The Sun in Leo: The Untarnished Gold Within – Part 1

Surya (the Sun) and his chariot
Surya (the Sun) and his chariot

Right now there are three planets in the sign of Leo; the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Of these three planets, the Sun is most powerful in Leo.

The Sun in Leo is in his “home” sign where he is most comfortable and where he can be all that the Sun can be. The Sun is the strongest in the summer season and the Sun in Leo in a fixed-energy sign expresses the heat of the summer that stretches over a three month period of time.

Leo is associated with the 5th house of creativity and playfulness. There is usually no school in the summer and as adults we remember the summers as being part of the golden times of childhood.


  • Steadfastness
  • Noble & Protective
  • Consistent
  • Idealistic
  • Inspired
  • Confident
  • Commanding

I’m going to discuss each of these qualities in more depth, but not all in one post because this post would be too long to read in one sitting if I did! I’ll write about Mercury and Venus in the sign of Leo, the qualities of the sign of Leo, and what Jaimini says about the spiritual challenge of the Atmakaraka (the Self-Producer Planet) in the sign of Leo, in upcoming posts as well.


If you’re a woman, steadfastness is the most wonderful thing you can experience from a man you’re in a relationship with. If he decides that he loves you, that you are the one and you are his wife, he will keep loving you in a steadfast way no matter what.

His consistency in his feelings for you and his belief in love will be the most secure feeling you’ll ever have. It’s okay if your feelings change back and forth, his won’t. It inspires such gratitude in your heart when you are aware of what a gift this is.

The Sun, especially in the sign of Leo, is loyal. The Sun in Leo is a fixed energy and that is why the Sun is able to express his steadfast nature so well here. It’s a wonderful quality!

Men or women with a strong Sun in their birth charts will be known as being reliable, dependable, staunch, steady, firm on his path, which is one of the reasons why people with a strong Sun tend to do well in their careers (the Sun is the natural ruler of career) and why bosses either really like them, and/or, they become the boss themselves.

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The Sun represents pure auspicious masculinity and masculinity is gentle with those that are weaker or less advantaged than himself. He will do everything in his power to not cause harm and he will sacrifice his own desires, maybe even his very life, for those he feels responsible for or those he wants to protect.

He has rules of conduct for himself and he will not be drawn into behaving in a less than noble way. That is probably where the saying “a man’s word is his bond” comes from. We’ve all seen movies where a man says “I give you my word” and that is all it takes for him to be trusted. If he says it, it is so.

I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble. the Lion King
From the movie The Lion King

Leo is of the warrior caste and a warrior by nature is one who protects others or fights for others when necessary. A man who is easily drawn into fights, however, who uses brute force as a way of life, is a man who has a weak Sun. A strong Sun has no need to prove his masculinity or his ability to fight. He will if he absolutely has to, but he will stop as soon as he has defended himself or someone else.

Being a gentleman means having rules of conduct and behavior, mostly it means using the natural aggression of the masculine in productive ways. A gentleman is chivalrous, courteous, principled and honorable. Even in today’s world, calling a man a gentleman is a compliment and an expression of admiration.


This is much like the steadfast quality of the Sun, but with a difference. To be steadfast is a state of being, to be consistent is a method of process. A strong Sun person will tend to go about his business in a consistent way, he won’t do something one way one day and then another way another day, unless the new way is better.

Usually, he will stick to a method that works. He is governed by rational thought and has arrived at his methods by rational means. He is not like the Moon that changes from day to day based on how it feels, if he has decided on a course of action, he will continue on that path regardless of his feelings about it.

“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.” – Pietro Aretino

Consistency has to do with how a person acts over time. My husband, who has a prominent Sun in his natal chart, is predictable because of his consistency. I know if I ask him if he would keep a wallet stuffed with money that he found on the ground, his answer would be “no,” not just now, but always.

In the many years I’ve known him, he has consistently been this way, and I’ve seen him personally return wallets with money in them without taking a dime. He has been offered money out of gratitude for his honesty, but he wouldn’t take it! That is the Sun.


Miragem by Mirian Homem deMello
Miragem by Mirian Homem deMello

The Sun (as well as Mars) “looks up.” This means he has a vision that he is focused on making a reality, he has ideals that he lives by. This is why a person with leadership qualities is a person who has a vision of how life can be better, and inspires people to strive for that ideal.

Life being what it is, the Sun will often have to choose between the lesser of evils (such as in politics, the natural realm of the Sun), but he will tend to make the choice that can lead to something better. There is nothing sadder than a noble Sun person that has become corrupted, which can happen all too easily in certain professions.

The corrupted Sun person will always be in great pain under his rationalizations and he will look for ways to redeem himself and win back his self-respect even though he believes he is undeserving of redemption.

The Sun represents the soul or the “gold” within all of us, the part of us that is untarnishable. We all have this inner gold and it expresses itself in various ways, but the Sun in Leo’s job show others how to be their “gold” by example.

The Sun in Leo is full of creativity and inspiration expressed with power and true unselfconsciousness. He may seem to be self-centered and in need of the spotlight, but he is only doing what is natural for the planet at the center of our solar system – shining! His job is to inspire us to grow in self-esteem and confidence. (Post continues below the special offer).

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When the Sun is transiting through the houses of your birth chart, you will find yourself to be most inspired when the Sun is going through a house where he can easily express his Sun qualities.

I thought about quitting, but then I noticed who was watching.-The Lion King
The Lion King (The Divine Within)

These houses will be the houses ruled by the signs of Aries, Leo, Scorpio,  Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, and Virgo.

The Sun tends to lose some of his Sun qualities in the Saturn signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, and in the Venus signs of Taurus and Libra. Saturn and Venus are enemies to the Sun because they represent such opposite aspects of the psyche.

Saturn “looks down” and is about caution, fear, survival, moving slowly, and rules servants (whereas the Sun is the king). Interestingly, Saturn is the son of the Sun, and we actually need both of these planets to be successful, but at different times in the process and in different ways.

Venus is about personal desire, relationships, and love, while the Sun is about the Self and doing what he is divinely inspired to do – his soul tasks. The Sun tends to sacrifice his personal desires, while Venus is all about personal desire. When the Sun is in a Venus sign he tends to need permission and validation from others before he can act. 

Therefore, he may sometimes be harsh with his loved ones because he has such trouble feeling okay taking the personal time he needs to do what he must do, he worries too much about being perceived as “selfish.”

The inspiration of the Sun is energizing and exciting and makes us want to stretch ourselves and be our best.

Stay tuned for more about the Sun and the sign of Leo!


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