The Year Ahead: Looking at 2012 Using Western & Vedic Astrological Techniques

Have you ever been lost? If so, you know how useful maps are! They get us from point A to point B. They place us high above the earth and give us perspective. Maps can show alternate routes, points of interest, the terrain we’re likely to encounter, and most importantly, they give us an idea of what to expect in the journey ahead.

Astrologer, Ron Akanowicz, and I recorded this podcast to demonstrate the various tools astrologers use when forecasting, or looking ahead. This “map” of next year offers us the same benefits of a road map; directions, and the general terrain, but from a celestial perspective. This map has a unique twist–we’ll look at 2012 from both the Western AND the Eastern (Vedic) astrological perspectives.

Ron will demonstrate Western astrology techniques on my birth chart to look at 2012; the transiting progressed Moon, transiting Saturn, and the transiting nodes of the Moon.

And I will demonstrate the Vedic Gocara transit technique on Ron’s birth chart to see what 2012 holds for him. Gocara is simply the transits of  planets from the natal Moon. We will look at the transits of the two “destiny” planets, Saturn and Jupiter, and Ron’s dasa lord, Venus.

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If you want to watch a slide show while listening to the audio, go here.

As a special BONUS to listeners, you can download a copy of Gocara: 2012 Forecast from the Natal Moon.” This report is the reading of the two destiny planets, Saturn and Jupiter, from each Moon sign (if you don’t know your natal Moon sign, find out what it is by using my chart calculator). The Moon represents the mind, our ability to adapt to the environment, and growth. If the transiting planet is in a favorable position from the Moon, then it is able to grow what it’s in charge of, if it is not in a favorable position, then it’s time to adapt, or let go of whatever is no longer serving us.

Then head over to Ron’s website to download your complimentary copy of “Saturn Through the Signs in 2012,” where he delineates Saturn’s position from each Sun sign (Saturn changes signs in October of 2012) from the Western point of view.

To find out MORE about your year ahead, get a personal reading with either Ron or me. With a personal New Year Reading you can:

  • Plan ahead with the exact dates of important times
  • Accomplish your goals by knowing when to push and when to go with the flow
  • Avoid or reduce negative periods with personalized remedies
  • Know the trends for career, love, and health
  • Find out if the solar and lunar eclipses of 2012 hit on your sensitive points

Get your personal map read, and ENJOY your life to the fullest in 2012!

Contact me (Vedic), or Ron (Western) to schedule your New Year Reading.

The fee for a reading with me, or Ron, is $97 for 60 minutes, plus, as a special bonus, you will receive a FREE 30-minute follow-up six months after your reading to answer your questions, review timing, or clarify the chart!

May the stars bring you hope, healing, and a Happy New Year!


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