The Sun in Leo, Part II & Leo’s Little Known Qualities

This is Part II of the Sun in Leo, but I will also talk about the other little known qualities of the sign of Leo, qualities you may have never heard before.

Qualities of the Sun – Continued

Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion


The masculine energy of the Sun is confident in it’s expression. This side of us (women have a masculine side too) will act without fear of failure, and will be brave in the face of danger. The Sun knows he can take care of the future with his abilities and when he follows his inspirations he knows that he is following the divine within, so he has little or no fear.

The Sun in Leo knows he is fully capable of moving in the world without worrying about the “how” of it all, he knows he will get what he needs when he needs it.

If you want to be more confident in the world of work, whether you are a man or a woman, then accomplishment is the way. Start with small accomplishments and each one will build your self-confidence in your abilities. Before long, you will be successfully taking on more than you ever thought you could. Confidence is inspiring to others as well, and people will naturally follow your leadership, becoming more self-confident in the process themselves.


The person with a strong Sun will have a natural commanding presence. The Sun is solid and produces a somewhat square body and face, square also in the sense that he is firm-footed, consistent and streadfast, as well as having something about them physically that is square-shaped.

These are the people we naturally respect and obey when they are in positions of command. The Sun is the king and only people with the Sun strong and in particular places in the birth chart can become a king, such as the president of the United States or a ruler in other countries.

Little-Known Qualities of the Sign of Leo

Fire BallLeo, a fire sign, is of the warrior caste, and Leo is a Sattva sign that has the desire to lead and protect because of its noble ideals. Sattva is a type of motivation that tends towards purity, wholesomeness and virtue, and Leo is granted by its Sattva nature the motivation to uplift people and society to lead them towards a better future.

Pitta, a fiery type of temperament of which Leo is, provides Leo, the sign of rulership, with the power to manage and protect.

The fire element is characterized by will and relates to the mentality of of the fire signs, and Leo, like the other fire signs, is intuitively centered, knowing with immediate perception about the thing being known. Another way to say it, is that intuition is the ability to know without any visible or rational reason to know it. Leo intuits divine self.

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Leo is a fixed energy sign and the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) create security and are steadfast, or fixed, in their actions, making them slow to change. Leo is about the personal security of self-esteem and the stability that comes from the pride and satisfaction of a well-lived life.

Leo, a male sign, is initiative and its satisfaction and happiness is dependent on what it does, not how it feels. Leo is happy when it succeeds in its responsibilities. Leo represents the king archetype and the king has many responsibilities, sacrificing his own personal desires in order to do this.

Leo, being a male sign, is cruel, but only in the sense that it is focused on getting things done and are harder, and/or pushier in order to do this. Leo has many duties to fulfill, including the duty of inspiring others to fulfill their duties, so has little time for lighter and more enjoyable matters.

Night Strong and Day Strong Signs

NighttimeAn interesting concept about the signs is that some signs are day-strong and some are and night-strong. The night strong signs have more mental and physical energy at night and the day strong signs will have more during the day (which may solve the mystery of why you are a morning lark or a night owl).

The night-strong signs are energized by internal experiences, such as thought, emotion, and contemplation, while day-strong signs get energized by bringing things into concrete realization. Night strong signs are full of thoughts, ideas, and dreams, while day strong signs are full of “know how.”

daytimeLeo is a day strong sign and is full of know-how, energized by bringing things into concrete realization.

You probably want to know this right now, so I’ll tell you that the other day strong signs are Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. The night strong signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Front Rising and Back Rising Signs

Signs are considered to rise over the eastern horizon (the first house of the horoscope chart) with either their fronts first or their backs first. All the night strong signs, except for Gemini, rise with their backs. Gemini and all the day strong signs, except for Pisces, rise with their fronts first (Pisces rises both front and back because of the two fishes going in opposite directions).

Signs that rise back first are full of ideas but clumsy in bringing things to concrete realization and so take more time. Signs that rise front first, are full of know how and are very able so have an easy time bringing their tasks into concrete realization.

Leo, being both day-strong and front-rising, has the consistency and steadfastness that most things require to be brought into concrete realization.

The Feet of the Signs

Dogs Are Associated with the Sign of Leo
Dogs Are Associated with the Sign of Leo

The signs are either two-footed, four-footed, many footed, or without feet moving in water. Four-footed signs are strong (Aries, Taurus, Leo, the 2nd half of Sagittarius and 1st half of Capricorn), powerful and capable of carrying great burdens and carrying out great tasks.

The four-footed signs are primarily interested in the 10th house concerns of work and command, and least interested in the 4th house concerns of emotion and psychology.

As you know, Leo is the Lion, a four-footed animal, therefore, a four-footed sign.

**If you want to know more about the each of the signs, you can take Ernst Wilhelm’s course The Rasi Sutras which is where I learned these interesting things about the signs. Or, you can just keep reading my blog posts as I’ll be writing about the signs every month until I’ve covered all of them.

Because this is such a long post, I’ll send out the post on the Svamsa (the Self-Producer planet in the navamsa) in the sign of Leo tomorrow!

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