This text about Pisces ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 6th Lord

     The Sun, as the 6th lord, represents the physical karmas the Pisces native have still to perform before transcending to another level of evolution.

The Sun also represents the physical attachments that the native must learn to utilize for their spiritual benefit rather than for their material wellbeing or pleasure. The difficulties caused by the 6th house being greater than any pleasure gained motivate the native to do this.

Due to ruling the 6th house, the Sun is a temporal malefic and indicates any character weaknesses that can disturb those areas it influences. At best the Sun can be utilized to put their bodies to work for them spiritually as karma yogis.

Moon as 5th Lord

     The Moon is the ocean the fish peer through.

The Moon, as the 5th house lord, gives the Pisces native an intuitive, imaginative, receptive and sensitive mentality, and the ability to discriminate through feeling. As the 5th lord, the Moon is a great temporal benefic and gives luck, intelligence, and a devotional mind.

As a natural benefic, the bright Moon gives luck, intelligence, and creativity that quickly allows things to grow and flower under their touch. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon indicates a lack of growth and creativity with those areas it influences due to the native not putting their mind into these things because they do not expect their needs to be met by them.

Mars as 2nd and 9th Lord

     Mars is the divine fisherman’s sharp lure.

Mars, as the 2nd and 9th lord, is the Pisces native’s spiritual values and a planet of wealth and fortune. Mars gives strength that stems from one’s beliefs and the native is inclined to fight for family, ideals, religion, honor of their name, and possessions.

Due to ruling the 9th house, Mars becomes a temporal benefic planet and gives the fortune and grace that protects their material wellbeing during times of struggle. As a natural malefic, Mars may cause conflict and opposition due to their beliefs, which may be outspoken.

Mercury as 4th and 7th Lord

     Mercury is the Fishes’ ability to communicate underwater.

Mercury, as the 4th and 7th lord, is the happiness the Pisces native is capable of enjoying with partners, due to the practical understanding of other’s feelings and psychology. Mercury gives the native the capacity for verbal intimacy with their partners. Esoterically, Mercury gives breathing exercises that develop concentration.

Due to ruling two angles, Mercury is a temporal neutral for the Pisces native and other factors influencing Mercury will determine whether their pursuit of happiness and partnerships is more self-centered or balanced.

Jupiter as 1st and 10th Lord

Jupiter is the ripple of Fishes activities.

Jupiter, as the 1st and 10th lord, creates a link between the nature and position of the native and their karmas. Their karmas are very much responsible for the self that is being created and expressed. Jupiter also inclines them towards some noble career pursuit in which they may personally shine.

Due to ruling the lagna, Jupiter is a temporal benefic. As a natural benefic, Jupiter gives expansion and fortune that is the result of the native’s good actions, generosity, and virtue.

Venus as 3rd and 8th Lord

     Venus is the Fishes’ endless swimming, necessary to oxygenate their gills.

Venus, as the 3rd and 8th lord, represents the purification and transformation of the Pisces native’s desires. Due to ruling the 3rd house, Venus becomes a temporal malefic intent on fulfilling its desires, though it does so irregularly, or with some suffering, due to the 8th house lordship. Through this, the native learns to detach from and purify their desire nature. As a natural benefic, Venus gives talent that serves them well, but again irregularly.

Saturn as 11th and 12th Lord

     Saturn is the Two Fish Swimming in Opposite Directions.

Ruling the 11th house of gains and the 12th house of loss, Saturn gives the Pisces native a dilemma regarding surrender, what to hold onto, and what to let go of. Pisces is the sign of resolution and it is Saturn who determines what is being resolved. What is gained, is gained in order to resolve the karmas pertaining to it, and then it is lost.

Since the Moolatrikona position of Saturn is the 12th house, the house of loss, more is generally lost than gained. Saturn ruling these two very different houses create crises at times that require surrender. Though a cycle is coming to a close through Pisces, the ego, in its last effort, tries to hold onto what it knows and may have difficulty letting go.

The 11th house is the 12th house from the 12th, so it has some similar qualities as the 12th house and it specifically indicates the ability to enjoy what one has gained with a detachment in order to bring about completion and liberation. This is the best Saturn has to offer the Pisces native.

Due to ruling the 11th house, Saturn becomes a temporal malefic that may selfishly hold onto what it has gained out of fear of loss, and as a natural malefic, and the planet of loss ruling the house of loss, Saturn may give great losses and separation.


The Sign of Pisces in Vedic Astrology

This text about Pisces ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.