The sign of leo in vedic astrologyThe sign of Leo in Vedic Astrology is a bit different than western modern astrology, but there are several commonalities too. In Vedic Astrology, the signs are the unconscious aspects of the divine. The planets are the conscious aspects of the divine, in fact, the planets are celestial beings.

In the sign of Leo, the celestial being of the Sun is fully expressed. The Sun’s steadfast and consistent nature can ‘shine through’ in the sign of Leo.

The Gift of Leo

If you have the Sun in Leo, your gift to the world is to demonstrate what it’s like to be fully in touch with the soul. The Sun in Leo is the sign of leadership and innate self-esteem.

Not all of the U.S. Presidents have had their Sun’s in the sign of Leo, but they all have had the Sun strongly emphasized in their birth charts. In order to be a ruler, president, or ‘King,’ the Sun has to be a ‘Self’ indicator in the chart.

VIDEOS Part 1 & 2 (BELOW) on the sign of Leo

The Sign of Leo

Neeshee Pandit and I continue our series on the signs in the VIDEOS below. In this two-part video series, we discuss the sign of Leo in depth. We discussed the points below, some about the modality of the signs in relationships, and more. (The mane of Leo too!)

The Symbol of LEO

The symbol for Leo is a lion (Simha). He is the ‘king’ of the jungle and resides in the woods. Because Leo is a warrior sign, he leads and protects his kingdom and will fight if necessary to maintain the safety of his pride. Here is the description of LEO from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

“The Lion, ruled by the Sun, is Sattva, four-footed, a Kshatriya, living in woods, front-rising, large limbed, violet, eastern and vigorous during the day.” – Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, 4 – Rasi Characteristics, 9-10

Leo Rules the Abdominal Cavity

The abdominal cavity is where the important organs of vitality and the strength of food reside. These are the stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Leo has a say in digestion but also symbolizes the personality strength of self-esteem and confidence.

The most cavernous organ that we are aware of on a daily basis, is the stomach. It is the hole we fill when we eat. In this way, Leo represents the desire to feel fulfilled and the capacity to feel fulfilled instead of empty when we live our lives in a dignified manner. Fulfilling work is accomplished through the Sun in our charts.

The Sun Rules Leo

The Sun is the planet that rules over the sign of Leo. All of the planets revolve around the Sun and he is the source of life on earth. Like the Sun, Leo is steadfast and consistent and likes to lead and protect. He is the planet with the vision with which to lead his people.

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LEO is a ‘Cruel’ Masculine Sign

Masculine signs are considered to be ‘cruel’ because they are harder and pushier, intent on getting things done. Leo has duties and responsibilities to fulfill, including the responsibility of getting others to perform their duties (management and leadership through inspiration). This fiery sign has little time for other lighter and more enjoyable activities.

LEO is of the Fire Element

The element relates to the mentality of the signs. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, the fire signs, are intuitively centered. Intuition is the direct ability to ‘know’ without any intermediary type of perception. Intuition also provides will, which is the result of knowing. The fire element of Leo intuits the divine self.

LEO is a Fixed Sign That Maintains and Manages

Leo is the sign that maintains the summer. The sign of Cancer begins the summer, but Leo maintains it. Summertime is when the Sun is the hottest and we all adjust our clothing, food, and lifestyle accordingly.

The days are longer and we want to be outdoors enjoying nature and the sunlight. Fixed signs are stable, create security, and are steadfast and slow to change. Leo represents the personal security of self-esteem and the stability that comes from taking pride and satisfaction in our life.

The Caste of LEO is Kshatriya (Warrior)

The Kshatriya caste is the caste that wants to lead and protect and Leo’s desire to lead and protect is because of his noble ideals.

If you want to see this in action, what the TV show Designated Survivor. It’s a little corny and sentimental, but it also shows how a person can become a leader. Everyone working in government in this show is trying to live up to noble ideals.

Kshatriyas are warriors and in government work, it’s a battle all day long to get things done because of the differing idealistic ideas amongst the team. The president is often under attack from his co-workers and competitors. You have to be a warrior, a Sun person, to be able to fight these constant battles and lead the people at the same time!

Black Lion Leo Sign

A beautiful black lion

LEO is Front-Rising & Day Strong

Day strong signs are strong during the day and are energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Leo is day strong and full of know-how.

Front-rising signs rise over the eastern horizon with their fronts first. Signs that are front-rising have an easy time bringing their tasks to concrete realization. Leo has the consistency and steadfastness that most things require.

LEO is Four-Footed

Four-footed signs are strong, powerful, and capable of carrying great burdens and carrying out great tasks. The four-footed signs, including Leo, are primarily interested in the 10th house matters of work and command. Leo and other four-footed signs are least interested in 4th house matters of emotion and psychology.

The Sun Rules Leo & the Color is Yellow

If you want a gemstone recommendation, you can inquire about this in a reading with me. The reason why Leo is the color yellow and not the color Violet is because of the extensive research and TESTING that Ernst Wilhellm, (my Vedic Astrology teacher) did on gemstones and gemstone remedies. I learned about it in one of the first courses I took with him many years ago. The name of the course is Gems, Jyotish and Minerals.


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