Ready-for-Love Consultation

This comprehensive reading includes evaluating your relationship capacity, relationship karma (not everyone is meant to be married) compatibility with current partner, a potential partner, or a past partner.

The Ready-for-Love reading is also for you if you have never been, or are not now, in a relationship and you want to know if you ever will be. If you will be, when, and if not, why and what you can do about it.

Understand your love history and why were you with someone. Why it didn’t work out, and what you can do to ready yourself for love now.

Maybe your present relationship is faltering and you want to know what is causing the problem and what to do about it.

In evaluating an individual’s love capacity and a couple’s compatibility, several areas are considered:


Rahu and Ketu Contacts – Contacts between your own and your partner’s planets and north and south nodes of the Moon. This shows karmic connections and areas of life this relationship will get you involved in.

Partner Profile – What’s your type? The psychological makeup of your partner, their general personality, and even some physical characteristics.

Timing – When marriage is most likely to happen, and if both people are in a love period at the same time.

Relationship Capacity – Are you or your partner the marrying kind, or not? If relationships are easy or hard for you, and what may be blocking love for you or your partner.

Vedic Compatibility Technique – This famous technique measures 15 areas of compatibility important for relationship longevity, purpose, productivity, and happiness. Though the Moon is the most important, I look at ALL the planets for compatibility.

Mars – Do you have equal “assertive pressure” in the relationship, or is one person much more aggressive than the other?

Muhurta (optional) – For choosing the best time to marry, consummate the relationship, buy a house together, etc.

Fertility Report (optional) – Used either as a form of birth control or to get pregnant.

HORARY Relationship Astrology:

If there is a question about whether or not you will marry this particular person, if you will break up, or how the other person really feels about you, then I would also do a Horary chart, as these types of questions cannot be answered with the birth chart.

You also receive the recording of our conversation in MP3 format, and a video as well if you are a student of astrology and we view your charts together on Zoom.

This Consultation comes in two forms: a consultation between an individual client and the Astrologer for $159.00 USD that lasts 90 minutes, and a second version for $209.00 USD, also 90 minutes, which allows both members of a couple to attend the meeting together. There are also respective Gift Certificates available for purchase a bit further down this page near the footer.

"Ready-For-Love" Consultation for One - $159.00 USD
(If you will attend the meeting alone) - 90 minutes

"Ready-For-Love" Consultation for Two - $209.00 USD
(If you will attend the meeting as a couple) - 90 minutes

Yes, I do have to thank you for your reading. I had two other readings; one a traditional Western and one a sidereal Vedic which was really off.

And both were not encouraging for my marriage but thankfully they told me don’t file now but prepare to.  

But your advice to separate for a year was the best. And I was preparing to do that before it [the marriage] shifted, which was not remotely possible before in the last 8 years. Nice!

– Meg C.

Ready for Love Reading-Divine Time Astrology - PDF for the Buyer to give to the Recipient as a digital image attached in an eMail, which the Recipient can then print out if wished, or that the Buyer can print out to physically give to the recipient, as just a printout or folded within a card.

"Ready for Love for One" Gift Certificate


The Ready-for-Love Gift Certificate

The Ready-for-Love reading is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.

How it works:

Click on the PayPal button below. After payment, PayPal will redirect you to a page where you can download the Gift Certificate in PDF format.

The recipient emails me and I send them a link to set-up their appointment. Calendly notifies me that they’ve set-up their meeting with me, and we go from there.

If you have any problems purchasing this gift certificate, please email me at

"Ready for Love for Two" Gift Certificate