Your PERSONAL “Mercury-Retrograde-Like” Periods & How to Tame The Chaos

Remember I said in a previous article that Mercury Retrograde doesn’t affect everyone the same way at the same time?

Well, whether you read my previous articles on Mercury or not, there are other times that Mercury can cause you to have “Mercury-retrograde-like” experiences, even when Mercury is NOT retrograde. These times are when transiting Mercury is in one of the five unfavorable positions from your birth Moon sign.

I’m in one of those “unfavorable” periods right now. My Moon sign (in my birth chart) is Pisces, and transiting Mercury is now in it’s exaltation sign of Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are opposite each other in the Zodiac, so that means that Mercury is the 7th sign from my natal Moon.

The 1/7 position is often one of opposition and conflict, literally like being on opposite sides of an issue or a debate. The other four unfavorable positions are when Mercury is in the 1st place as your natal Moon (which means Mercury and your natal Moon are in the same sign), in the 5th, 9th and 12th signs from your natal Moon sign, (counting in a counterclockwise direction, starting from your natal Moon sign).

Computer Problems

People trying to email me were getting their emails bounced back, so I had to contact AT&T (love those phone trees and several transfers), but they said there was nothing wrong. Sigh. Obviously, that wasn’t true, so I contacted my website service provider to see what they could tell me.

Turns out my mailbox size was set too small, so the very helpful person at Go-Daddy simply set it to a much larger size (for no extra charge).

It was time-consuming and tedious, but I did learn something that will save me trouble in the future. Did you know that you have to delete emails from the SERVER and not just from your mailbox if your mailbox is too full? I didn’t (and apparently, neither did the guy at AT&T, even though it’s their server).

Well, I tried to delete emails from the server, but it takes about 10 minutes for one email to be deleted! You know what that means, don’t you? I have to call AT&T again. Luckily, Mercury will go into the sign of Libra on 9/26/11, the 8th sign from Pisces, a MUCH more favorable place. I’ll call them then.

Massive Overwhelm

When Mercury went into Virgo, it seemed I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed by the details of life; all the things I have on my To-Do list, and tons of follow-up stuff. Oftentimes a feeling of panic would well up inside of me making me want to throw things, scream, or just go lay down
for a while (tip: stepping away for short periods of time helps more than throwing things).


Then there are the misunderstandings between my husband and I, that turn out to be NOTHING once we get to the bottom of it, but when it’s going on, I feel really helpless and remarkably like a two-year-old just before she throws herself to the ground, kicking and screaming in frustration (no, I haven’t actually done that).

Other Moon Signs Affected

Does any of this sound familiar? We all experience these types of frustrations at some time during the year. Right now, Pisces Moon people are not alone on this bumpy ride while Mercury is in Virgo. People with these Moon signs are experiencing it too (if you don’t know your Moon sign, find out by using my free chart calculator):

VIRGO Moon Signs
TAURUS Moon Signs
LIBRA Moon Signs

Libra Moon people will continue to have issues during Mercury’s transit through Libra, so this next part about remedies is especially important for you.

Mercury Mantras

I decided to do Mercury mantras because of my impaired ability to manifest things like money, order, simplicity, and mastery of the details involved in my projects, not only during the current transit, but because Mercury is “weak” in my birth chart and I always have some degree of difficulty with Mercury things. (If you haven’t read my three previous articles about Mercury’s job of managing, manifesting, and making money for you, then you can read them on this page, just look to the left for titles with the word Mercury in them).

The best time to start the Mercury Mantras was yesterday (according to my Muhurta Report), and I felt soothed and relaxed after reciting them (I’ll let you know how my Mercury abilities improve).

Very Simple Tai Chi Exercise to Increase Money & Prosperity

A delightful British man, known as The Barefoot Doctor, generously created a free video demonstrating a simple Tai Chi exercise for increasing prosperity. It’s very easy, and I especially enjoy the brief visualization at the end of the exercise. It strengthens the “spleen” (or Earth) energy in your body and helps you to manifest abundance (a Mercury function). If you are concerned about your finances, try it for three days or longer and see what happens.

Oh, What A Relief It Is!

To reduce my feelings of overwhelm, I decided to unsubscribe from “Interesting, but Irrelevant” newsletters that don’t help me with what I’m doing in my life RIGHT NOW.

I have a tendency to try to “learn ahead” by downloading free PDF reports, subscribing to newsletters, buying educational products, signing up for free tele-classes, and browsing websites about things that I plan to be doing EVENTUALLY.

It’s embarrassing how many free tele-seminar MP3’s, educational products, PDF reports, and newsletters I’ve collected over the past three years or so that I STILL haven’t read, listened to, or studied! Yet they are still “pulling” on me energetically, because I have them on my mental “To Do” list.

After unsubscribing from about 12 newsletters, tucking my MP3’s and PDF’s in folders out of sight, I feel wonderfully clear-headed and calm! The reality is that when I need the information, not only will it be available then, but it will be current. Mercury transiting an unfavorable position from my natal Moon really pointed this out to me, so I could adapt (Moon) to the demands of my environment in a more efficient (Mercury) way.

It’s Good MORE Than 50% of the Time

Seven times a year, everyone’s Moon Sign gets to be in a FAVORABLE position from transiting Mercury, while there are only five unfavorable positions (Moon signs currently in a favorable position from transiting Mercury in Virgo are: LEO, CANCER, GEMINI, ARIES, AQUARIUS, SAGITTARIUS, and SCORPIO).

Mercury is a relatively fast moving planet, typically staying in a sign for an average of 18 days. When it is in it’s apparent Retrograde motion, of course, it stays in a sign longer than that (it was in the sign of Leo for a total of 59 days this year), but Mercury goes retrograde only three times
a year.

What we can learn about ourselves, and the subsequent positive changes we make, during these “inauspicious” times are invaluable, and are much longer-lasting than ALL of Mercury’s transits.

To learn more about your Moon/Mercury cycles, the transit effects of the other planets to your natal Moon, or anything else, contact me for a reading!


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