The Surprising Importance of Saturn in Your Relationships

Saturn is surprisingly important to the long-term success of your relationships, especially in marriage. If Saturn is weak or too afflicted in the navamsa (marriage chart), then the relationship lacks longevity and the ability to handle the painful aspects of life, and the inevitable ebbs that are part of every relationship.

Here is the final video that I did with Ryan Kurczak on the role of each planet in relationships. This is about Saturn and love, romance, and marriage. He caught me with yet another funny expression on my face. Humm, do you think he may be doing it on purpose?? (Saturn can make your paranoid)!

We also talk about Saturn in relationship in other contexts besides the navamsa marriage chart. Such as handling our own Saturn issues, doing our “duty” to our partners when life is hard and we’re not feeling the love. Saturn helps us to handle hardship, loss, the inevitability of aging (and the loss of our youthful appearance), sickness, and difficult transit periods. 

Saturn is the part of the classic marriage vows that says “in sickness, and in health, for richer or for poorer, ’til death do us part.”

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