This text about Capricorn ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 8th House Lord

     The Sun is the Hinder Part of the Crocodile.

The Sun, as the 8th lord, indicates the working out of the Capricorn native’s previous karmas, the purification of their spirit, and developing detachment from that which they experience. The 8th house is said to represent the karmas of the past life, the Sun ruling this house shows that their previous karmas particularly create the Capricorn native’s identity.

The Sun, due to ruling the 8th house of vulnerability, also indicates a vulnerable personality. Due to ruling the 8th house, the Sun is a temporal neutral; those karmas of the past that have created the identity may have been the result of more malefic or more benefic tendencies. As a natural malefic, the Sun may separate the native from those things it influences that the native is required to break free from.

Moon as 7th House Lord

     The Moon is the face of the Deer.

The Moon, as the 7th lord, indicates that for the Capricorn native, relationships are need-centered. Due to ruling the 7th house, the Moon is a temporal neutral, and other factors influencing the Moon will determine whether the native will be selfish in the pursuit of these needs or balanced in their pursuit.

As a natural benefic, the bright Moon will give nurturing and growing qualities from, or with, a partner that will support the areas of life influenced by the Moon.

As a natural malefic, the dark Moon indicates a lack of growth to those areas it influences due to relationships and partnerships.

Mars as Lord of 4th and 11th Houses

     Mars is the aggressiveness of the Crocodile.

Mars, as the 4th and 11th lord, represents the Capricorn native’s aggressive nature in gaining security. Mars especially inclines them to gain landed properties, which very much makes them feel secure in the world. Mars inclines them to fight for land, ancestry, honor, and titles. Due to ruling the 11th house, Mars becomes a powerful temporal malefic that will selfishly fight its way to security and perceived happiness.

As a natural malefic, Mars will create struggles and oppositions to their desires due to their aggressiveness, a well as emotional unhappiness due to their strong ideas of what they need to be happy, which may prevent them from enjoying what is given to them.

Mercury as lord of 6th and 9th Houses

     Mercury is the goat’s fortune from carrying loads.

Mercury, as the 6th and 9th lord, and being the planet presided over by Vishnu, gives the Capricorn native for practicing karma yoga. The 6th house, being a upachaya (growing house), linked to the 9th house, indicates that the native’s fortune increase, through Mercury, as they fulfill their duties.

Due to ruling the 9th house, Mercury is a temporal benefic whose intent it is to do its work in a lawful manner, and as a natural benefic, Mercury gives the gift of practical skills and wisdom with which to make their fortunes.

Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 12th Houses

     Jupiter is the meekness of the Deer.

Jupiter, as the 3rd and 12th lord, represents the Capricorn native’s meekness in pursuing the desires that are not security issues.

Jupiter also represents those desires that are a source of loss and expense in one’s life, or the loss of those desires to generate spirituality in the native. Jupiter inclines the Capricorn native to undergo loss before seeking spiritually.

Due to the 3rd house lordship, Jupiter is a temporal malefic who has some egocentric desires. Still, its 12th house lordship causes these to come at a high price, which brings Jupiter’s spiritualizing nature to the surface.

As a natural benefic, Jupiter may give fulfillment for some time, but usually, this is expensive or not lasting since the 12th lord separates the native from those things it influences.

Venus as lord of 5th and 10th Houses

     Venus is the dignity of the goat.

Venus, as the 5th and 10th lord, gives a refined mentality that assists the Capricorn native in their career pursuits. Venus gives dignity and intelligence with which to do good deeds with resulting status and success. Venus gives the activities in life that the native’s good deeds have merited, as well as the performance of good deeds through which the native is acquiring merit.

The quality of Venus will indicate with what level of intelligence and understanding the native is operating under. Venus gives pride of position and dignity and ideally a career that the native loves and is proud of.

Due to the 5th house lordship, Venus becomes a temporal benefic, joined with the 10th house lordship Venus becomes a yogakaraka for the native, and as a natural benefic, Venus gives ease in accomplishment through diplomacy and good decisions.

Saturn as lord of 1st and 2nd Houses

     Saturn is the goat’s self-sufficiency.

Saturn, as the 1st and 2nd lord, gives the Capricorn native a personal attachment and identification with their resources and resourcefulness. This makes them very concerned with their material affairs and responsibilities, including their family. Saturn also creates a link between their diet and health.

Saturn indicates some insecurity about their self-worth, and as a delaying factor, usually indicates some delay before the native find their place in life and develops their resources. Due to ruling the lagna, Saturn becomes a temporal benefic which places the native in their proper place. As a natural malefic, Saturn may separate the native from those areas it affects due to the native’s responsibilities that only they can look after.

This text about Capricorn ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.


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