Gemini Sign: Stuff You Haven't Heard BeforeThe sign of Gemini according to Vedic astrology is a bit different than what you’ve heard if you grew up in the west. There will be stuff you haven’t heard before about Gemini that will lead to some “ah ha’s.”

My Gemini Sun husband likes to “experiment” in the kitchen. One time he put maple syrup on my over-easy eggs, something I was NOT happy about it. It was the weirdest taste and utterly different than what I was expecting.

I asked my Gemini husband why he put maple syrup on my eggs, and he said he was experimenting and thought it would taste good. Yuk! It did NOT taste good! If you know someone who loves to experiment, that person is likely a Gemini Sun, Moon, Ascendant person.

Or, they may have several planets in the sign of Gemini, or one of the nodes of the Moon – Rahu, especially – in the sign of Gemini.

David Bowie Had Rahu in Gemini

The Sign of Gemini in Vedic AstrologyDavid Bowie, singer, songwriter, painter, and actor, was known for his musical experimentation and his ability to reinvent himself. Bowie had Rahu in the sign of Gemini. Mercury and Mercury rule Gemini is the planet of the multi-talented.

Not only did David Bowie sing, but he played musical instruments, wrote is own songs, painted portraits, was an actor, mime, and performed on stage innovatively using costumes.

The British rocker is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Especially for his ‘shocking’ innovative music, theatrical makeup, and gender-bender stage costumes in the 1970s. He was creating and experimenting up until his death.

VIDEOS, Part 1 & 2 (BELOW) on the Sign of Gemini

Neeshee Pandit and I continue with our series on the signs and discuss the sign of Gemini, according to Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra. Like we did for the sign of Taurus, we talk about the various characteristics of Gemini.

Gemini is a Dual Sign

The Sign of Gemini: Stuff You Haven't Heard BeforeMercury, the planet of skill and manifestation, rules the sign of Gemini. Between the sign of Taurus and Cancer, Gemini prepares the spring to become the summer. Dual signs are flexible and know when to hold and when to let go as they are a mix of moveable (cardinal) and fixed signs. They remain as they are while making adjustments and improvements.

The dual sign of Gemini is skillful and able to take intangible ideas and manifest them on the concrete plane.

The Symbol for Gemini is a Pair of Humans (Not Twins) in Vedic Astrology

In western astrology, Gemini is the twins, but in Vedic astrology, Gemini is a pair of humans, one male and one female. The male holds a club, and the female holds a lute. Here is the description from Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra:

“Front-rising, a pair of humans with mace and lute, western, airy, two-footed, night-strong, village roaming, Vata, normal limbed and grass-colored is the pair ruled by Mercury.”  – Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, 4 – Rasi Characteristics, 9-10

Neeshe and I discuss what the symbolism of Gemini further, how Gemini is both inventive and destructive, in the videos below.

Gemini Rules the Arms & Seven Cervical Vertebrae

The Sign of Gemini in Vedic Astrology-Stuff You Haven't Heard BeforeThe sign of Gemini rules over the arms and the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck. Holding up the head, the neck allows us to turn our heads to consider our options instead of what is only right in front of us.

Gemini, therefore, studies options and experiments with those options. Our arms include the hands with which we make tools.

Gemini is a ‘Cruel’ Masculine Sign

Being a cruel masculine sign doesn’t mean that Gemini people are cruel (though putting maple syrup on my eggs came close!). Being male, Gemini is happy depending on actions, and when they focus on their interests.

Cruel signs want to get things done and are, therefore, focused and pushier. Gemini can seem cruel when focused on pursuing their interests and will not pay much attention to people and things that are not part of those interests.

Gemini is of the Air/Vata Element

Air signs are intellectually oriented, but not wholly logical and therefore, always find a reason to disagree. Gemini can understand processes and concepts and uses its intellect to develop techniques and skills or improving on skills created and maintained by Aries and Taurus.

Vata represents change and is comprised mostly of air. The air element provides Gemini with intelligence and expertise to direct that change.

The Caste of Gemini is Sudra

The caste of the air signs is one of the controversies in Vedic astrology, but Brihat Parashara Hora Sastras indicates that the air signs are of the Sudra caste. Gemini is a rajas sign that is full of passion for pursuing the immediate fulfillment of its desires.

Gemini is Night Strong & Front Rising

Night-strong signs are full of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and are mentally and physically energized at night by internal experiences like thought, emotion, contemplation. Day-strong signs are full of “know-how” and energized during the day by bringing ideas to concrete realization.

Gemini is unique in that it is both Night-Strong (full of ideas, thoughts, and dreams) and Front-Rising. Front Rising signs have an easy time bringing their tasks to concrete realization. The dual-sign Gemini has ideas but also the skills and abilities to be successful with those ideas. Quite versatile, those Geminis!

Gemini sign: Stuff You Haven't Heard BeforeGemini is Two-Footed

The two-footed signs are adaptable, but not very strong; their strength is in their adaptability.

All symbolized by human figures, the air signs are most interested in the 1st house matters of thinking and following one’s right path, and least interested in the 7th house affairs of relationships.

Mercury Rules Gemini & is the Color Blue

Mercury is the planet that rules the masculine sign of Gemini. Gemini as a male sign, exhibit’s Mercury’s energy in an initiative manner. The color of the sign of Gemini is Blue.

If you want to emphasize the sign of Gemini in your chart, wear clothing and jewelry and paint walls and have furniture in blue colors. Neeshe and I talk more in detail about the color of Gemini and gemstone prescriptions.

Another Gemini Husband Story

Years ago, my Gemini Sun husband listened to me tell him about the outrageously offensive thing a co-worker said to me at work that day. I asked him what he thought.

His answer was, “I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what to say.” I was shocked that he didn’t automatically think this person was in the wrong. Hurt, I accused him of not being on my side, of not being loyal to me.

My Gemini husband said that when he tries to be objective, he IS on my side. He said he wants to give me the best, most objective response possible and help me see my co-worker’s potential point of view. So I’ll be LESS upset.

How Astrology Helped My Marriage

It took me a while to understand that this is the nature of Gemini. It doesn’t mean that he is siding with my enemies or that he wouldn’t defend me if it came to that, but being ruled by Mercury, the ideal is detachment in emotional situations.

If you are with a Gemini Sun, Mercury, Moon, or Ascendant person and this impersonal, detached attitude wounds you, now you know why they take this stance. Your loved one acts like this because they genuinely think they are doing you the highest service.

For the sake of your happiness, it’s best not to take it personally!


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