What Is Horary Astrology? Ask the Heavens a Question!

Gold-Zodiac-WheelWilliam Lilly, in 17th Century England, was the Master of Horary, and luckily for us, he left a book teaching us how he did it. Horary astrology is now being re-discovered by modern astrologers, enriching and improving how astrology is being practiced today. Horary is a predictive branch of astrology, meaning, it can make predictions with amazing accuracy, though that is not it’s best use.

The more urgent, sincere and intense your desire to have your question answered, the clearer the chart will be in giving the answer. You can ask more than one question on the same topic, but not on separate topics. For instance, you may ask “Does he really love me and will we get married?” but asking “Will I lose my job?” at the same time will not give a clear answer on either question.

Horary demonstrates the principle of synchronicity beautifully. Since we are all one with the universe, when you ask a sincere question, you can be sure you are asking at just the right time to get your answer. It is similar to asking for a “sign” from heaven, but you get a more detailed and clear answer with Horary than you do with any other method.

If you have trouble figuring out exactly what you want to know, we can talk about your situation until it becomes clear and then I will record the time that I understand what you want to know.

Since I’m the one who interprets the chart for you, the time I understand your question and the city I live in become the time and place that is used to cast the chart. If you think of a question in the middle of the night while on the other side of the world, and I don’t get your question until the next afternoon, don’t worry, it makes no difference, it’s when I receive and understand your question that matters.
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Not Just For Answering Questions

Horary is excellent at analyzing situations to help you figure out what is going on and what you can do about it. For instance, a woman was worried about her job, because her boss had been acting strange towards her, and the tone of things he said to her had changed. Feeling insecure about her job and her place in the company, her question was “What does my boss think of me and what does he really want from me?”

The chart revealed that he was not displeased with her, but rather, basically indifferent to her. He was very concerned with saving money and pleasing his own boss! His actions and comments were just to keep her from asking for a raise. While she was annoyed that he would act in such a way to create insecurity in her, she was able to stop worrying about it and taking it personally. She also started considering her options for getting a job somewhere else, but on her own timetable.

Instead of just asking if you will get a divorce, Horary Astrology can analyze what is going on in your marriage and whether it can be saved. John Frawley, in his excellent book, The Horary Textbook, gives this example: A woman asked about her marital problems. Her heart was seen to love her husband while her head disliked him. Her head was in a “loud-voiced” sign, while her heart was in a “mute” sign. So all he heard from her was the dislike, and nothing about the love. With Horary Astrology we can cut out all of the “he said, she said” history of a relationship, because the problem and remedy can be shown to be as simple as this!

What Kinds of Questions Can I Ask?

You can ask almost anything you can think of, so I will list the types of questions most commonly asked:


How does he really feel about me?
Will he come back?
Is there a future in our relationship?
Is she cheating on me?
Is she going to leave me?
Has he found someone new?
Did he really love me?
Why is he in such a hurry to get married?
How can I get closer to my daughter?
When will I see my sister again?
Can I trust my business partner?
Example: Will he call again? Did I talk too much?
Ask your own relationship question.


Will changing my name help my career? (a question asked by an actor).
I want to stop dyeing my hair, will letting it go gray negatively affect my job?
Will this diet work for me?
Ask your own question.

Business, Money, Job, Career, Education

Would it be better to take the job offer or stay where I am?
What will the new job be like? Will I make more money and will I like my co-workers?
Will I profit from my education?
Would I do better going to college or by getting a job?
Is this a good idea for my business?
Would he/she be a good person to go into business with?
Would this person be a good employee?
Will my client pay me?
Will I get the job?
Will I be fired or laid off?
Ask your own job or career question.


Will the weather be hot next week?
Will it rain on my wedding day?
Will the weather be good for my outdoor party?
Ask your own question.

Legal Issues, Court Cases

Will I get a good deal in the divorce or is my ex planning to cheat me?
Will I win in court or will the cop?
Is my lawyer any good?
Ask your own question.

Real Estate

Is this a good house for us?
Is the price fair and does the house have any hidden problems?
What will the neighbors be like?
Will the owner accept our offer? Will we get the house?
Would I be happy in this house? Will it cause too much of a financial hardship?
Click here for examples of Real Estate Horary charts.
Ask your own Real Estate question.

Rumors and Truthfulness

Is the rumor about the former president of the company true?
Is my co-worker gossiping about me?
Is my boss lying to me?
Ask your own question.

Secret Enemy Activity

Is the psychic right that there is there a curse on my marriage?
Who at work is telling lies about me? Will this hurt my job?
Ask your own question.

Children, Pregnancy

Will I be able to conceive? If so, when, and will it be a boy or a girl?
Will my child be okay?
Why is my child having trouble in school?
Where will my daughter go to college?
Ask your own question.

Recreation, Fun and Trips

If I go to this event, will I have fun or will I be bored like I was last time?
Would this be a good time to take a trip? Will we have fun and get along well?
Is this a good time to throw a party?
Ask your own question.

Lost or Stolen Objects

There are hundreds of places a thing could be and there are only seven planets and twelve houses with which to find them, so we may have to confer back and forth more on this kind of question. People and animals can be found this way too.
I lost my money, will I get it back?
Where are my divorce papers, the ones that say who gets what?
Where is my daughter’s CD player?
Will my cat come home safe?
Let the heavens help you find your stuff or loved one.

Medical Diagnosis

I can answer simple medical questions like, “Is this treatment working me, or is my doctor any good, or how can I balance my system?”, but for more complicated and involved medical questions, you should consult an astrologer who specializes in medical astrology. I know that Medical Horary works exceedingly well, often finding the correct diagnosis when the medical doctors have not been able to.
Links to their sites are on my resources page.
Ask your own question about your treatment or about your doctor’s level of skill.

Are There Any Questions I Can’t Ask?

I don’t take questions about other people’s business, like what kind of marriage your sister has, or questions about the personal life of your boss, co-workers, etc. I only accept questions that directly involve you, your children or your partner.

Horary also can’t answer philosophical questions about whether or not God exists, if there is really a heaven or hell, or any other question of a philosophical, (or of a smart-ass), nature :-)

Everything we talk about is completely confidential and I will not share your charts or any of your personal information with anyone else. If I want to use one of your charts for an article, a class, or research, I will ask you for your permission first.

No question is too “unimportant” for the heavens to answer, if it’s important to you, that is all it takes! Ask your question now.

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