Monday Moon Message: ‘Be Here Now’ the Moon-Mind Way of Being

Book by Ram Dass

‘Be Here Now’ is something that people have been saying probably since time began. This way of living life is a Moon way of being.

The Moon is the sense-mind, the part of us that is experiencing everything through all of our senses, even though the Moon is also the imagination. You’ve probably had the experience of conducting conversations with people you know – entirely in your mind. 

These “conversations” can profoundly affect mood. I noticed at some point in my life that I could affect how I was feeling by what I was imaging. If I’m having angry conversations in my head seeking a better outcome to a past situation, that can put me into a bad mood that spills over into my day.

Conversely, if I’m imagining something good that could happen, or if I’m consciously being grateful for every single blessing in my life, I can put myself into a great mood that affects my day and it boosts the amount of energy I have.

When I’m in fear and take a moment to think about why, I can see that I’ve been living in the future and worrying about something that may never happen. One of my favorite Mark Twain quotes about that says it best:

Mark Twain

“I’m an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which never happened.” – Mark Twain

If I’m feeling sad and melancholy, it is often because I’ve been wishing I could return to a particular period of time in my life; a place, or moment in the past.

In other words, when I’m anywhere but here and now, I’m not enjoying what is right in front of me; I’m out of my Moon-Mind. It’s like I’ve turned off my senses and I’m living in some nowhere place. 

A popular “mindfulness” meditation is to take a half-hour to eat an orange. Doing this engages all of the senses if you are fully focusing on just eating that orange.

Can’t you practically smell the oil from the orange peelings; taste the sweetness of burst of juice when you bite into it; feel the stickiness of the orange juice as it dries on your hands; hear the sound it makes when you pull away a section of the orange from the others; and see the brilliant orange color of the discarded peelings? I like gnawing the white pith from inside the peelings too… 

If you are alive, you’ve heard of Eckhart Tolle, and if you’ve been alive a bit longer, you’ve heard of Ram Dass. Both of these spiritual teachers’ message was to live in the moment; the only place where life is actually happening.

Interestingly, Eckhart Tolle’s natal Moon is with Rahu, which goes to show you that having the Moon with Rahu is not always a bad thing; look where it led him!

Book by Eckhart Tolle

When listening to or reading anything by these two people, it feels good because we all know exactly what they are talking about. We’ve all had the experience of a moment seeming to expand and go on forever, and we love the times when we’re in ‘the zone’ and everything else is blocked out except for what we are focused on.

I found a website that you may enjoy that will help you to live in the here and now where the Moon loves to be and where it experiences all of life through the senses:

It is the Be Here Now Network, A Network of Mindfulness & Spirituality Podcasts  


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  1. Greetings Karen, wonderful blog everything you spoke of was truly on point! Love Eckhart also. Can’t wait to reconnect with you soon. Take care!

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