My Love Affair with Astrology

Karen White happily in front of her desk.It Began So Innocently

Like so many others, I read Linda Goodman’s book on Sun Sign astrology when I was a kid. I read it over and over and got to the point that I could even guess a person’s Sun sign…sometimes. I was puzzled as to why it didn’t work all the time. I also didn’t seem to have a lot of the traits she said my Sun Sign had either. But it worked often enough that I remained interested in astrology, never dreaming I would end up being as involved as I am today. Isn’t it funny how we never see it coming?

In Pursuit

I found myself searching bookstores and libraries, spending whole days there reading astrology books in general, and Moon sign descriptions in particular, trying to figure out what mine was. I narrowed it down to two signs, Pisces and Libra. I asked my husband and a close friend of many years which one they thought was correct. Both my husband and my friend chose Pisces without hesitation.

The Meeting

Shortly thereafter, I met a woman and we became friends, astrology being what bonded us almost instantly. It turned out that she was an astrologer, and she introduced me to the Ephemeris and cast my birth chart for me (thank you, Carol!). Lo and behold, my Moon sign was indeed Pisces. Amazed, I plunged headlong into studying astrology, reading practically anything I could get my hands on.

Getting to Know You

One of the first books I read after I had my actual chart, was by Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements. His book explained and offered solutions to a problem in my marriage that my husband and I had not been able to resolve even after trying marriage therapy twice! I was so impressed, I HAD to know more.

I read many more astrology books, all of them of the psychological, philosophical type, which I found very fascinating at the time, since I had been a psychology major in college. I decided I would use astrology when I became a therapist, in fact, I had begun to wonder how any psychologist was able to practice without it! The more deeply I studied astrology, however, the more it took precedence over psychology in my life.

Others Get Involved

My first astrology teacher (that wasn’t a book), was Arthyr Chadbourne, whom I met at a monthly Astrology meeting. He introduced me to ancient astrology before astrologer’s used a horoscope. A very creative astrologer and patient teacher, I had the good fortune of learning his Sunset Method, which taught me how the ancient Babylonians viewed the night sky. But, I still more interested in modern astrology books.

We Break Up

Soon, however, after starting to give readings for people, I noticed that theywere just not that interested in the psychological motives for their actions, nor were they that interested in “what it all meant,” or how their character shaped their destiny. I was flabbergasted. I thought everyone was deeply interested in themselves!

But no, they wanted to know things like whether or not the guy they were dating really loved them, and if they would get married. Or things like were they ever going to be famous (an actress asked me this question and she was pretty peeved that I couldn’t answer it), or whether or not they were going to get a job they had interviewed for, or lose the job they had.

I was so disillusioned, I gave up astrology altogether (I thought). The people who came to me at that time were not interested in hearing that astrology could tell them what energies they would be dealing with, or that understanding their psychological motives were more important than knowing what would actually happen in their lives.

I preferred the more spiritual and/or psychological side of astrology, but my client’s desire for more concrete answers ended up drawing me deeper into astrology and the different, and very practical ways it’s been practiced over the centuries.

Reunited and Better Than Ever

About two months was about as long as I go could before I was irresistibly drawn back to astrology. I was browsing in a metaphysical bookstore when a book seemed to jump out at me, titled The Real Astrology by John Frawley.

I’ve never met John in person, but he has been one of my most valued teachers. His books were a revelation to me and I finally had an astrological tool that could answer the concrete questions clients had been asking me. I studied his books and took an email course from one of his best students, Branka Stamenkovic.

Horary astrology was exactly what I needed to be able to answer the questions that my clients were asking me! Well, after finding Horary, I was a total goner, even MORE deeply hooked on astrology. I was very pleased to learn that there is a definite spiritual component to Horary astrology too, it’s not just for the mundane aspects of living on earth, but for understanding the psychological and spiritual meaning of a situation too.

So Much More to Learn and Loving It

Having long been interested in Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophy, it was inevitable that I would become interested in Vedic astrology. Still, I noticed that while it was head and shoulders above modern astrology in its ability to give concrete, accurate answers, it wasn’t consistent.

It got closer when I found Systems Vedic astrology, but the angel of astrology must have been looking out for me once again, because another astrologer recommended that I learn Vedic astrology from Ernst Wilhelm.

Ernst is truly a remarkable scholar, astrologer and teacher. His research and techniques have completely restored my trust in natal astrology, and while I still have a great deal more to learn from him, I now feel I can be of real service to people. He teaches Vedic techniques but uses the Tropical Zodiac (except for Nakshatra techniques), and in testing it out for myself, I agree that it works much better than the Sidereal zodiac.

For those of you interested in the technical explanation of this method, (or to learn Vedic astrology from Ernst), a link to his site is on my resources page.

Sharing the Love

I look forward meeting you and sharing with you everything that I know about astrology so far. If you want to know something simple and concrete about your life, or if you are a spiritual seeker and want to understand yourself and others more deeply, you can schedule a reading with me. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the love affair!

Update to the Love Affair

Now that I’ve been a full-time practicing astrologer for over five years, there is a new chapter I want to add to this story. While most of my clients are looking for concrete answers to earthly problems and issues, a lot of clients want to understand the meaning behind their difficult life experiences, how their psychology influences their choices, and their soul or life purpose too. Often, people want both in the same consultation.

I love doing both kinds of astrology and am grateful my astrological education took the winding path it did.

I’ve come to believe that while it’s important to be able to do predictive work, something that is intrinsic to being an astrologer (versus being a psychologist, unless you’re a profiler), I want to say that astrology’s greatest use is in helping a person to find meaning in their experiences, perspective on their difficult life passages, better relationships, and their life purpose.

Astrology is the great perspective tool, the best way to see what your soul’s journey is about, it’s a higher plane to see everything from. What feels overwhelming becomes manageable, what’s bewildering becomes clear, and therefore, bearable. Through the symbolic language of astrology, everyday life becomes re-enchanted with the sacred and the divine.

Astrology is a complete philosophy that shows us much about how to live and how to live as fully, and as deeply, as possible…

May the Stars bring you Hope, Healing, and Happiness,

Karen White
(or “Astrologist,” as some people are saying now)
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