Your Great Work Consultation

The promise of Jupiter is that if you follow your innate nature, you cannot fail.

“Why am I here and what is the work I’m meant to do?” is a question most of us ask at one time or another. Ideally, we want to do work that is a natural expression of our talents, skills, and gifts.

In our modern world of endless possibilities, choosing a career path can be confusing because there are so many things you could do that you don’t know what to do (or maybe you tried to do a particular career, or two, but you didn’t achieve the success you expected.

No one wants to waste time on an expensive and time-consuming education that doesn’t go anywhere. There are many unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily employed people with advanced degrees.

Your birth chart, your personal star map, tells all in the symbolic language of the planets, signs, houses, and stars.

There are many points in this star map that clearly tell you what your purpose is (what your great work is, what you are here to do), what careers would pay off the most, what your skills and talents are, and which of these talents and skills could actually support you and your family.

“Could I be successfully self-employed?” Your birth chart shows that as well as what areas of your business could be most profitable and fulfilling.

Here are just a few of the areas evaluated:

Ascendant & Ascendant Lord – Your literal path through life from birth to death, your body, and your image.
Atmakaraka (the Self-Producer Planet) in the main birth chart and Navamsa.

The Atmakaraka is the filter you see everything in life through. In the Navamsa, it reveals the most important spiritual lessons for this lifetime and what you most deeply want to express in your career. Your Atmakaraka planet is your “essence” and who you are at the deepest level.

The Pada & Upapada (Career Indicators) – The nitty-gritty about your talents, abilities, skills, and level of success and what particular types of careers you are most suited to and where you would be the most successful:

Special Talents – such as Writing Yogas (Even the Types of Writing!), Acting, Painting, Dance, Engineering, Technology, Management, Business & Administration, Politics, Military, Police, and more. We look at which of these talents is part of your career vs personal fulfillment hobbies.

Rahu & Ketu – signs, house placements & aspects – a very important part of your purpose and helps you to understand the lessons your soul has mastered and the ones you came here to learn.

Dasas – What areas of life are being activated by the Time Lords in your birth chart – Reveals what areas of life are currently activated and what areas of life and self that will be activated in the future – timing is always a huge factor in everything. The planet ruling over the dasa period, if it’s a career planet, will determine what you do now.

Identify Blockages – Difficult Yogas, Obstacles, Delays – Where you may be stuck or blind and how to rise above it.

Remedial Measures – Homework (mantra, charities, books, referrals).

Plus, you get a free job/career Horary Question, especially helpful for specific situations you’re dealing with in your job or business.

This is a great reading to get before investing in a college education for yourself or your children; if you’re contemplating a career change, or if you’ve always had a hard time choosing a successful career path.

If you’re multi-talented (Mercury dominated), this is especially helpful because you have so many options you often end up paralyzed with inaction.

Much research and contemplation go into this reading before we even have the 90 minutes to 2.5-hour consultation. It will take place over the course of two consultation sessions.

You also receive:

The recordings of our conversations in MP3 format (and video too if we speak on Zoom and look at your charts together).

Save years of time and wasted effort “finding” your life purpose, book your consultation today and discover what you were born to do.

Your Great Work (Life Purpose & Career)


I can’t thank you enough for your yesterday reading and meeting and for the recording. You are such a great astrologer and so well organized.

Now I understand better why Ernst promoted you through the interview that you had one year ago. I will meet you again soon. 🙂

God bless you, dear!

– E.P.

I am fully energized by your reading and can not go to bed yet even if it’s an early morning for me. I was really impressed to hear how much healing techniques you know and can advise. I have seen several astrologers in the past but none of them were so profound and helpful as you have been.

I also really appreciated the fact you have put so much work in looking at my chart in-depth. I am really grateful you found the right words to explain to me the things I am struggling with.

But even better, that you have given me so many tools to deal with the issues I have at present. I advise anyone who wants to grow or feels stuck or at crossroads to come to you for a reading. Thank you again for giving me the tools to heal and grow.

– Isabelle W. - Belgium

Your Great Work (Life Purpose & Career)


Your Great Work Gift Certificate

The Your Great Work Gift reading is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.

It’s an excellent gift for students who are unsure what subject to study, for people who want to either change their career, take their job to a higher level, or start a business. It’s also great for someone who has retired and wants to fine-tune their understanding of their purpose and contribution to the world.

How it works:

You buy it here, download the PDF, and either send it to the recipient by email or print it out and put it in an envelope with a bow on top, of course!

The recipient emails me to tell me you bought this gift, and I send them a link to set up their appointment. Calendly notifies me that the appointment is set up, then I ask them what their current concerns are, and we go from there.