The Spiritual Challenge of Virgo

If your soul planet, the Atmakaraka* (AK), is in the sign of Virgo in the D9 (the Navamsa, the 9th divisional varga chart) where it is called the Svamsa, then your spiritual challenge this lifetime is to learn to digest and assimilate the many difficult experiences of life and to not get bogged down in the many, many, details and thereby miss the larger truth of a situation.


According to the Jaimini sutras, “In Virgo navamsa there is fear from “itches and stoutness, density, and fire, digestive fire.” This means the many unfulfilled desires and the too-full-of-details mind to be able to see the truth of a situation. This causes a type of mental itch that can’t be scratched. And if there is too much of this kind of mental frustration, it can actually cause weight gain (stoutness)!

Virgo is about purification as it rules the lower bowel which does the purifying of our food, extracting out what is good and eliminating what is not, so if you don’t have an effective way to process and “digest” life’s experiences, then this can actually cause digestion problems with your food, and the reference to digestive fire in the sutra above represents actual heartburn.

How the Virgo Svamsa Affects Love Relationships

Virgo, represented by the virgin girl, can also indicate frustrations in your romantic and sexual life. Basically, this means that you need to set up your life so that you can develop your skills, talents, and abilities, whether you are in a relationship or not. If your soul (AK) planet is in the sign of Virgo in the D9, this basically means that this lifetime is more about self development then it is about relationship.

The Navamsa-D9
The Navamsa-D9

In fact, being committed to self-development and the development of your skills and talents, is actually the entrance fee to relationship. Because, when you get into a relationship and you tend to put that person at the center of your life, you’ll give up all of your personal projects, hobbies, and even personal desires. This can get you into relationships where you are in a “one-down” position, even to the point of servitude.

People with skills and talents that they are passionately committed to is very attractive to potential mates for Virgo AK people. As soon as you find yourself neglecting your interests, your exercise routine, your meditation practice and hobbies, then you know that you’re going astray. Don’t do your partner’s laundry, dishes, or other chores, unless you are also receiving a good deal from your partner (longevity, exclusivity, and continuitysimple).

How to “Digest” and Purify Your Daily Life

One of the things that I recommend to clients who have their Svamsa in the sign of Virgo in the D9, as a way to process and digest the many difficult experiences in life, is stream-of-consciousness writing as a spiritual practice. This is done on a daily basis, for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

Jupiter-journalStream-of-consciousness writing is writing where you don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and more importantly, making sense. Once you put pen to paper, you start writing and you don’t stop, until you have either filled three pages front and back, or written for 10 to 15 minutes.

If your mind should happen to go blank while you are writing, just write “my mind is blank I can’t think of anything to write,” and you can either keep repeating that phrase until something comes into your mind, or you can write about the chair you’re sitting on, the desk you’re sitting at, the pen you’re using to write with, and long before you’re finished doing any of this, more thoughts will pop into your mind.

This simple spiritual practice not only helps you to process and digest difficult experiences, but it will soothe your nervous system, reduce the noise of static in your mind, and help you to hear your intuition. Being able to hear, and trust, your intuition, will help you to make better choices in every area of your life, especially in relationships, if your a AK happens to be Venus.

Loving What Is by Byron Katie
Book by Byron Katie

Another recommendation is the work of Byron Katie, a spiritual teacher who is very logical, compassionate, and funny. Her work, which is a simple four question self-inquiry process, can help you untangle the winding roads of your mind. When you’re feeling confused and not sure what’s going on in a situation, her simple process will help you to get clarity, often in just moments.

Just go on and put in the search field Byron Katie, and several videos will come up that you can watch. You will like her great sense of humor, and anyone who works with her ends up in a much better place than they were when they started with working with her. They typically go from tears or anger, to laughter.

The AK in the sign of Virgo often means also that you will be involved in the healing arts, the medical field, business, the law, or the artisan arts. It also depends on other planets influencing the AK, but I have seen in my practice over and over that people who have the AK in the sign of Virgo are usually doing one or more of these things.

If there are benefic influences on the Svamsa in Virgo, then you will be able to overcome the sexual frustrations in love and become adept at managing and cultivating loving and respectful relationships. If there are not benefic influences on your Virgo Svamsa in your birth chart, don’t despair, the transits of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the waxing Moon will be regularly and cyclically influencing your Svamsa throughout your life and bringing opportunities for positive growth.

Next up, Venus in the sign of Virgo.


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