THERE are several planets going retrograde soon or are already retrograde now. Not every planet that goes retrograde, however, is going to make a big difference in your life. It’s the planets that go retrograde in their CRITICAL HOUSES that can change your life. (VIDEOS BELOW)

Retrograde planets are developing an area of life when it goes retrograde in a house in your birth chart every year. But, you don’t get retrograde planets transiting through their CRITICAL HOUSES every year.

Example of Mars Retrograde in the 3rd House

For instance, the CRITICAL house for Mars is the 3rd house, but he will only be retrograde in that house every 15 years or so. Mars will go retrograde in the sign of Aries this year and will be in Aries for six months! The last time Mars went retrograde in Aries was in 1988. This is the Critical 3rd house for Aquarius rising sign people.

Channing Ayers and I discuss the retrograde planets transiting their CRITICAL HOUSES for each SIGN in the VIDEOS below. We talk about more than the Critical houses, we also discuss the 11th from the Critical Houses and transits through the 1st and 12th houses:

Retrograde Planets in Their Critical Houses 2020:

ARIES – Mars Rx in 1st, Mercury Rx in 4th, and Saturn Rx in 10th

TAURUS – Mars Rx in the 12th, Jupiter Rx in the 9th

GEMINI – Saturn Rx in 8th, Jupiter Rx in 8th, & Venus Rx in the 1st 

CANCER – Mercury Rx in 1st, Saturn & Jupiter in the 7th, Mars Rx in the 10th

LEO – Saturn Rx in 6th, Mars in the 9th, Mercury Rx in 12th

VIRGO – Jupiter Rx in 5th, Venus Rx in 10th

LIBRA – Venus Rx in 9th, Mercury Rx in 10th

SCORPIO – Venus Rx in 8th, Mercury Rx in 9th

SAGITTARIUS– Venus Rx in 7th, Mercury Rx in 8th

CAPRICORN – Saturn Rx in 1st, Jupiter Rx in 1st, Mercury Rx in 7th

AQUARIUS – Mars Rx in 3rd, Saturn in 12th, Jupiter in 12th

PISCES – Venus Rx in 4th

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What Do These Special Transits Mean for You Personally? 

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Aries Ascendant & the Nature of the House Lords (Aries Ascendant has three planets Rx in critical houses in 2020)


PART 1: Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer

PART 2: Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio

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