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Mercury, the Planet – who and what Mercury produces in our lives. All articles about Mercury. Mercury is the manifestor, the manager, the Prince, he rules friends, relatives, business partners, business, details, discrimination & discernment, and all types of skills. He is a neuter planet and takes on the gentle or cruel nature of the planet he is with acting as an apprentice. Any planet he aspects is helped by him, and he is an important planet in manifesting any house in the birth chart and the varga charts. Mercury rules the earth element in Vedic Astrology (he is exalted in Virgo, an earth sign).

Video: Mercury in Love -Fun & Friendship-What if Mercury is Too Dominant or Too Weak?

Mercury makes everything better, including romantic love relationships. Usually. Sometimes, however, if Mercury is too strong in certain ways, it can mean that you are always the “friend” instead of the “beloved.”

Yet, if Mercury isn’t strong enough, then you can spend too much energy on the “passion” in the relationship which can shorten it and make it far less fun. 

In this video, Ryan and I discuss this and more about Mercury in love relationships. We are business friends (Mercury rules business & friendship), so we tend to have a lot of fun when we work together. I hope you enjoy it too and learn something helpful about the role Mercury plays in your own love life…

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Mercury Rx in Taurus Can Bring Reunions & Apologies, Except for Some Moon Signs

Mercury is retrograde (Rx) in the sign of Taurus right now. It is “combust” the Sun, which means that it is hidden from sight because the bright light of the Sun blots out any planet near it. If you have someone who has recently “returned” to your life, there may be something that you can’t… Continue Reading


Why Mercury Rx Doesn’t Affect Everyone the Same Way. Forecasts for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Mercury Retrograde (Rx) periods happen four times a year lasting approximately three weeks each time. Have you noticed that Mercury Rx doesn’t affect everyone the same way? Some people are more affected than others, some are not affected at all, and yet others say it was a very good time period for them! Furthermore, some… Continue Reading


FORECAST: “Will My Ex Come Back To Me? ” & Slippery Mercury Rx

Mercury has been retrograde in his own sign of Gemini since May 19th and during that time several clients have asked me some version of this question: “Will we get back together?” So far, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) the answer has been “No,” but Mercury Retrograde (Rx) always brings questions like this to astrologers who… Continue Reading


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