2017 FORECASTS: Your Relationships & the Path to Fulfillment

Venus Pen and Ink Mandala

VENUS and what “house” it is transiting through in the birth chart shows our path to fulfillment and what we will be devoted to (read the basic meanings of the 12 houses in the birth chart) this year. It is through devotion to the affairs of this house placement in 2017 (as well as the natal position of Venus in your birth chart) that we find the most satisfaction fulfillment and pleasure in our lives, all Venus things.

Venus, on January 1st at Sunrise in Greenwich, UK, is in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is about becoming an individual, by embracing that within us that is the lowest of human nature, as well as that which is the highest in human nature, and being okay with it all.

Accepting what is unique, weird, and strange about you, and what is the same as every other human on the planet. This is the path to becoming a true humanitarian.

For each of the signs, Venus will be in a different house and involved in the relationships ruled by that house. Venus in this house will be the path to fulfillment this year (even though Venus will be changing signs throughout the year, this is the broad overview of what Venus is about for 2017).

Venus and the Moon, the two feminine energy planets, are together in the sign of Aquarius, a sign that is supportive of Venus (because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Venus and Saturn are friends). Venus is about an even exchange of energy between two people in giving and receiving, and the Moon is about getting our own personal emotional needs met by being adaptable to changing circumstances.

You may find that you go back and forth in your relationships – between it being all about you and your needs, or all about the other person and their needs. Finding a balance between these two extremes is going to be the focus, but the process of finding this balance in your relationships will result in personal growth, fulfillment and lasting satisfaction.

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships in every area of life. Venus is the planet in charge of relationships of all kinds, which is why I’m going to focus on Venus in this forecast.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS, I recommend that you read three signs: the sign ruling your ascendant, your Sun, and your Moon. If you don’t know what sign your ascendant is, or what sign your Moon is in, get your free birth chart print out here.

NOTE: you need your birth time in order to find out your ascendant (also known as the first house, your rising sign,or the lagna).



The Main Relationship Focus this year is going to be the tug of war between your own emotional needs and the needs of your relationships on your path to success.

Venus and the Moon are together in the 11th house for you, and the challenge will be mostly in regards to friends, peers, your eldest sibling, business relationships, as in the form of trade and collaboration. You will be focusing on worth in terms of the value you give and the value you receive in your career, business, and peer groups.

This year the PATH to Fulfillment is on becoming successful and what success means to you. You will be focused on income and gains from your career, business relationships, peer relationships and the relationship with your eldest sibling if you have one. Basically the kinds of relationships that bring gains, whether in income, success or degrees and titles, or validation, love, support and protection.

Venus is about an equal exchange of energy and whether or not something is really worth your time, energy, and money. When you spend your time only with people that are worth it to you, and if there is a healthy balance between giving and receiving in those relationships, then your success is inevitable and everyone gains.

In order to do this, you will need to be less of a loner (Aries is actually a loner!) and strike a balance between spending time with friends, peers, colleagues, and spending time at home, either alone or with family, resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating before going back out and being with people again.

Since Venus also rules your opposite house of partners, especially romantic partners, developing a social life together can also bring more fulfillment in your love life by having fun with friends and doing creative projects together.

Jupiter is in Libra in your house of partners, so if you have children, spending time together doing fun things with your children and building the quality of your family life and family culture, will bring much happiness. If you’re single, you could find your spouse.


The Main Relationship Focus this year is going to be between your own emotional needs and the needs of your relationships within your career, and the people you directly work with such as your boss, co-workers, and/or subordinates and/or employees.

Your path to fulfillment in 2017 is through the actions you take in your career/profession that provides for your physical well being.

We’re expected to keep our emotional needs out of our work, but that is neither human, nor possible, and we have special emotional needs from our work relationships. If you really need romantic love, friendship, or family, work is not the way to get those needs met, even though you can end up with these relationships as a secondary benefit from working together, but not as the main focus.

Your career is your creative expression in the world and where you typically follow the inspirations of your masculine side.  Your co-workers, superiors and subordinates are important relationships in helping you, and them, to fulfill the mission of the company you work for, or of your own business.

Venus is about respect and maintaining respect in our relationships, and respect is a huge need in our work lives. For you, it will be about deciding the worth of what you do, if you want to continue in the particular field you work in, and if you are giving and receiving the respect that is necessary for fulfillment in this area of life.

Status is a big part of the 10th house of career, and you will increase your status through the quality of your work relationships.

The good thing about Venus and the Moon being together in your career house is that these two planets together make you very good at interacting with the public, and you could experience a boost in your professional reputation and status because of your tact, diplomacy, and skill in dealing with the public (usually customers).

The realm of Venus is natural to you as Venus rules the sign of Taurus, so managing your relationships at work will be “business as usual,” but you will be exerting more energy than usual into this area of life so that you can create material achievement and financial well being for yourself and others (Taurus loves to nourish others).

You could also work with your siblings, and/or with the government. Your relationship with your boss, if you have one, is probably the most important relationship you have at work and it can improve a lot this year if you give the boss respect (whether you think they deserve it or not) and by increasing your value to your boss, or the value of what you provide to the world, if you are in business for yourself.


The Main Relationship Focus this year is going to be between your own emotional needs and the needs of your relationships as it relates to your purpose, philosophy of life, and spirituality (9th house). Your relationship with your father, or a father figure, is going to be important this year too.

Your path to fulfillment in 2017 is through acquiring self-knowledge and living according to the spiritual and moral laws you believe in, bringing you grace and fortune, and good luck.

You may find a guru or teacher that greatly accelerates your personal growth and/or you may go on a spiritual journey. The focus for your relationships will be with others of like-minded beliefs and with your teacher(s). The teacher is an authority figure and you may need to work through some of the emotional needs you didn’t get met in your relationship with your father.

You may acquire a new-found respect for your dad even if you believe very differently than he does, and your relationship with him could improve as you grow spiritually and in self-knowledge.

The 9th house also involves universities and other forms of learning (online learning is becoming common) and you could decide to go back to school and add to your knowledge in that way. Travel to other countries is another way to gain in knowledge and to grow spiritually.


The Main Relationship Focus this year is going to be between your own emotional needs and the needs of your intimate partner and the conjugal bond you have with your partner. Venus will be in the house ruling your partner’s resources as well as the bond between you.

You are naturally ruled by the Moon, so perhaps you need to become aware of what your emotional needs are within your relationship because you are a naturally nurturing person and you may not always be as aware of your own needs.

Or, it could be that you are not as aware of your partner’s needs. The quality and strength of your bond with your partner depends on a relatively even exchange of give and take between you.

Jupiter in Libra is influencing your 8th house as well, helping you emotionally because it will be in your 4th house of emotional happiness. Your emotional happiness will increase as you work with the balance between you and your partner. Venus also represents vehicles, so your partner can get a new vehicle this year.

Your main path to fulfillment this year is through the 8th house of spiritual purification and transformation. Knowledge is a type of vehicle also, and you may find that you are more interested than usual in studying the occult sciences (the systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe). If you do, you will find much comfort there and your intuition will be strengthened as well.

Once purified of any compulsive desires and/or relationship errors, you could get a windfall or an inheritance and/or receive something of value from your mother or relatives.


The Main Relationship Focus this year is going to be between your own emotional needs and the needs of your partner, whether a romantic or business partner (7th house). If you interact with the public in some way, or you are involved in trade of some kind, you will be more popular than usual as your charm and diplomacy is highlighted.

Your main path to fulfillment this year is through the 7th house of partnerships. The 7th house is a desire house and you can fulfill your desires through a relationship, especially a sexual relationship. Since Venus is in a Saturn sign (Aquarius), you will be more realistic about love and more appreciative of what you have, rather than continually wanting a more idealized partner. You will be acutely aware of your emotional needs and the need to balance your needs with your partner’s.

If you are single, this could be a good time to find a partner (find out about your relationship gifts and blocks to love and how to have the best relationship possible HERE), or if you are in a profession where you interact with the public or have a public following, you will experience a boost in your popularity. If you have a business, trade and/or sales will improve when you take the time to figure out what your customers/clients really need emotionally and how you can best fulfill those needs within your market.


The Main Relationship Focus for you this year, Virgo, will be the 6th house of the healing arts and any employees, subordinates, or service people. This is your natural house because you are full of know-how and are naturally interested in the affairs of the 6th house as they relate to healing, building and maintaining health and/or physical well-being.

Your main path to fulfillment this year will be through the areas of your life that need improvement that you become aware of through obstacles, and through making peace with your enemies. Your enemies could be people you know or the inner enemies that get in the way of overcoming any health issues, other problems you want to overcome, or debt you want to get rid of.

You already know a lot about overcoming obstacles and delays, it’s one of your many gifts, and this year you will make even more strides in this area by learning how to behave in the world in a way that creates a greater feeling of harmony in spite of the suffering, lack and difficulties of life.

If you have any subordinates, employees, or service people working on things for you, you will use your charm and diplomacy to make those relationships work better and strive for a balance between what you need and what they need.

The 6th house represents a Karma Yoga path and by adopting the attitude of a Karma Yogi (doing whatever work that is in front of you without any attachment to the fruits of your labor) will bring you the most satisfaction and fulfillment.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 5th house of dharma, creativity (including children), creative intelligence, and intuition. The 5th house is the house of inspiration and when you attend to your creative inspirations you express love through your creativity. Basically, your relationships with your children and anyone else involved in your creative projects.

Your relationship with your creations and/or your children will be the path of fulfillment for you this year. If you are an artist of some kind, you know that you have a relationship with your creations and sometimes those relationships are not easy because of your expectations or because you’re not able to clearly express what is in your heart and mind (check out Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way).

If you have children, you know there is a continual balancing act between your own emotional needs and the needs of the relationship with your children. The quality of this relationship is highly dependent upon the emotional bond, and both your, and your child’s, needs. A wonderful way to do this is to do art or other creative projects with your children.

A great book that I found to be incredibly helpful with children (and adults too) is How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and How to Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. This can dramatically improve your relationship with your children, or any one else for that matter.

Mantra, the study of sacred writings, and spiritual practices will help you to fully develop your intuition, creative intelligence, and facility of discrimination. The 5th house is about seeing the real from the unreal, and Venus, the planet that is able to see meaning “between the lines,” finds the meaning  in our painful experiences, and sees the beauty in ugliness, will be helping you this year. Venus is also the planet of prophesy and you will be able to catch glimpses of the future.

Jupiter, the great benefic, is in your first house of the body and sense of self, giving you protection and a boost in well-being. Jupiter brings us to our destiny by exciting and inspiring us and between Venus/Moon and Jupiter, you will have a year of inspiration and creativity.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 4th house of emotional happiness, mother, home/land, vehicles, and pets. Venus loves to be in the house of emotional happiness and it is also the natural home of the Moon. Both of these planets here indicate that you will be better able to choose your attitude in the face of relationship difficulties. It’s possible that you will have some issues to work out with your mother, even if she has passed.

The 4th house is one of the liberation or freedom houses as it represents our inner resources and mental freedom to choose how we think, our attitude, and how we react to experiences.

Your path to fulfillment this year will be in developing your inner happiness, inner resources, and your relationship with your mom, pets, and family of origin. You could also buy a new vehicle, get a new pet, and/or buy a new home/land. The Moon and Venus together here can help you to feel less vulnerable emotionally and to truly relax and rejuvenate yourself when you are home.

Fixing up your home to be more supportive of your comfort and emotional ease would be time and money well-spent. Your relationship with your mother and/or family of origin could also improve due to your charm and diplomacy, as well as your ability to comfort yourself and others in a healthy way.

Venus rules the bedroom and the bed specifically, and the Moon is daily nourishment and how you feed your mind. You may decide to make your bedroom a haven of rest and relaxation, and, by reading uplifting books, you will feed your mind and thereby fill up your emotional resource reserves.

Venus is ruling your 12th house of beds and bed pleasures, so if you’ve been putting up with an uncomfortable bed or sex life, now would be the time to change that. Venus is also ruling your house of intimate partners, so getting a new bed could be symbolic of the new, better relationship you want to have. If you’re single, this is a powerful way to get ready for your life partner to show up.

You will likely want to spend more time at home this year feathering your nest, adding beauty, and building your happiness muscle.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, and associates, as well developing skills. Your relationships with your siblings could improve by bringing healing to past rivalries and/or competition between you. You will also be building your communication skills, overcoming obstacles to material well being and improving your income.

Your path to fulfillment this year is through commerce, communication, correspondence (email is probably fine in today’s world) and how well you can express your desires and allow for the desires of others too. You may start writing that book you’ve been intending to write for a while now, and your relationships with all the associates involved with writing a book will be highlighted.

You will be very aware of the passage and shortness of time in which to enjoy your siblings in this lifetime. This will inspire to you to spend more time with them and perhaps to do more to create community in your neighborhood. Venus and the Moon in the 3rd house will help you to use your charm and diplomacy to repair and heal any damage to these relationships, even if much time has gone by since you’ve spoken to each other. There may be some unexpected changes in regards to your siblings, they may be dealing with some difficult losses that you will likely want to help with.

You may not want to compete in the marketplace but instead seek collaboration and win-win situations with your competitors. This will bring you added income and lucrative side ventures. If you are in business for yourself, this would be a good time to take a copywriting course to improve your sales writing skills.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 2nd house of family and close friendships. The house of creativity, students and following personal inspiration will be involved, as well as the 10th house of career and responsibility. Your relationships with family and close friends will be where you will focus your attention which will in turn help you in your career in some way.

Your path to fulfillment is through your voice and your ability to create financial stability and prosperity for your family this year. The 2nd house is the house of teaching and Venus and the Moon rule education as well, and you may teach a class this year that will bring a boost to your career and wealth. You will be popular with your students because of your charm and diplomacy.

The 2nd house is also food. You may enjoy an upgrade in the food you eat either by taking a cooking class or just spending more time cooking. Foods from other cultures could feature in this pleasure as well.

There will be some push and pull between your family/friend relationships and your relationship with your romantic partner and/or the public (clients, customers or fans).  The 2nd house is clients and responsibilities and this may increase in an way that improves your financial, and self-worth.

While pursuing more financial stability and prosperity remember that your partner will not be happy with your workaholic tendencies if you don’t take the time to enjoy what you create together.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 1st house of the self and the body. You will find that you feel pretty good physically and are able to magnetize good things to you more easily. Your inner emotional happiness habits such as  journaling and the therapy you’ve done, will show results.

Your path to fulfillment this year is through self-acceptance and self-love as well as a image upgrade. You may hire an image consultant and buy a new wardrobe, get your haircut and focus on healing and rejuvenating your body. Venus in the sign of Aquarius, will help you to accept anything about yourself that you don’t like, that you think is weird or even dark. Venus in the 1st house brings strength and vitality to your body through an exercise program and new health regime.

Your heart will be more open and people will be attracted to your personality and light. There may be improvements to your relationship with your mother, or you may come to understand something about her you didn’t understand before that helps you to love yourself more.

If you’re married, your marriage will be more fulfilling because of how you are growing in your ability to be receptive to the good that life, and your partner, has to offer. Your income may not be as good as you hoped, but you will still be okay with that as you living more in the moment and in your heart, where worry about money fades away.


The Main Relationship Focus for you in 2017 is the 12 house of freedom from earthly concerns, completion of an aspect of your personal development, and spiritual libration. The relationships associated with this will be with others who you do spiritual practices with.

You may take to a more monastic lifestyle, or join an ashram, in order to concentrate on spiritual development, or you may decide to retire from your profession and move to a foreign country. Any long-term investments you’ve made will be paying off for you now as you withdraw in some ways from the world and it’s concerns.

The path to fulfillment this year will be in your relationship to the divine and your understanding of the divine. If you don’t already meditate (or pray), this would be a great time to start and doing it with other people will make it more powerful and will help the habit to stick. You may spend more time investigating or studying the occult sciences (the systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe) as well.

You may undertake a research project that requires you to spend long periods of time alone. You will be fine with this as spending time alone absorbed in the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge is satisfying to you. Or you may decide that it’s the time to finish a long-term project you’ve been working on for years.

The 12th house is also beds and bed pleasures. If you can, get a new bed if you need one, or just take a vacation with your partner (or just by yourself) where you don’t have to be concerned with your daily routine, even if it’s just the weekend. You may find that spending some time with your siblings will be enjoyable too.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR & May the stars bring you hope, healing, and happiness!


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