Jupiter is the natural or generic planet that represents the spouse in a woman’s birth chart. But, does Jupiter as the husband work if you are gay or lesbian? 

How to Figure Out if Jupiter Could be Your Husband

Does Jupiter as the Husband Work if You're Gay or Lesbian?In every relationship, there is one person who is predominately the masculine energy and one person who is mostly feminine energy. This is true whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight. There has to be a polarity to create attraction.

However, the great majority of my clients are straight so I haven’t done enough gay couple charts to be able to say with certainty that the same principles apply regarding Jupiter (and Venus as the wife for a man).

If you are a feminine-energy person, Jupiter could be the natural ruler of the husband for you. If you are the masculine energy partner, then Venus could be the natural indicator of wife for you. But like I said above, I don’t know for sure.

Jupiter & Venus As the Spouse-Producer (DK) Planets

Your Spouse-Producer planet, the Darakaraka (DK), could be Jupiter, even if you are the masculine energy person. In that case, your feminine energy partner will have a Jupitarian personality and outlook on life.

If you are a woman, your DK could be Venus, or the other feminine-energy planet, the Moon. This means your partner will be interested in the significations of Venus or the Moon and exhibit some feminine qualities.

EXAMPLE of  Venus and the Moon as the Spouse-Producer Planets:

For instance, I’m a straight woman, but Venus is my DK, and the Moon rules the 7th house of the partner in my birth chart. The Moon and Venus are the two feminine-energy planets!

My first husband had the Sun and Jupiter together in the sign of Cancer in the first house. (Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the Moon is my 7th house ruler). His “Self-Producer” (Atmakaraka) planet was Venus, the same planet as my “Spouse-Producer” (Darakaraka).

My current husband’s Atmakaraka is Saturn but influenced (aspected) by Venus, so he too fits my Venus Darakaraka. His ascendant ruler, Jupiter, is with the Moon. The Ascendant ruler is a “Self” factor so my current husband’s ascendant ruler being with the Moon fits my 7th house ruler the Moon.

Both of my husbands were, and are, both quite masculine men, but also have “feminine” qualities. My first husband liked to sew and crochet (he was an advanced martial artist, something I consider to be warrior-masculine, so I was quite surprised he owned a sewing machine).

My current husband doesn’t mind doing the dishes (thank God!) or grocery shopping, and he is interested in the arts such as the visual arts, movies, plays, music., etc (Venus things). Yet he also has a Great Fortune Yoga consisting of the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon all in masculine signs.

So, as you can see, there are different ways the spouse can manifest astrologically in your life. If you have the birth charts of your exes you could have fun seeing how they fit the partner planets in your natal chart.

The Darakaraka (DK) is the SPECIFIC Planet for the Spouse

The DK is the specific planet for your spouse, and that planet has the most say in what your partner is like, more than Jupiter or Venus alone (unless they are the DK planet, of course). Jupiter as the husband is the natural, or generic, ruler for a woman, and Venus as the wife is the natural, or generic, for a man. But you could have ANY planet be your Darakaraka planet.

These are the partner factors in your birth chart:

  • The Darakaraka planet (the planet at the lowest degree in any sign)
  • The  7th house ruler and the planets with the 7th house ruler have an influence too
  • In the Navamsa (D9), the 7th sign & planets from the Atmakaraka
  • Possibly Jupiter for the predominant feminine-energy partner
  • Possibly Venus for the predominant masculine-energy partner

As you can see, several factors determine and describe the spouse in your birth chart, whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight! Jupiter could be your spouse planet, but so could any other planet.


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