The Moon is the planet that represents our minds, our emotions, adaptability, and receptivity to love. Depending on the sign and placement of the Moon in your birth chart, you are open to what life and your lover want to give you – or not. What role does the Moon play in having satisfying relationships, especially for women? My colleague, astrologer Ryan Kurzak, and I discuss that topic in-depth in the video below.

The Moon is the most important planet in relationships, in many ways even more than Venus is, especially in women’s birth charts. We talk about the most difficult planetary combinations with the Moon like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Venus (yes, Venus!), and Mars.

These planets, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Venus, etc., have different agendas than the Moon. Each graha ‘looks’ in different directions than the Moon, and this affects you and your ability to be receptive to love. The ability to pay attention to your feelings, express those feelings, and to adapt is the Moon’s job in your birth chart.

There are remedies for hard planetary combinations with the Moon and Ryan and I talk about them too. You’re not doomed in love if you have any of these difficult combinations with your natal Moon!


VIDEO: How does the Moon affect your love relationships astrologically?