The Sign of Aquarius in Vedic AstrologyThe characteristics of the sign of Aquarius in Vedic astrology is a bit different than what you may have heard about Aquarius for most of your life. It is still the human holding a pitcher with water flowing out of it, but there are a few differences too.

Channing Ayers and I are finishing this series on the signs together. We talk about the sign of Aquarius in the video below.

The Gift of AQUARIUS

If you have planets in the sign of AQUARIUS, especially SATURN in Aquarius, your gift to the world is your ability to persevere.


In this video, we discuss the sign of AQUARIUS. We discuss characteristics of AQUARIUS listed here and more such as the Guna and the Dosha.

The Symbol of AQUARIUS

The symbol for AQUARIUS is the man holding the water pitcher pouring out water. In particular, This is the last human sign of the zodiac. Here is the

description of AQUARIUS from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

Aquarius – Kumbha “pitcher” Rasi

“Kumbha is a jar holding man, deep brown in complexion, medium-bodied, two-footed, vigorous during the day, standing in the middle of the water, airy, front rising, Tamasic, a Sudra, abiding in the western region and lorded by the son of the Sun.” Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, 4 – Rasi Characteristics, 21-22

AQUARIUS Rules the Shanks

the sign of aquarius in vedic astrologyThe shanks are the intermediary that connects the power put forth through the thighs to the feet that provide stability and balance, thus the name shank. Capricorn and the thighs, as has been mentioned, represent the idea of doing and acting.

Pisces and the feet represent a loss of understanding, but also the ability to understand the ultimate truths. Aquarius and the shanks are thus the bridge between one’s actions and one’s understanding.

How many truly understand their actions? How often do we think we are doing something for one reason only to find that we were motivated by a completely different reason? It is Aquarius that determines how much of our actions we truly understand.

Aquarius represents how secure we are with our individuality. A person who is confident with his individuality, who has accepted his pluses and minuses, his strengths and weakness, only such a person can understand why he is doing something.

AQUARIUS and the Stages of Karma Yoga

Capricorn must learn the 1st stage of Karma Yoga of renouncing the material fruits of one’s actions.

Aquarius must learn the 2nd stage of Karma Yoga, which is renouncing what others think about us and what we do. Only a secure individual that has completely accepted itself can do this. Accepting oneself with all it’s flaws and greatness too is the task of Aquarius.

Saturn Rules AQUARIUS

The lord of Aquarius is Saturn. Capricorn is the female expression of Saturn, and Aquarius is the male expression. Saturn is in his Moolatrikona sign here (Aquarius is the source of Saturn’s power). There are no planets exalted in Aquarius, and the Sun is in his debilitation here.

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 the AQUARIUS is a ‘Cruel’ Male Sign

Masculine signs are considered to be cruel because they are interested in getting things done more than being and enjoying. Therefore, they are harder and pushier. Cruel Aquarius is self- involved and has no room for anything else but to find validation for itself. What it is saying is that the individuation process requires one to be self-focused. At times, this can feel selfish in a bad way, but it’s not, it’s necessary. 

Difficult planetary combinations in Aquarius can indicate a person who gets involved in self-destructive activities that naturally cause problems for other people in their lives.

AQUARIUS is of the Air Element

The air element is intellectually centered, the ability of the mind to arrive at understanding intelligence and curiosity. The air signs are intellectually centered. Intellect is the faculty of the mind by which one can arrive at knowledge. The intellectual faculty of the air signs are not entirely logical, and thus, intellects always find a reason to disagree.

Aquarius can understand itself and uses its intellect to come to peace with itself and with others.

In horary astrology, if one is looking for a lost object, the air element indicates that the object represented by a planet in the sign of Aquarius is up on something like a shelf high up off the ground.

The Caste of AQUARIUS is Sudra

Caste is temperament (not social hierarchy), and Brihat Parashara considers AQUARIUS to be of the Sudra caste. The 7th (Libra), 11th (Aquarius), and 3rd (Gemini) houses are the Kama (desire) houses which correlate to the goal of the Sudras and the air signs.

Aquarius is a rasi (zodiac sign) that is very prone to alcoholism, eating disorders, and extreme sexual habits. In its spiritual task of becoming wholly what it is, Aquarius goes down many false paths before finding the right path.

AQUARIUS is Day Strong and Front Rising

Day strong signs are vigorous during the day and get energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Front-rising signs rise over the eastern horizon with their fronts first. Signs that are front-rising have an easy time bringing their tasks to practical manifestation because they are full of know-how. Aquarius has the stubbornness that just does not quit.

Aquarius has the skills and abilities with which to fulfill its duties. In Vedic astrology, the day strong and front rising characteristics are unique to the sign of Aquarius (though I read somewhere that traditional western astrology uses this concept too).

AQUARIUS is Two-Footed

The two-footed signs are adaptable, but not very strong; their strength is in their ability to adapt. AQUARIUS is a two-footed human holding an urn with water pouring out of it. The two-footed signs are especially interested in the 1st house matters of thinking and following one’s true nature and path.

Two-footed signs are least interested in the 7th house matters of maintaining partnerships.

The Color of AQUARIUS is Purple

The ‘color’ of Aquarius is Purple. If you want to increase Aquarius energy in your life, wear purple and paint walls purple too. Aquarius rules my 2nd house of wealth, for instance, so I wear purple on the days I want to be more focused on money tasks and growing my wealth. Channing gives a recommendation on what purple gemstone to wear for Aquarius Sun.

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