Venus in Capricorn: Can You Feel it When Venus Transits Your “Angles?”

Soon Venus will be in Capricorn where it will be transiting my ascendant (aka Rising Sign or Lagna, the first house), I know this not just because I looked it up in my trusty Ephemeris, but because I can feel it.

I find myself gravitating to articles and books about French women and how they are different; more sensual, more interested in being than doing, more natural and accepting of their animal nature, taking two hours for lunch, and charming all the men in their world.

Very Venus-like, in other words.

Another clue is when I find myself surfing the internet looking at beautiful things such as clothes, furniture, art, make-up (I love make-up tutorials on YouTube, the makeup artists use make-up exactly like painters use paint), resulting in a desire to take much better care of my body.

Anything luxurious such as long, fragrant and salted baths are sounding very appealing to me right now, and arranging my day so I’m in the west facing room in the late afternoon becomes a top priority. The sunlight streams through the windows in that deep golden color just before sunset lighting up the room in a magical way..

Including the hallway just off the west-facing room which glows with that peachy-pink color you can see inside a sea shell. It’s so beautiful, I wish the hallway was big enough to put a comfortable chair in so I could sit there and soak in that gorgeous color every afternoon.

The Golden Hour by Stephen Henning

It’s like all my senses are sharper, or enhanced, as if they have the volume turned all the way up.

In fact, when Venus is a person’s soul planet (the Atmakaraka), they are likely to have a career that involves the senses such as a sommelier (wine expert), a perfumer, or a chef, someone who can taste every single ingredient in a complicated dish.

How Does This Affect You?

When Venus is transiting one of angular houses in your birth chart (the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house), it’s a good time for various Venus activities, depending on the house Venus is transiting through.

NOTE: If you don’t know what signs are on the angles in your birth chart, get your free birth chart HERE. The house with the diagonal line through it is the first house, and counting in a clockwise direction, the fourth house is four signs away, the seventh house is seven signs away, and the tenth house is ten signs away from the first house. Take note of the signs in these houses (in the lower left-hand corner).

Venus Transiting the First House:

Get a makeover, buy new clothes, do a presentation, or do anything that depends on making a positive impression. If you’re single, it’s a good time for making yourself visible on dating sites or places where you would meet someone. Venus makes you more attractive than usual, more magnetic, and you actually FEEL more attractive causing you to have more confidence. This is true for both men and women.

Venus is the healer so this is a good time to get some physical healing such as a therapeutic massage, the steam room at the gym, or visit your doctor.

Get dressed up and try a new restaurant, preferably an upscale one as Venus loves luxury and high-quality experiences.

Venus Transiting the Fourth House:

Fix up your house and make it more beautiful. Emotional healing is certain with Venus transiting your fourth house of your inner life. Start a journal where you write about your traumatic experiences for only 20 minutes at a time, a couple of times a
week. Research has shown this to be very effective for lifting depression.

The fourth house rules the mother in Vedic natal astrology (in Horary astrology, the 4th rules the father), so it would be a great time to visit your mother, or enter therapy to talk about your relationship with your mother if it is a difficult one.

Venus Transiting the Seventh House:

If you have a job or business that requires interacting with the public, this is a great time to launch a program, sell a product, or
promote a service as you have more “public appeal” right now.

It’s also a great time for love, especially for sex and the sexual side of your romantic relationship. If you have any sexual issues,
this is a good time to see a sex therapist, or read a book on Tantric sexuality to connect your sexuality to the Divine in a conscious way and receive “sexual healing.”

Venus Transiting the Tenth House:

This house is your reputation in the community, or in your field. Anything that requires diplomacy is handled very well by Venus here, and if you are in a job or business where you give advice, this is a great time to write an article or do a video giving advice on relationships, or other worldly concerns.

This is the house of the father, so if you have any issues with your father, write about it in your journal, as you can be sure it
is connected to your career somehow (or talk about it with someone).

Mark Your Calendar with Venus Transit Dates

Here is list of when Venus will be transiting through the signs so you can see when Venus transits the angles in your birth chart and plan your year around the great things Venus brings into your life:

Venus in Sagittarius (Sg): 10/08/2013 to 11/04/2013
Venus in Capricorn (Cp):  11/05/2013 to 11/21/2013, then Venus goes
Retrograde (VeR) from 11/22/2013 to 1/30/2014 and goes direct again
from 1/31/2014 to 3/05/2014
Venus in Aquarius (Aq): 3/06/2014 to 4/05/2014
Venus in Pisces (Pi): 4/06/2014 to 5/02/2014
Venus in Aries (Ar): 5/03/2014 to 5/28/2014
Venus in Taurus (Ta): 5/29/2014 to 6/23/2014
Venus in Gemini (Ge): 6/24/2014 to 7/18/2014
Venus in Cancer (Cn): 7/19/2014 to 8/11/2014
Venus in Leo (Le): 8/12/2014 to 9/05/2014
Venus in Virgo (Vi): 9/06/2014 to 9/29/2014
Venus in Libra (Li): 9/30/2014 to 10/23/2014
Venus in Scorpio (Sc): 10/24/2014 to 11/16/2014
Venus in Sagittarius (Sg): 11/17/2014 to 12/10/2014
Venus in Capricorn (Cp): 12/11/2014 to 1/03/2015


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