The Sign of Virgo in Vedic Astrology

The symbol for VirgoThe zodiac sign of Virgo in Vedic Astrology may have some characteristics that you haven’t heard before. At the bottom of this post are links to other articles I’ve written about the sign of Virgo that you may enjoy.

The Gift of Virgo

If you have planets in the sign of Virgo, especially if you have Mercury in Virgo, the gift you give to the world is your ability to do just about anything. You do it well and take it to the next possible level of refinement. We all know who to go to whenever we need something done. Virgo people anticipate future needs and factor that in when handling any project.

VIDEOS Part 1 & 2 (BELOW) on the sign of VIRGO

Neeshee Pandit and I continue our evergreen series on the signs in the VIDEOS below. In this two-part series, we discuss the sign of VIRGO in depth. We discussed the points below and some of the other characteristics of VIRGO such as the Guna and the Dosha. Understanding Virgo’s motives take the sting out of their perceived criticism.

The sign of Virgo in Vedic Astrology is concerned with the Guna & Dosha of a sign, something you likely won’t hear about in western astrology.

The Symbol of Virgo

The symbol for Virgo is a prepubescent girl. Here is the description of Virgo from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

“Living in the mountains is the Girl sign, who, endowed with strength during the day is front rising, medium limbed, two-footed, moving in the south with grain and fire, a Vaishya, stormy, young, connected with Tamas, existing in children and ruled by Mercury.”

Virgo Rules the Hips

Virgo rules the top of the hipbone down to the insertion point of the femur. Virgo includes the girdle area where the intestines are, and the large intestine is the most important, the organ of purification. The lumbar area of the spine also falls here. Virgo is work that purifies and also has the highest potential for sluggishness.

Mercury Rules Virgo

Mercury is ‘exalted’ in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is the planet of skills, and Virgo is the feminine expression of Mercury (Gemini is the masculine expression of Mercury). Mercury is balanced. Did you know that it is Mercury that represents a good-looking person? It’s because of the balance Mercury creates in that person’s features. Mercury rules the earth element and is the planet of manifestation.

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VIRGO is a Gentle Female Sign

Feminine signs are considered to be gentle because they are concerned more with enjoying life and ‘being’ rather than in getting things done. They are receptive and responsive, and their actions depend on how they feel. The better Virgo feels, the better it does. Virgo feels good being useful.

Difficult planetary combinations in Virgo indicate pain and misery that is held within and hurts itself rather than hurting others. Gentle Virgo is always ready to be a part of the betterment of others.

VIRGO is of the Earth Element

The earth element is reliable, stable, and grounded. The mentality of Virgo is rational and arrives at understanding and conclusions through logic. Rationality leads to good common sense, sound judgment, and reasonable actions.

Virgo uses reason to understand problems and develop strategies to overcome and prevent problems. Down-to-earth and blessed with common sense, Virgo is practical and knowledgeable in applying its rationality.

In horary astrology, if one is looking for a lost object, the earth element indicates that the object represented by a planet in the sign of Virgo is on the ground. The dual nature of Virgo means the object in question is “inside” of something.

The Sign of VirgoThe Caste of VIRGO is Vaishya (Merchant)

Caste is temperament (not social hierarchy), and Brihat Parashara considers Virgo to be of the Vaishya caste. Vaishyas want to gain from their skills and to make progress in life.

Virgo wants gains to provide for the inevitable difficulties of the future. Virgo wants to progress to overcome the pains of life. Vaishyas wish to master their craft, whatever it may be, and Virgo handles the details bringing any project together in the end.

VIRGO is Day Strong and Front Rising

Day strong signs are vigorous during the day and get energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Front-rising signs rise over the eastern horizon with their fronts first. Signs that are front-rising have an easy time bringing their tasks to practical manifestation because they are full of know-how.

Virgo has the skills and abilities with which to fulfill its duties. The day strong and front rising characteristics are unique to the sign of Virgo in Vedic Astrology.

VIRGO is Two-Footed

The two-footed signs are adaptable, but not very strong; their strength is in their ability to adapt. Virgo is a two-footed human. The two-footed signs are especially interested in the first house matters of thinking and following one’s true nature and path.

Two-footed signs are least interested in the 7th house matters of maintaining partnerships, which is why Venus is weak in the sign of Virgo.

The Color of Virgo is Scintillating

The ‘color’ of Virgo is scintillating, which means it shimmers and can be any color. It’s the quality of scintillating or shimmering that makes it a Virgo color. We talk about this in the videos below.


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