I started feeding the crows on Saturdays, several years ago, to “strengthen” Saturn’s function in my life. I’ve done other kinds of Saturn remedies too, but feeding the crows is my favorite Saturn (and Rahu) remedy.

Saturn’s function in our lives is to help us to develop long-term stability and focus, to persevere in the face of delays and obstacles, and to endure the kind of pain that is beyond our ability to control.

When Saturn is strong, we can work for long periods in isolation to complete something of long-term value, and we’re willing to do all the annoying, tedious stuff involved in any successful project.

When first Vedic astrologer I ever went to recommended that I feed the crows to help Saturn take care of Saturn’s significations in my life, I thought he was kidding.

Saturn rules Saturday

But no, he said feeding birds, different foods on different days of the week, support the planets. Each day of the week corresponds to one of the traditional seven planets, and as you’ve figured out, Saturn rules Saturday. I was intrigued by this unusual idea, so I started to feed the crows on Saturdays.

The concept is that when the crows seem to trust you (they’re too smart to trust humans easily), then you’ll know you’ve gained the favor of Saturn. Feeding the crows is also a way of developing a relationship with Saturn and what Saturn represents. Feeding the crows strengthens the Saturn function within your psyche.

Being someone who starts (too many) projects with enthusiasm, but often doesn’t finish them, this seemed like a fun way to develop more discipline and focus. If it’s fun, I’m interested 🙂

For a couple of years, my husband and I fed the crows on the front lawn of our house. After a month, we noticed that the crows were sitting on the telephone wires waiting for us on Saturday morning.

The amazing thing was, they didn’t line up and wait for us every day, but only on Saturdays! At first, we just threw out plain bread heels and sometimes other leftovers. But we were so delighted that they were smart enough to know when it was Saturday, that we started to spoil them a little.

A Menu for Crows

We added peanut butter, honey, and sunflowers seeds to the bread heels. My husband figured out that they didn’t like the typical birdseed used to feed birds because the seeds were too small for their larger beaks.

We also discovered that they love dried cat food, but that dried dog food pieces are too large for them to eat comfortably.

After a time of feeding and watching them, we noticed their personalities and how they looked at different life stages; the adolescents are shinier and sleeker, and smaller, of course, than the adults.

We have never seen any of their babies, nor did we go looking for their nests because we didn’t want to threaten the bond we seemed to be developing with them.

What Happened When We Stopped

Two years later, we had to move. We only moved down the street and around the corner to an apartment building. We stopped feeding them because several children played on the lawn inside the apartment complex. We never saw the crows walking around or foraging on that lawn.

I felt terrible, though, especially when they seemed to follow my car everywhere I went. For a while, every time I got in or out of my car, whether I was at the local grocery store, or 23 miles away in the parking lot of my job, the crows were right there cawing and squawking at me. Just like they were giving me a good scolding.

I thought it could have been my imagination, but they stopped following and scolding me after about two months. I noticed and was relieved when they stopped, but I continued to feel bad about not being able to feed them anymore.

About eight months after moving to the apartment building, we decided to see if they would come down to the lawn area and eat if we left food out for them.

They Come Back

It took about four months, but we started to see them cautiously (caution is a Saturn quality) hopping on the grass, inspecting, and then eating the food we left out for them.


It’s such a simple thing, requiring nothing more from us than putting out food out for them every Friday night after midnight. Still, when we saw them once again eating the food, we were as delighted as if we had spotted unicorns.

One day, I was sitting in my home office, and I noticed a crow kept flying close to the window, squawking his head off. There was no window sill he could alight on, so he just kept flying by as close as he could.

I realized that we had forgotten to leave food out for them the night before as usual (there had been some recent changes to our schedules that threw everything off).

The crows knew who was feeding them and what apartment we lived in, even though it was always dark when we left out the food. Even more incredible is that they knew what room I worked in! Mind you; my office was in the back of the apartment. These are intelligent birds, did I mention that?

Not Exactly Bird-Brains

Check out this video about the intelligence of crows:

Ravens and crows – the most intelligent birds in the world

Here is another documentary video on crows too. In this video, we see that crows can remember faces for a long time:  Crows Smarter Than You Think

Why Does Saturn & Rahu Rule Crows?

Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is the inventor. He represents the far future and developing technologies in every field. Crows are inventors, and they can make and use tools in intelligent and unexpected ways (see videos above).

They are also often seen as harbingers of something hard coming in the future. Feeding the crows when you are in a Rahu time period will help you with that turbulent Rahu energy.

Saturn rules crows because they are scavenger birds, they eat nearly everything including other dead animals. Crows are usually black in color and are associated with death in many cultures (probably because they are carrion birds). Saturn is the natural planet of death.

Who Can Benefit From Feeding the Crows

Well, anyone can, but especially if Saturn:
  • rules your Ascendant (Capricorn or Aquarius rising)
  • is afflicting your Moon (Saturn with, or aspecting, the Moon)
  • is in weak dignity (Saturn in the signs of Aries, Leo, or Cancer)
  • rules your current Dasa or Bhukti periods
  • is afflicted by being with Rahu, Ketu, or Mars
  • Saturn is transiting your Moon sign or the sign before and after
    your Moon
  • is transiting over your Ascendant
Ashtakavarga, the Vedic transit technique, can also reveal in what sign or signs Saturn is narrowing your path and you’re not enjoying it (haha! you know what I mean). When Saturn is transiting those signs, Saturn remedies are helpful, and feeding the crows is one of the more rewarding!