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VENUS in the Signs Based on Their Positions From Libra

This is NOT an article about the natural characteristics of Venus in the Signs! You will not have heard of these ideas before as it comes from very ancient writings.  How These Descriptions Are Determined A planet, in addition to being influenced by the Sign it is placed within, will ALSO give the effects of… Continue Reading


Taurus Sign: Stuff You Likely Haven’t Heard Before

If you have someone in your life who loves to feed you and enjoys the good things in life, that person is likely a Taurus Sun, Moon or Venus person. Neeshee Pandit and I talk about the sign of Taurus (VIDEOS BELOW) and reveal secrets about the sign you’ve probably never heard before. The season of… Continue Reading


Jupiter into Sagittarius: Major Manifesting Magic!

Here is your Jupiter into Sagittarius forecasts! You may be already feeling the major manifesting magic of Jupiter moving into Sagittarius. This once-a-year transit will begin on November 8th or 9th, depending on where you are in the world. Jupiter is one of the manifesting planets and in his home sign of Sagittarius, he is especially powerful. Jupiter &… Continue Reading


Forecast: Venus in Virgo, Relationships & the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

My husband and I spent our Sunday being amazed and repulsed by how much dirt and dog hair was still embedded in our carpet even after using our Hover vacuum cleaner. I mean, there was a LOT of dirt and dog hair still in there, it was truly mind boggling (and gross)! So, what does… Continue Reading


Monday Moon Message: The FULL Moon in Scorpio & the Critical 2nd House

The full Moon in Scorpio, as of today at 1:00 am, Greenwich, UK time, is the most important full Moon of the year for Libra rising sign (or Libra Sun, though it works better for Libra rising). This is because the full Moon is in the 2nd house from the ascendant for Libra rising. The… Continue Reading


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