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The Sign of Libra & Why Libra is a Cruel Sign

Libra, man holding scalesThe sign of Libra seems sweet, light, and overly interested in relationships; however, LIBRA can be cruel too. Libra can make the best choices for itself, and that often means hurting someone’s feelings. If you’ve ever not been invited to a party or snubbed because you are not wealthy or influential, then you have felt the ‘cruel’ side of Libra.

The Gift of LIBRA

If you have planets in the sign of LIBRA, especially VENUS in Libra, your gift to the world is your ability to make the best choices in business and relationships. Whatever you truly desire, you find a way to get it, and you have much to teach others how to do the same.

VIDEOS Part 1 & 2 (BELOW) on the Sign of LIBRA

Neeshee Pandit and I continue our evergreen series on the signs in the VIDEOS below. In this two-part series, we discuss the sign of LIBRA in depth. We discuss characteristics of LIBRA listed here and more such as the Guna and the Dosha.

The Symbol of LIBRA

The symbol for Libra is the Scales. In particular, Scales held by a human. Here is the description of LIBRA from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

“Front rising, the Balance Scale is rich in vigour during the day, blue, endowed with Rajas, western, moving on land, killing/destroying, a Sudra, medium-bodied, two-footed and ruled by Venus.”

LIBRA Rules the Pelvic Triangle

Libra rules the pelvic triangle holding the bladder, the last portion of the large intestine, and the rectum, which begins on the top of the bladder and continues down to the anus. Libra represents the fused vertebrae of the sacrum also.

Libra, like Taurus, is about values. The bladder and rectum hold that which has no value to the body. However, the sacrum, Latin for sacred bone, symbolizes that which is most sacred or valuable, for which we are most willing to make sacrifices.

Libra, therefore, knows to let go of what is not desirable and to keep that which is valuable. This ability makes Libra the best business person (if you have the Ascendant in Libra, you have a natural talent for business) and capable of making the best business decisions.

Venus Rules LIBRA

Saturn is ‘exalted’ in the sign of Libra, and Venus is in his Moolatrikona sign here (Moolatrikona is a planets source of power). Venus rules two signs; Taurus, the feminine, and Libra, the masculine, expression of Venus. The sign of Libra can be cruel because it is the masculine expression of Venus.

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LIBRA is a ‘Cruel’ Male Sign

Masculine signs are considered to be cruel because they are interested in getting things done more than being and enjoying. Therefore, they are harder and pushier, even Venus-ruled Libra. Libra wants the best in life and won’t waste time with anything that interferes with their goals.

Difficult planetary combinations in Libra can indicate a person who desires whatever another has and will do whatever it takes to get it for themselves. 

LIBRA is of the Air Element

The air element is intellectually centered, the ability of the mind to arrive at understanding. Libra has the intellectual capacity to understand the worth and value of something and is aware of what it is acquiring, doing, or getting involved in.   

In horary astrology, if one is looking for a lost object, the air element indicates that the object represented by a planet in the sign of Libra is up on something like a shelf high up off the ground.

The Caste of LIBRA is Sudra

Caste is temperament (not social hierarchy), and Brihat Parashara considers LIBRA to be of the Sudra caste. Libra is passionate about pursuing the immediate fulfillment of its desires.

LIBRA is Day Strong and Front Rising

Day strong signs are vigorous during the day and get energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Front-rising signs rise over the eastern horizon with their fronts first. Signs that are front-rising have an easy time bringing their tasks to practical manifestation because they are full of know-how.

LIBRA has the skills and abilities with which to fulfill its duties. In Vedic astrology, the day strong and front rising characteristics are unique to the sign of Libra (though I read somewhere that traditional western astrology uses this concept too).

LIBRA is Two-Footed

The two-footed signs are adaptable, but not very strong; their strength is in their ability to adapt. Libra is a two-footed human holding the SCALES. The two-footed signs are especially interested in the first house matters of thinking and following one’s true nature and path.

Two-footed signs are least interested in the 7th house matters of maintaining partnerships, yet Venus, the planet of relationships, rules over Libra. Because of this, the partner for Libra has to be of social or economic benefit to the Libra native. Because the person we marry has a tremendous impact on the quality of our lives, this is a critical Libra trait. 

The Color of LIBRA is Green

The ‘color’ of Libra is Green, a vibrant emerald green. If you want to increase Libra energy in your life, wear green and paint walls green too. Libra rules my 10th house of career, for instance, so I wear green on the days I want to be more focused on my astrology business. 


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