seemed to play off of each other well.