You’ve probably seen videos and articles using the Vedic Compatibility Technique, one of the best compatibility techniques in existence, whether Eastern or Western. But here, I want to show you some fascinating similarities and symmetries between couples charts that don’t involve the Vedic Compatibility Technique.

This is a continuation of my series on this topic. Here, I’ll show you seven (7) connections between couple #2’s charts. Even their names, Mira and Maria, start with the same sound! 

This couple has one striking similarity among all three relationship charts. I’ll explain how part of that striking connection caused a serious problem and how they resolved it.

Seven (7) Similarities & Symmetries Between Couple #2 Charts

Chara Karakas: Each planet in the chart is responsible for producing a particular person in your life, including yourself and your spouse. These planets are called Chara Karakas (Karaka is one of the names for the planets, and it means ‘producer’). The planet that produced you is called the Atmakaraka (AK), and the planet that produced your spouse is called the Darakaraka (DK).

Similarities & Symmetries Between Couple's Charts #2

1. Both have their Atmakaraka (AK) planets in Aquarius. Mira’s AK is Mars, and Maria’s AK is the Sun. Their AK planets are different but have the same humanitarian Aquarian outlook.

2. Both have Jupiter as the DK spouse producer planet.

3. Maria’s Jupiter is in Leo, the same sign as Mira’s Ascendant (the box with the diagonal line through it is the ascendant). His Jupiter DK is in Capricorn, corresponding to Maria’s Venus, the only angular planet in her birth chart.

They both want the same Jupiterian things from their partner, such as someone who is creative and shares their wisdom, knowledge, and philosophical ideas with each other.

The Number 19 Connected to Rahu 19-year Cycle

Both have Rahu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces, which means they are both Karma Yogis. Much of their spiritual evolution is through work and detachment from the fruits of the work. This is unusual because of their age difference. If they were the same age, Rahu and Ketu in the same sign wouldn’t be unique.

Rahu and Ketu take approximately 19 years to transit through the zodiac. Mira and Maria have a 19-year age difference. When they met, Rahu was in Aries, and it’s there again 19 years later, which means their relationship is beginning a new 19-year cycle starting now when I made this video.

4. His Moon is conjunct with Mars, and Mars rules her Moon.

5. Both have Mercury in Pisces with Ketu and are in the Mercury Dasa simultaneously.

The most intriguing similarity between this couple’s charts is with Mars.

Mars As a Relationship Planet

Similarities & Symmetries Between Couple's Charts #2

6. In the D1, the main birth chart, they both have Mars in Aquarius (Maria has Mars with her AK, the Sun, in Aquarius in the red circle above).

Similarities & Symmetries Between Couples Charts, #2. The D9 marriage chart.

7. In the D9, the navamsa, or marriage chart, both have Mars in Aries, indicating they can compromise well.

Similarities & Symmetries Between Couple's Charts, #2. The Saptamsa, D7, chart showing Mars in the same troublesome sign of Cancer.

8. In the D7, the chart of relationships in general, our sex life, and children, they both have Mars debilitated in Cancer. They don’t have any children, and Mars here caused problems in the sexual aspect of their relationship.

The D7 refers to long-term relationships without legal marriage and relationships in general. Maria told me that they would often be low-energy slugs together. Eventually, this extended to their sex life, and that stopped for a while. I mentioned that if Mars is debilitated in the D7 chart for a man, it could mean he has low testosterone.

He went to the doctor to be tested; sure enough, he was low. He’s been treated for that, and now their sex life is back to normal. They are much happier now!

Mars is Dominant in Their Relationship 

As you can see from the above, Mars is an essential planet in their relationship. Mar rules over wolves, so I chose a wolf pair to represent them in the video thumbnail. Mira’s in construction, which is a Mars profession, and Maria’s not in a Mars profession, but Mars rules her Ascendant, which is aspected by Mars, Mars rules her Moon, and Mars is with her AK.

Mars People Are Very Independent

Even though they have an exclusive relationship and spend much time together, they also maintain separate homes. This could change in their next 19-year Rahu/Ketu cycle together, but this is how it’s been so far, and it works well for them.


Similarities & Symmetries Between Couples Chart #1

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