Will I Profit From Taking This Class?

Horary Astrology answers the question:
Will I profit from taking this class?

The person asking the question (me, aka the querent) is represented by the Ascendant ruler, Mercury. The querent also gets the Moon as a co-ruler.

Counting in a counter-clockwise direction, the course is represented by the 9th house ruler, Saturn (the 9th house is higher knowledge, i.e. continuing education), and the profits from the knowledge gained is the 10th house ruler, Jupiter, because it’s the second house from the 9th.
Next we look at the “condition” (dignity) of the planets and how they “feel” (called receptions) about each other.

My planet Mercury, is in the sign of its exaltation, Virgo. In Virgo, Mercury has a lot of dignity (means I’m capable of learning what the course is teaching), likes the course a lot (Mercury likes Saturn), but “hates” Jupiter (the profits). In other words, I like the course, the information is interesting, but I’m not at all happy with the profits I make from the knowledge.

Notice also, that Mercury is quickly approaching the Sun, which means Mercury is “combust.Combustion shows that I can’t see clearly, and would likely be “burned out” by taking on even more tasks. Mercury “exalted” also shows that I think I can handle more than I realistically can (I’m blaming my excess of Jupiter on this tendency).

The course, ruled by Saturn, is in very good dignity too. Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, and Saturn likes Mercury (me) a lot (so it is of some benefit to me), but because it’s exalted it is likely to not be as good of a course as the marketing would lead me to believe (exaltation frequently means something is being exaggerated).

Jupiter Retrograde, the profits, is in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter has only a small amount of dignity in the sign of Taurus, and being retrograde weakens it more, showing that the profit would be small, and hard to come by.

Somehow, the knowledge is either not appropriate for my business at this time; I won’t be able to translate the information to my type of business; or I am pulled in too many different directions at once to do a good job implementing the ideas (not focused enough).

Finally, the Moon, my co-significator, is with the South Node, a symbol of loss, in the 12th house of self-undoing! Message: slow down and make sure that I am truly ready to implement what I learn.

A pretty clear “no,” huh?  I felt much relieved that I didn’t spend the money, the time, or the effort on it, since the chart clearly shows it is not worth it.

I only wish I had thought of asking a Horary question for all the other courses I have  before I bought them!

Similar Client Questions Recently Asked

“Will this program on clearing my (emotional) money issues pay off for me?” The program would have cost her at least $2,000, but more likely, $5,000. The chart’s answer was a resounding NO!

“Should I take these computer classes and get a certificate of expertise?”
This Horary chart showed that he would hate the classes, be very unhappy with the profits, and wouldn’t have enough time for it anyway. Maybe if he asks the question in a year or so from now, the Horary chart will have a different answer.

My astrologer friend’s client asked:  “If I go to art school, would I be able to make a living as an artist?” That Horary chart also showed that she would be very disappointed with the results of that investment (art school would cost thousands of dollars and a good chunk of her time).

If we added up the cost of each one of these courses, it would easily be thousands of dollars, but because of Horary astrology, it turns out to be thousands of dollars SAVED!

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