Vimshottari Dasha Astrology Prediction 10 Hour Audio/Video Course

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The ability to accurately judge the development and outcome of someone’s horoscope based on the dashas, bhuktis and transits operating at any particular time is a skill that is acquired gradually and as a result of careful study and analysis.  It draws upon all of our knowledge of how to assess the horoscope, its avashtas, vargas, strengths and weaknesses.

If we can read a birth chart, then we can begin to see when the karmas held within the horoscope will give their effects.  The goal of this course is demonstrate and explore how planetary positions, planetary dignity, the avashtas, transits and the divisional charts can all be woven together to see the tapestry of life unfolding into specific events.

This is an advanced class. It is advised that you have read The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology and AT LEAST have studied and completed the free introductory course available on Ideally, you will have completed all the relevant MP3 Audio Classes taught by Ryan Kurczak available through this site.  We will be drawing upon the principles covered in these available courses.

This course includes nearly 10 hours of video.  It also includes the .mp3 audio portion as separate files.  You get both the video and audio files.  It is best to use the video to learn, but I know it is sometimes nice to have the audio to listen to at other times for review.

Important Things to Note Before Downloading this Class

Please note that the videos are in .mp4 format.  Be certain you can download and play .mp4 videos before purchasing.  The file will be delivered as a .zip.  This is a large file and may take time to download.  Be patient.

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable.  Please be sure you are familiar with and resonate with Ryan’s approach to Vedic Astrology before committing to investing in this course.  Free videos and classes can be reviewed here:

Further Recommended Reading Includes the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II.

The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II – Front Cover

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