Basic Life Consultation – 20% OFF

(Formerly known as the Whole Life Consultation)

Recommended when you want to know about several topics, and it’s your first reading with me. Here are the subjects we can talk about:

Career – Purpose, skills, and talents.

Spiritual Path – The spiritual practices that will result in the fastest growth and a feeling of connection to the divine.

Relationship Capacity – This includes when you are likely to marry or get into a committed relationship, or if you would be much happier staying single.

Health – Temperament assessment to determine the best diet and lifestyle practices, any possible health issues, and gem prescriptions (gem prescriptions don’t work for everyone).

Timing – The areas of life currently activated by the lords of time.

Remedies & Recommendations – Books, coaching referrals, specific types of therapy, spiritual practices including mantra, prayer, meditation, writing, etc.

You’ll receive the recording of our conversation in Mp3 format. I’ll also send the video, too, if you are an astrology student, and we look at your charts together on Zoom.

         $185 with 20% Off (usually $231) – 90 minutes

Thank you for the wonderfully insightful reading the other day. Even when the system is accurate, it means nothing without the ability and experience of the astrologer, so I feel very fortunate to have come across your name for my first tropical Vedic reading.

I was very impressed and actually reinvigorated after being in somewhat of a rut with personal projects.

– Robbie Y.

Basic Life Consultation Gift Certificate


The Basic Life Gift Certificate

The Basic Life Consultation (reading) is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life. It’s an excellent gift for students, and for introducing a friend, lover, or family member to Vedic astrology.

How it works:

Click on the PayPal button below. After payment, PayPal will redirect you to a page where you can download the Gift Certificate in PDF format.

The recipient emails me and I send them a link to set-up their appointment. Calendly notifies me that they’ve set-up their meeting with me, and we go from there.

If you have any problems purchasing this gift certificate, please email me at