This text about LIBRA ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Sun as 11th Lord

     The Sun is the Gold in the Scale.

The Sun, as the 11th lord, is what the Libra native desires to gain in this life. As the 11th lord, the Sun is a temporal malefic and indicates those desires the native thinks he is in most need of fulfilling and which he may pursue to the exclusion of all else. Ultimately what they hope to gain is the self, but first, they must trample through a world of desires.

As a natural malefic, the Sun may separate the native from the areas it affects due to other more desirable goals.

Moon as 10th Lord

     The Moon is the Bazaar.

The Moon, as the 10th lord, inclines the Libra native towards a career that is somehow of social benefit. The Moon also gives a changeable profession that has the flexibility to change as the times and needs change. The career life is generally comforting to the native, although, if the Moon is afflicted it may indicate imbalances in their work, burn out, workaholic, etc.

As an angular lord, the Moon is temporally neutral and other factors influencing the Moon will determine the manner in which the native fulfills their career objectives. As a natural benefic, the bright Moon is a performer of good karmas that allows for the flowering of those areas it influences.

As a natural malefic, the dark Moon causes the native’s actions and to lack the care necessary to maintain or produce those things the Moon is influencing, as well as indicating that the career may drain other areas of life that the Moon is influencing.

Mars as 2nd and 7th Lord

     Mars is the Merchant’s possessions, which others consider valuable.

Mars, as the 2nd and 7th lord, inclines the Libra native to be possessive of their partners, but not necessarily in a negative way, and the linkage of the 2nd and 7th houses is good for marriage. Mars gives passionate tastes and shows that wealth may come from partnerships or after marriage.

In any case, Mars inclines the native towards productive partnerships, whether romantic or business in origin. Mars is temporally neutral and other factors influencing Mars will indicate whether the native’s pursuits in relationships and wealth are achieved in a more self-centered manner or in a nobler manner.

Mercury as 9th and 12th Lord

     Mercury is the priceless, exotic, and rare items the Merchant has for sale.

Mercury, as the 9th and 12th lord, indicates spiritual knowledge and practical faith that understands the benefits of surrender when necessary. Mercury also gives the talent for foreign commerce.

Due to its 9th house lordship, Mercury is a temporal benefic and gives the wisdom and discrimination to know what to hold onto and what to let go of. As a natural benefic, Mercury gives skills and intelligence with which to make their fortunes.

Jupiter as 3rd and 6th Lord

     Jupiter is the Merchant’s increase in profits.

Jupiter, as the 3rd and 6th lord, ruling two upachayas and as a planet of wealth, may give an increase of wealth throughout life. Due to ruling the 3rd and 6th house, Jupiter is a temporal malefic and reveals a selfish desire towards those things it influences, but as a natural benefic, and a noble one at that, one will not pursue these unscrupulously.

Bhavartha Ratnakara states that for Libra lagna, Jupiter creates a raja yoga. Why is not said, but this small classic is full of unusual gems that work in actual practice so we should not judge Jupiter to harshly for the Libra native and even though it rules two evil houses it may give upliftment in life.

As a natural benefic, Jupiter ruling these two houses of strength and effort gives a peaceful and not forceful nature and its 6th house lordship gives forgiveness, not enmity. Jupiter, being a natural benefic, also gives fulfillment in the areas it influences, but largely through work and effort.

Venus as 1st and 8th Lord

     Venus is the Man in the Bazaar.

Venus, as the 1st and 8th lord, indicates that the native will undergo radical changes in life as they find themselves on a deeper level. These will largely be due to desires awakened in the heart through Venus. Venus also gives an attachment and identification with other’s resources. As the lagna lord, Venus is a temporal benefic, which, through diplomacy and worldly wisdom, finds the native a place in life.

The 8th house lordship, however, makes this somewhat unstable, but then Libra is a moveable rasi, and changes are indicated in life. Being a natural benefic as well, Venus gives comfort and happiness with the areas it is influencing, but again the 8th house lordship gives this an element of the unexpected.

Saturn as 4th and 5th Lord

     Saturn is the Scale.

Saturn, as the 4th and 5th lord, becomes a yogakaraka by ruling an angle as well as a trine and the best temporal benefic for the Libra native. Saturn gives a very practical, intelligent mindset, patience, and a cold, analytical, and discriminative mind when needed. Saturn gives the mental balance and poise to make correct decisions, but this is a skill that is learned throughout life; it can be said that Libra knows how to learn from their errors.

Linking the 4th house of the inner mind and feelings with the 5th house of intelligence, Saturn becomes capable of creating a very balanced mentality, but only after one has conquered fear and insecurity. Saturn as well gives the dignity appreciated by the common man, which makes them qualified for public office.

As a natural malefic, Saturn may serve to separate one from the areas it influences due to a greater need for long term happiness or one’s long term highest good.


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This text about LIBRA ascendant, lagna, or rising, and the nature of the house lords, is written by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, and taken from his software Kala Vedic Astrology Software.