Scorpio Svamsa and personal demons


The Svamsa* in the sign of Scorpio indicates loss, abandonment, and deprivation of mother’s milk. If you have any personal planets (Moon, Atmakaraka, or Ascendant) or Rahu in the sign of Scorpio in your main birth chart, you can experience these effects, too.

If your Atmakaraka* in your Navamsa (the Svamsa) is in the sign of Scorpio, spiritual growth is your life’s primary purpose. With Scorpio, tremendous spiritual growth is possible.

Remember that I’m talking only about one thing in a birth chart; there are always many factors to consider when determining a person’s purpose.

Here are several examples of how the deprivation of mother’s milk can be symbolically expressed from what clients have told me over the years.

Examples of Scorpio and the Deprivation of Mother’s Milk

Dark ocean water to symbolize the emotional depths of ScorpioA woman was born prematurely and had to stay in the hospital for the first four months of life. Bonding with Mom was difficult under those conditions.

One woman was born into a country at war, and her mother was too stressed out to be emotionally available.

A man’s mother had a nervous breakdown and went into a mental hospital for several months after divorcing his father. He and his siblings lived with their grandparents during that time.

Another man’s mother was so obsessed with her ex-husband, the man’s father, that she constantly talked about him in scathing and vile ways. She would do this no matter who else was present, including his girlfriend. His mother was always so angry that she couldn’t connect with her son. His parent’s divorce was extremely acrimonious, and he had a nervous breakdown when he was only three years old.

Another woman was the oldest of eight siblings; her mother worked, and her father was a long-distance truck driver gone for weeks or months. She was responsible for cooking, cleaning, and caring for her siblings. She couldn’t finish high school, and she caught her mother making out with her boyfriend!

Another client’s mother died in childbirth.

A woman was given up at birth and spent her infancy being cared for by nuns and with a foster mother.

Not getting breastfed, though this is literally ‘deprivation of mother’s milk,’ there can still be adequate nurturing in infancy. For a time, doctors in the 1960s (Dr. Spock) recommended that mothers not breastfeed their children!

Psychic Sensitivity, Water, Demons & Serpents

A snake symbolizes the spiritual transformation possible with Scorpio Svamsa
Scorpio Svamsa is exquisitely sensitive and can experience psychic disorders or be too aware of spiritual entities in their environment.

Demons and water are symbolic of internal demons and indicate emotional disorders at a higher-than-average rate.

However, snakes represent Scorpio’s spiritual potential as snakes symbolize the Kundalini energy that can bring enlightenment. Serpents are symbols of Lord Vishnu, which is yet another indication of the spiritual potential of Scorpio.

Why I Love My Scorpio Clients

I love all of my clients, but this is why I love my Scorpio Moon, Svamsa, Atmakaraka, Rahu, or Ascendant clients. I’ve noticed that they work tirelessly on healing, acquiring self-knowledge, and growing spiritually.

Once they start on the path to spiritual realization, they keep going even when it’s painful and frustrating and change is slow. They are fearless since Mars, the planet of courage, rules Scorpio. Theirs is an emotional and spiritual courage.

Remedies For Scorpio Issues

Scorpio Svamsa & serpents represent Kundalini energyEngage regularly in spiritual practices like meditation, journaling, and yoga, or join a spiritual community that you resonate with.

Don’t isolate yourself (Scorpions live in holes in the desert) to avoid the possibility of getting hurt. Decide how long you’ll engage with people, even if it’s only for very short periods.

Take time to find a therapist you fit with (it’s okay to interview therapists) because you deserve to have someone be truly present for you, someone trained to listen with their heart and not just with their head. Even if only for an hour a week.

Of course, your birth chart contains many answers for you, too, such as where you can find the most fulfillment, your talents, skills, and spiritual gifts. Every planet in your chart represents someone in your life, and the chart reveals which of these people you can potentially have the best relationships with.

*The Atmakaraka is your ‘essence,’ or soul planet. It also indicates career, talents, skills, and mental orientation to life. **The Svamsa is your Atmakaraka in the Navamsa (D9). To learn more about your Atmakaraka & Svamsa, get the Basic Life Consultation, the Your Great Work reading, or the audio course I did with my colleague Ryan Kurzcak of Asheville Vedic Astrology.