This text about Aquarius ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 7th Lord

     The Sun are those the Person carries the Pot to.

The Sun, as the 7th lord, indicates the Aquarius native’s identification with others. A large part of the native’s identity is created through their intimate associations and partners. Others serve to give the native confidence. The Sun may give important activities with groups consisting of like-minded individuals.

Due to ruling an angle, the Sun is a temporal neutral for the Aquarius native, as a natural malefic, however, the Sun may separate the native from those areas it affects due to public or personal involvement.

Moon as 6th Lord

     The Moon is the lack of water in the Empty Pot, either that which is not there or that which was given out.

The Moon, as the 6th lord, gives the Aquarius native a weak self-image and a mind that easily succumbs to depression. Since the 6th house is a upachaya, the Moon indicates that the native will develop a healthier self-image as they age, but in youth, they are particularly prone to suffer from social inadequacies as a result of their poor self-image.

The Moon ruling the 6th house also indicates a gentleness and humanitarian mentality that prefers peace. Socially, the Moon connects them to the lower classes and makes them ideal people of the masses. As the 6th lord, the Moon is a temporal malefic and may give opposition and struggles in life that results in the native feeling depressed and empty. If this is severe, it may be a cause of addictions.

As a natural benefic, however, the bright Moon gives care in work that provides slow growth and improvement to the areas it influences. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon gives struggles with those things it influences with the result that the native does not feel like their needs have been met.

Mars as 3rd and 10th Lord

     Mars is the arms, strengthened from carrying the Pot.

Mars, as the 3rd and 10th lord, indicates the Aquarius native’s independent will and activities, as well as a strong attachment to those things they think, should be activated. Due to the 3rd house lordship, Mars becomes a temporal malefic as the will he indicates is usually one of selfish interest, one that resists authority, and wants to do what it thinks should be done.

Mars is the rebellious nature of the Aquarius, which they are often known for. As a natural malefic, Mars may cause conflict with authorities and associates, while also creating conflict in the pursuit of their career and desires.

Mercury as 5th and 8th Lord

     Mercury is the erupting of the Person’s true individuality.

Mercury, as the 5th and 8th lord, gives an original, ingenious mentality and creativity that is not afraid to think of the unusual or break social taboos. Mercury gives the capacity for the native to become himself, without any judgments or harm directed towards others. Mercury gives an innate talent for occult sciences and counseling. Mercury also gives luck that may give unexpected windfalls, although the native’s luck is usually unsteady due to the 8th house lordship.

Due to ruling the 5th house, Mercury becomes a temporal benefic, though the 8th house lordship will often incline them to express their finest in an unconventional manner. As a natural benefic, Mercury gives the intelligence with which to make the best of any situation.

Jupiter as 2nd and 11th Lord

     Jupiter is the value of the Pot.

Jupiter, as the 2nd and 11th lord, represents the great gains possible by an Aquarius native. Jupiter is a triple indicator of wealth; it rules two houses of wealth and is the natural producer of wealth as well. Jupiter, however, generally inclines the native to amass those things that would indicate that they are of a valuable sort in order to make up for any insufficiencies they may experience.

Due to ruling the 11th house, Jupiter is a temporal malefic that is intent on making name and fame for itself, though generally by doing good deeds. As a natural benefic, Jupiter makes the native generous with their wealth, and this helps them manifest more wealth.

Venus as 4th and 9th Lord

     Venus is the Pot.

Venus, as the 4th and 9th lord, is the devoted heart of the Aquarius native. Once an ideal is found that fulfills the inner needs of the native, they become solidly devoted and in fact proud of that which they have found. This is not an empty pride, but one based on recognition of something wonderful and truthful. Venus also indicates patriotic pride as well.

Due to ruling the 9th house, Venus is a temporal benefic for the Aquarius native. Sharing its lordship with the 4th house, an angle, Venus becomes a yogakaraka for the Aquarius native and the single best planet for them. As a natural benefic, Venus is capable of giving easily acquired fortune and happiness.

Saturn as 1st and 12th Lord

     Saturn is the Person, who is carrying the pot.

Saturn, as the 1st and 12th lord, gives the Aquarius native a tendency towards loss of self, which can be great if there are spiritual tendencies present allowing the native to cultivate spiritual detachment and renunciation. Otherwise, this may manifest as great personal wastage.

Ruling the house of loss and being the planet of loss, Saturn creates a loss in the native’s life as a result of personal indolence, or possibly renunciation. As the lagna lord, Saturn is a temporal benefic, although as a delaying factor, Saturn will cause delays in the native finding fulfillment until the native develops a healthy self-esteem.

As a natural malefic, Saturn will cause some element of loss and separation, which the native themselves is responsible for, either through a desire for renunciation or due to ineptitude and lack of confidence.


The Sign of Aquarius in Vedic Astrology

This text about Aquarius ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.