“Will You Profit from Taking the Course, or Training?” Horary Astrology Answers This Question

You may be thinking of furthering your education in one way or the other to increase your salary, change your career, or get a job.

Any education that furthers your skills, talents, abilities are usually good, but what if you choose the wrong class, at the wrong time, or one that ends up costing you more in time, money and energy than it’s worth?

For many of us, our time and money are limited enough that we have to be very careful about what we spend it on, so, there has to be a high “rate of return” to make it worth it.

There Are SO Many Great Classes

As a self-employed person, there are many, many classes, coaching programs, and products I could buy to increase my ability to make more money, attract the best clients, and have more free time. So many of them are as alluring to me as a shiny bit of bait is to a hungry fish!

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was expressing regret that she had paid for a course that was going to be running at the same time she was involved in another professional training situation (my friend has a packed schedule and is juggling a staggering amount of responsibilities).

Being an astrologer, naturally I suggested that she ask a Horary question the next time she was tempted to sign up for a course in the future to see first if it would actually pay off for her (a Horary chart is based on the time and date that you ask a question, not your personal birth data).

Then I realized that I could do the same for myself. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier! It’s funny, but many astrologers seldom use their astrological skills for themselves, and like all other humans, we like to think that because we want it so bad, it must be a good idea.

Plus, some of us have an excess of Jupiter energy (Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism), so we think we can do it all too.

Reality Check

Very soon after the conversation with my friend mentioned above (another Jupiter-type person), two very juicy business courses came to my attention.

This time, however, I cast a Horary chart about each course first, before pulling out my wallet.

Not surprisingly, the answer was “no” on both courses. There was nothing wrong with the courses, in fact, the charts showed them to be very good, but the “profit” I would make from them was not good at all.

The chart is showing that the knowledge is either not appropriate for my business at this time; I won’t be able to translate the information to fit my type of business; or I am too busy with what I need to do now that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job implementing the ideas (see the chart and how I came to the answer).

I’m Not the Only One

Right around the same time that I was asking my question, I was asked this very type of question by two clients, AND an astrologer friend told me of a similar question asked by one of his clients.

Continuing education is obviously something that a lot of people are considering right now to improve their professional success, probably because of the current state of the economy.

Recent Similar Client Questions

“Will this program on clearing my (emotional) money issues pay off for me?” The program would have cost her at least $2,000, but more likely, $5,000. The chart’s answer was a resounding “NO!”

“Should I take these computer classes and get a certificate of expertise?” This Horary chart showed that he would hate the classes, be very unhappy with the profits, and wouldn’t have enough time for it anyway. Maybe if he asks the question in a year or so from now, the Horary chart will have a different answer.

My astrologer friend’s client asked, “If I go to art school, would I be able to make a living as an artist?” That Horary chart also showed that she would be very disappointed with the results of that investment (art school would cost thousands of dollars and a good chunk of her time).

If we added up the cost of each one of these courses, it would easily be thousands of dollars, but because of Horary astrology, it turns out to be thousands of dollars SAVED!

If you are thinking of going back to school or paying for additional professional training for whatever reason, but don’t want to waste the money, or the time, if it’s NOT pay off for you, ask me a question about it, and see what the Horary chart says!


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