This text about Aries ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 5th Lord

The Sun is the Ram’s horns, which, growing from the third eye, indicates will and intuitive and creative intelligence.

The Sun represents the Aries native’s independent spirit and heart. It gives great inspiration to their character, powerful intelligence, independent thinking, and the ability to acquire self-knowledge as well as making them independent learners.

The Sun as the 5th lord causes their health to be dependent upon following their inspirations.

The Sun gives luck and knowledge and is a temporal benefic, though as a natural malefic the Sun may separate the Aries lagna native from those things it influences as a sacrifice for their self-development, learning, or inspirations.

Moon as 4th Lord

The Moon is the Ram’s roaming in his environment.

The Moon represents the Aries native’s fickle mentality, fluctuating emotions, erratic search for happiness, and changeable environment. The Moon also gives them a reflective and contemplative mentality, though what they prefer to contemplate is themselves, not out of any selfish reasons, but only because they are discovering so much about themselves.

The Moon as an angular lord is temporally neutral, if dark and naturally malefic it may give the discontent that causes neglect, if bright it gives a caring quality that furthers anything along.

Mars as 1st and 8th Lord

Mars is the Ram’s powerful head-butt, capable of great destruction.

Aries, representing the beginning of a new cycle, generally has to go through some huge transitions in life before finding themselves. It is Mars, through his lordship of the 1st and 8th house, which causes the personal transformations required to create a new identity. Mars, therefore, represents the Aries native’s generally impulsive and sometimes cataclysmic lifestyle.

Mars gives great regenerative abilities and lends strength and courage to the personality that comes from the willingness to confront the unknown as well as the willingness to suffer the death (signified by the 8th house) of any situation.

As the lagna lord, it gives a headstrong nature, that due to its 8th house lordship may land them in trouble. Ruling the Lagna, Mars is a temporal benefic as Mars is responsible for carving out their proper place in life.

As a natural malefic, however, he may disrupt those things he influences when the native changes his ideas and thoughts about those things he is most strongly identified with, or he may bring disruption in order that the native changes their thoughts and ideas.

Mercury as 3rd and 6th Lord

Mercury is the Ram’s physical and intellectual dexterity.

Mercury represents the Aries native’s very rational intellect that is particularly of benefit when put to use in solving problems. It gives them great engineering ability as well as a talent for healing the body. If Mercury is combined with the Sun, or on an angle from the Sun, then these abilities are greatly pronounced.

Due to its 6th house lordship, Mercury gives many problems to the realization of the desires signified by the 3rd house. The 3rd and 6th houses, being two houses of effort, and ruled by the intellectual planet Mercury inclines the Aries native to do as much as they can with their intellect.

Mercury, being the planet of skills and dexterity, gives great physical talents through its lordship of the 3rd and 6th houses.

The 3rd and 6th houses are both Upachaya houses (houses of increase) indicating that Mercury gives a budding intelligence that results in an increasing amount of skills and talents. Since Mercury rules two evil houses it becomes temporally malefic, indicating intellectual competitiveness, and a self-centered pursuit of their interests, though Mercury also causes them to play fair, even in war.

As a natural benefic, however, Mercury gives them the practical intelligence and skills that help them get what they want.

Jupiter as 9th and 12th Lord

Jupiter is the Ram’s golden fleece; the protection of it as well as the quest for it.

Jupiter represents the Aries native’s innate faith and capacity for surrender. Jupiter causes them to have faith in surrender as loss turns to fortune more often than not. It gives a strong idealism that they will willingly suffer a loss on account of. Jupiter grants them happiness through foreign travels and this makes them great pioneers of the globe.

Due to its 9th house lordship, Jupiter is a powerful temporal benefic and a planet of great fortune. Due to the 12th lordship, however, Jupiter may give some losses or expenses that help maintain the native’s pursuit of their dharma, although, as a natural benefic, even these losses are nothing but long term investments resulting in greater prosperity and happiness.

Venus as 2nd and 7th Lord

Venus is the Ram’s libido, in fact, they smell of their musky semen.

Venus represents the Aries native’s desire for partnership, as well as giving passionate tastes. Since Venus rules the 2nd house of possessions it inclines towards some possessiveness, but just as well makes them inclined for marriage and family life, as well as making them good providers.

With others, Venus gives them diplomacy enabling them to be convincing speakers. Venus inclines them to be proud of their partners and possessions and gives them the desire for only the finest.

Venus also gives them a healthy capacity to enjoy and love these as well. Venus is a temporal neutral for Aries lagna, and although Venus expects a lot from her partners, she will keep her end of any bargain. As a natural benefic, Venus gives luxury, comfort, and pleasure through possessions and members of the opposite sex.

Saturn as 10th and 11th Lord

Saturn is the Ram’s lone nature that prefers them to wander off and scale individual heights.

Saturn, as 10th and 11th lord, indicates a strong desire for status and success that serves to bolster any insecurity that the native may have. Saturn causes them to dislike any authority figures or groups that may be a threat to their individuality, and they tend to have difficult experiences with these as well.

These all contribute to making them happier when they work for themselves and maintain their independence. Saturn also prefers them to maintain some separation from the group, unless they are the authority figure in the group.

Saturn gives delays in success and status, which serve to humble the native along the way. Success and fame, however, may be lasting once earned.

Due to ruling the 11th house, Saturn becomes temporally malefic and may give great selfishness and coldness when it comes to the pursuit of status, career, income, honors, desires, etc. Since Saturn is also a natural malefic, it becomes the most malefic planet for Aries and causes separation and loss that is the result of ambition.


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