You’ve probably seen a lot of videos using the Vedic Compatibility Technique, which is one of the best compatibility techniques I’ve ever studied, whether Eastern or Western. But here I just want to show you some very interesting similarities and symmetries between the charts of this couple that doesn’t involve the Vedic Compatibility Technique.

They’ve been together for a while, they’ve been married since 2020. They have a 3-year-old son, and they get along quite well even though they have some ‘blemishes’ in their Vedic Compatibility.

But I think the following symmetries and similarities between their charts may help make up for some of those blemishes. I don’t know that for sure, but these chart similarities are unusual enough that I thought I would share them with you.

Similarities between couple's charts. Couple #1_D1 Birth charts

The man’s chart is on the left and the woman’s chart is on the right.

Eight (8) Symmetries and Similarities Between This Couple’s Charts

1. They both have Venus-ruled descendants. His is Libra, and hers is Taurus.

2. The lord of Libra, Venus, is in Scorpio, the feminine expression of Mars. Her Venus is in Aries, the masculine expression of Mars. So his Venus-ruled ascendant is Libra, the masculine expression of Venus, and hers is Taurus, the feminine expression of Venus.

**I’m using KALA software, in case you’re wondering.**

The Same Atmakaraka and Darakaraka is Major Similarity

Chara Karakas: Each planet in the chart is responsible for producing a particular person in your life, including yourself and your spouse. These planets are called Chara Karakas (Karaka is one of the names for the planets and it means ‘producer’).

3.  Well, his Atmakaraka, Self-Producer planet (AK), is Mars, and her Atmakaraka, Self-Producer planet (AK) is also Mars.

4. His Darakaraka, the Spouse-Producer planet (DK), is the Moon, and her Darakaraka, the Spouse-Producer planet (DK), is also the Moon.

Four (4) Same ‘Mirrors’ Between Couple’s Charts

5. His AK Mars is in Sagittarius, and her AK Mars is in Gemini. So they’re on an axis; they’re opposite each other.

6. They both have the Moon in the 5th house, the spouse planet (DK). His is in Aquarius, and hers is in Virgo. From the 5th house, the Moon aspects the ascendant. They could ‘see’ the Darakaraka Moon in each other because that planet aspects the ascendant, the body.

7. They both have the Sun and Mercury in the ascendant, his is in Libra and hers is in Taurus.

8. They both have Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all in masculine or feminine signs, and he has a Great Fortune Yoga. For a man, a Great Fortune Yoga is formed when he was born during the day, and the ascendant,  Sun, and Moon are in masculine energy signs. In this relationship, the man has this yoga.

A Great Fortune Yoga is formed for a woman when she is born at night and the Sun, ascendant, and Moon are all in feminine energy signs. The woman in this relationship doesn’t have the Great Fortune Yoga because she wasn’t born at night, but she still has the Sun, Ascendant, and Moon all in feminine energy signs, which mirrors his chart.

One (1) Similarity & One (1) Symmetry Between Their Marriage Charts

Similarities between couple's charts. Couple #1_D9 Marriage charts

  1. Another interesting similarity between the charts of this couple, is in their Navamsas (D9), the marriage charts, Venus is in the sign of Virgo. That’s significant because Venus is the most important planet in the D9.

In the sign of Virgo, Venus is considered to be debilitated, but as you can see, it didn’t prevent them from getting married.

2. Also, I didn’t notice this when I did the video but noticed it when I made the graphic above for this post. Their Moons in their D9 charts are both ruled by Venus and they are ‘mirrors’ in another way by rasi-aspecting each other (the moveable sign Libra rasi, or sign, aspects the fixed sign of Taurus).  

That’s it for today, I just wanted to show you the very interesting similarities and symmetries happening here between this married couple’s birth charts.


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