Follow-Up Support Sessions

This consultation is ONLY for clients who have already had a Basic Whole Life, Your Great Work, or Ready-for-Love consultation with me.

Because I am now familiar with you and your birth chart, this service is available for follow-up consultations whenever you need it.

The Follow-Up Support Sessions can be on any topic, or several topics, and include all natal techniques, horary, and transit charts. Relationship capacity/compatibility checks as well for new potential partners.

This is also the best follow-up reading to get if you want to continue exploring your birth chart after getting any of the above-mentioned readings because it’s not possible to cover everything in a person’s birth chart even in several sessions.

OPTION ONE: One 90 minute Follow-Up Support Session – $130.50

OPTION TWO: Four 90 minute Follow-Up Support Sessions – $480.00 (Save $42.00)


I was initially quite apprehensive about what you might say in case I would feel completely devastated after it.

However, you explained it really well and although I would have wished the compatibility reading to be better, it made me really understand what is going on and not take things personally.

You have a really nice way of being direct but at the same time in a kind and caring manner. It was very helpful for me to see it [the relationship] from a different perspective and I feel that it will help me make more rational actions and hopefully deal with issues less emotionally.

Thank you very much.

– Mona