This text about VIRGO ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 12th Lord

     The Sun is the Virgin’s physical weakness.

The Sun, as the 12th lord, represents the Virgo native’s weak vitality and hidden personality. As the 12th lord, the Sun may cause expense on account of the body. The Sun is a temporal neutral, and other factors influencing the Sun will indicate whether the native has hidden idealistic sides or self-centered motivations.

As a separating factor, the Sun, as the 12th lord, may cause them to be separated from things due to expenses or physical liability.

Moon as 11th Lord

     The Moon is the Water the Virgin is crossing in the Boat.

The Moon, as the 11th lord, indicates the Virgo native’s socially minded mentality and desire to be with like-minded individuals. The Moon gives some need to be appreciated by others for their successes. The 11th lordship of the Moon causes the Moon to be a temporal malefic that may exhibit some selfish neediness.

As a natural benefic, the bright Moon gives the talent and networking capacity to gain what is desired. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon gives discontented desires and social discontent.

Mars as 3rd and 8th Lord

     Mars is the Oars of the Boat.

Mars, as the 3rd and 8th lord, represents the transmutation of the Virgo native’s desire nature. Mars ruling the 3rd house gives a strong desire nature that will not hesitate to use strength or aggression to fulfill one’s desires. The 8th house lordship, however, creates difficulties in this thereby breaking the native’s desires and egocentricity, purifying them.

Mars also gives a penetrating mind and a talent for deep research. Due to the 3rd house lordship, Mars is a temporal malefic with a very self-centered nature, additionally, as the 8th lord and a natural malefic, Mars is neither helpful to the native’s wellbeing nor that of others, except to the degree that it destroys egocentric qualities.

Mercury as 1st and 10th Lord

     Mercury is the Virgin’s self-effort.

Mercury, as the 1st and 10th lord, represents the Virgo native’s identification with their karmas and career. Mercury, being presided by Vishnu and ruling the 10th house, inclines the Virgo native to do work that is of assistance or service to others. Mercury gives them the ability to improve themselves through their karmas.

Due to ruling the lagna, Mercury is a temporal benefic whose duty it is to find productive work with which to throw themselves into. As a natural benefic, Mercury gives the native skills, intelligence, and a balanced personality that allows them to find fulfillment in those areas that Mercury is influencing.

Jupiter as 4th and 7th Lord

     Jupiter is the Virgin’s Chastity.

Chastity is a woman’s ability to never go outside herself to fulfill her needs, which comes from being feminine and receptive, which happens to the extent that she keeps her mind centered in her heart. A woman’s chastity protects her by letting her discriminate between what feels good and what doesn’t.

Without this ability, she soon finds herself in romantic situations where she is not fully respected. Jupiter, as the 4th lord of feeling and the 7th lord of sexual relations, indicates the Virgo native’s ability for chastity.

Jupiter also indicates the Virgo native’s capacity to find happiness through others, but largely through being of gain to others. Due to ruling two angles, Jupiter is temporally neutral and other factors influencing Jupiter will determine if one’s efforts towards happiness and partnerships are more self-centered or dharmic in nature.

Venus as 2nd and 9th Lord

     Venus is the Boat.

Venus, as the 2nd and 9th lord, gives the Virgo native love for spiritual or lawful values that they are righteously proud of. Venus is a planet of luxury, fortune, and great wealth for the native. Due to the 9th house lordship, Venus becomes a temporal benefic and is particularly a planet of speaking the truth in a most diplomatic and well-mannered fashion. As a natural benefic, Venus indicates the proper use of resources that result in the fortune that allows the native to enjoy those areas it influences.

Saturn as 5th and 6th Lord

     Saturn is the Crop in the woman’s hand.

Saturn, as the 5th and 6th lord, may give joy from work, but not usually until the native has aged somewhat and grown to realize that since there is not a lot they can gain here, they might as well be of service as they improve themselves. And this is just what Saturn is for the Virgo native, a planet of practical improvement through effort, and that includes spiritual efforts as well since Saturn rules the 5th house of spiritual practices.

Due to ruling the 6th house of disease and the 5th house, which is the 12th house from the 6th, giving a loss of disease, Saturn gives Virgo their famous healing abilities. Ruling the 5th house of spiritual practices and the 6th house of work and service causes Saturn to become a qualified karma yogi planet.

Saturn is very much a planet of work that must be done as a spiritual service. Saturn rules one malefic house and one benefic house, but since the 5th and 6th lords on mutual angles is said to be a good yoga,

Saturn alone qualifies as a temporal benefic for the Virgo native. As a natural malefic, however, Saturn may cause separation from those things it influences due to duty or restraint, and it also a planet of restricted luck, if any. Luck, in fact, is the result of the native’s efforts.


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This text about VIRGO ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.