The sign of Cancer is feeling-centered. Cancer’s message to the world is to get out of your head and into your heart and to follow your heart to bring about positive change. My colleague, Neeshee Pandit, and I discuss the Sign of Cancer in the VIDEOS below.

Cancer – Karka “Crab” Rasi (sign) 

“Pink, moving in water, a Brahmin, vigorous at night, many moving legs, a stout body, endowed with Sattva, watery and back-rising is thought the Crab Rasi ruled by the Moon.” – Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, 4 – Rasi Characteristics, 10-11 

The Sign of Cancer: A Change of HeartWhat Does the Sign of Cancer Represent?

It’s the second cardinal or moveable sign of the zodiac. Each of the cardinal/moveable signs starts a season of the year, and Cancer starts off the summer on the Summer Solstice.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house of the inner emotional life and your family. The planetary ruler of Cancer is the Moon, the planet that rules our feelings, hearts, and minds.

Cancer Sign, Jupiter, and Children

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, the planet that rules children. What happens in the summer? The children (Jupiter) are at home (Cancer, fourth house) with mom (Moon, the planet that rules Cancer) in the summertime (usually). Most of us have pleasant memories of summers in childhood.

At least that is how it was in the past; today, Mom often has to work in the summer. But, many savvy businesswomen are making a living on the internet, creating a business that will pay for them to be home with their children in the summer.

A Way to Be Home with Your Children in the Summer

An excellent business coach, Jeanna Gabellini, is one of those savvy businesswomen. She doesn’t do any new product launches in the summer, and she schedules her yearly business calendar around her children’s school schedule. She makes six figures doing this, which makes me think of Jupiter, the planet of wealth, exalted in the sign of Cancer.

Jeanna Gabellini, Coach

Jeanna Gabellini, Coach

Furthermore, Jeanna’s particular coaching expertise is “mindset.” To move your life, business, and wealth forward, you first need to expand (Jupiter) your mindset (Moon), which is your beliefs about success, money, and business.

The Sign of Cancer & the Importance of Feelings

Jeanna is unique in the business coach world in that she talks about getting out of your head and into your heart. According to her, getting into a good feeling state is the best way to attract clients/customers, wealth, and more. I’m convinced she has the Moon, or the sign of Cancer (or other water sign), prominent in her horoscope. I intend to ask her for her birth data to let you know!

More About the Sign of Cancer

Country-FlagsWhat is strange about Cancer in Vedic astrology is that it rules the home, hearth, and the fourth house of family, yet, it also represents foreign countries and foreigners.

If you have any of the “self” factors in your birth chart in Cancer (see next paragraph), then you may love to travel the world, learn foreign languages, or you may work with people from other countries.

“Self-Factors” in the Sign of Cancer

The Self Factors in the birth chart are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the Self-Producer planet (the Atmakaraka, or AK for short), and the Svamsa (the AK in the D9 Varga chart known as the Navamsa).

Cancer Rules the Breast Area, Where the Heart Is

Cancer represents the heart or breast area of the body physically. And Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, the house of emotional happiness. Ruled by the Moon, the emotions of Cancer help us adapt to changing situations or, when making big decisions, to “follow your heart.” If a situation doesn’t feel right, we can change our minds or, rather, have a “change of heart.”

FollowYourHeart-Cancer: Break the Rules and Stand Apart, Ignore Your Head and Follow Your Heart -- Paula AbdulThe Sign of Cancer is Changeable

Cancer being a moveable or cardinal sign, is by nature changeable and brings about change through a change of feelings. The expression “my heart is not in it” is often what a person will say when changing a job/career or ending a relationship.

Conversely, your heart “leaps” when you see that particular person enter a room, and you feel as if your heart “bursts with joy” when in their presence. You will make considerable changes to be with that person because of how you feel about them.

The Moon, Cancer & Relationships

I often ask my clients how they feel when they’re with a love interest. If they feel alive, at ease, and able to be themselves, then that is a good sign. But, if they feel like they are not good enough or that they have to work hard for a sense of connection, then this is a bad sign for the future of the relationship.

The Moon & Early Life Conditioning

The Moon represents our conditioning, and if a person has the Moon in the sign of Cancer, they’ve had favorable, nurturing conditions in their early life. Therefore, they will not stay in a job or a relationship that doesn’t feel good.

If the job is repressive, overly-competitive, or full of nasty dysfunctional group dynamics, they will leave as soon as possible. Or, if a relationship is consistently painful, they won’t stay because of sentimentality or shared history.

But, if their Moon is with Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, the person will not be as receptive to their true feelings. They will put up with way more stress or abuse to the detriment of their health and mental well-being. Because they are feeling centered, they will often suffer in silence until they decide to leave the situation.

Cancer is a Feminine, Gentle Sign

Cancer is a gentle female sign. It is more about being, feeling, and enjoying rather than pushing and getting things done. Cancer is a receptive sign that reacts or responds based on how it feels. The sign of Cancer feels good based on its self-image.

Cancer loves it when others are progressing in some way. They love to watch things grow; whether it be people, gardens, or companies, if it’s thriving, Cancer is happy about it. Growth is a keyword for the Moon, the planet that rules Cancer.


The sign of Cancer: A change of heartHAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANCER!

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Cancer is a Kapha Water Sign

Kapha comes mostly from water, and Kapha provides Cancer with the capacity to feel. The water signs are feeling centered and can perceive truth through a particular sense or impression. Cancer feels itself, and through self-knowledge, it can become aware of all that is. What it accurately sees depends on how healthy it feels about itself.

The element also refers to the level of things contained in a sign. Water signs indicate items that have sunk below the level of the earth. In Horary astrology, a planet in a water sign can show an object is somewhere “comfortable,” such as being on or between blankets, pillows, or clothes. If referring to whether or not you will hear from someone and the planet representing the person in question is in the sign of Cancer, that person is “mute,” and they will not be contacting you.

The Sign of Cancer is Brahmin

The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are of the Brahmin caste (this refers to temperament, not social status). Cancer (and Pisces) naturally aspire towards spiritual realization, knowledge, and goodness.

Cancer is Night-Strong and Back-Rising

Signs that are night-strong and back-rising are full of ideas but somewhat clumsy and slow in bringing their ideas into concrete realization. Cancer knows what it feels like experiencing at the moment but changes from day to day (the changeable Moon rules it), and so doesn’t have the long-term focus required to be consistent.

Cancer is Many-Footed

The Sign of Cancer is many-footed, and its strength is in its tenacity. Cancer is interested in the 7th house matters of the public, partnerships, and discovery within alliances. This sign is least interested in 1st house matters of thinking and finding one’s path. Cancer is a sign that needs the public and partnerships to discover itself. Ruled by the “love-sick” Moon, Cancer people need people.

Pink is the Color of Cancer

The color of Cancer is pink. You can wear pink on Mondays, the Moon’s day if you want to strengthen your Moon and the house ruled by Cancer.


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