The Sign of Cancer: Stuff You Haven’t Heard Before

Cancer Sign Comfort with FeelingThe first time I watched a sad movie with my first husband, a Cancer Sun and Jupiter person, I sat on the couch next to him and struggled not to cry.

I glanced at him and saw that he was openly weeping; tears were streaming down his face. First, I was surprised, and then I was upset.

As the oldest child of dysfunctional parents, I was taught to deny my feelings. I grew up believing that if someone is crying, then the other person needed to be ‘on duty.’

We couldn’t both be vulnerable at the same time. In my mind, if my husband could cry so easily, that meant I could not cry, that he would never be ‘on duty’ for me.

The Gift of the Sign of Cancer 

My Cancer husband, who was a very masculine man, taught me that crying and showing feelings, was not a sign of weakness. The world did not fall apart if we both wept about a sad movie.

Not too long after that first night, we could sit on the couch, holding hands, and cry together.  We would look at each other through our tears and laugh because we were such saps (even children’s movies made us cry), but it was a great learning experience for me.

This ease and comfort with feeling are one of the many gifts that the sign of Cancer brings to us all.

VIDEOS, Part 1 & 2 (BELOW) on the Sign of CANCER

Neeshee Pandit and I continue with our series on the signs and discuss the sign of CANCER according to Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra. Like we did for the signs of Taurus and Gemini, we talk about the various characteristics of CANCER.

CANCER is a Moveable Sign That Brings Change

The Moon, one of the royal planets (the Sun is the King, the Moon is the Queen) rules the sign of CANCER. CANCER is one of the signs that begins a season. The other signs that begin seasons are Aries (spring), Libra (fall), and Capricorn (winter). CANCER is in between the sign of Gemini and Leo, begins the SUMMER.

The summer solstice begins at the same time that the season of CANCER begins. Even though they may be a day or two away from each other on the calendar, astronomically, it is the Sun that marks the beginning of each season in a particular sign.

Because moveable signs begin seasons, they represent change. Cancer brings about change as a result of new feelings.

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Blue Crab - Sign of CancerThe Symbol of Cancer is a CRAB

Cancer is the crab, tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. You can recognize Cancer people by the softness in their faces, and the luminosity of their skin. Ruled by the Moon, they reflect light and will usually be lighter skinned within the context of their race.

Cancer Rules the Breast

The breast, or chest, is where we experience emotions – it’s where the heart is. The lungs are located here, too, and our breath changes when our feelings change. We not only experience emotions in the breast, but we also react to them here.

The Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is the planet of adaptability and the emotions of Cancer help them to adapt to change. How they feel about something can cause them to make a significant change in their life – this is where we get the expression “a change of heart.”

CANCER is a ‘Gentle’ Feminine Sign

Feminine, gentle signs are receptive and react according to how they feel. Being ruled by the Moon makes this even more true for Cancer. Cancer reactions are dependent upon on how it feels about itself, and their self-image.

Gentle signs are more interested in being and relaxing, enjoying is more important than getting things done. When planets in the sign of CANCER is under challenging dignities or combinations, they will keep their pain and misery to themselves rather than turn it onto other people and hurt them.

The Moon is the planet of growth, and Moon-ruled Cancer loves seeing the growth of others.

CANCER is of the Water Element

Water signs are feeling centered, and yielding is their strength. Feelings are the way the water signs perceive truth, meaning through a particular sense or impression. Cancer feels itself, and through that, understands everything. The accuracy of this perception, however, is dependent on how healthy its feelings are about itself.

Neeshe and I talk about this in the VIDEOS below.

The Caste of CANCER is Brahmin

The caste of the water signs is Brahmin. Cancer is of the Sattva guna and naturally aspires towards realization, knowledge, and goodness.

CANCER is NIght Strong & Back Rising

Princess Diana, Cancer Sun QuoteNight strong signs are full of thoughts, ideas, dreams. They are mentally and physically energized at night by internal experiences like thought, emotion, contemplation.

Cancer knows what it feels like experiencing at the moment, but changes from day to day and doesn’t have the long-term focus needed to make things happen on a concrete planet like Earth.

CANCER is Many-Footed

The strength of many-footed signs comes through their tenacity. Cancer is a many-footed sign and is particularly interested in the 7th house matters of the public, partnerships, and discovery in partnerships.

The many-footed signs are least interested in the 1st house matters of thinking and finding one’s path.

The Moon Rules CANCER & is the Color Pink

Most of the planets rule two signs, it’s male and female signs. The Sun and the Moon rule only one sign, and the MOON only rules the sign of CANCER. The color of CANCER is pink.

If you want to emphasize the sign of CANCER in your chart, wear pink clothing and jewelry (men can wear pink shirts and ties.) Paint walls and have furniture in pink colors too. Neeshe and I talk more in detail about the color of CANCER and gemstone prescriptions.

CANCER Rules My 7th House of Partners

A fun thing about learning astrology was seeing how my first love, my first husband, and my current husband all have planets in the sign of Cancer. The sign of CANCER rules my 7th house of partners.

One partner had Jupiter exalted in Cancer in my 7th house, another had had the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of CANCER in my 7th house, and my current husband has VENUS in the sign of CANCER.

Cancer Sign Mother Your WomanA Good Lover ‘Mothers’ His Woman

Venus is how we love, and my husband loves in a sweet, caring, and even mothering way. Just like the sign of Cancer. To be a good lover, according to Dr. Pat Allen, the relationship expert says a man needs to mother his woman.

Bringing cups of tea, rubbing her feet, and giving food and other nurturing gestures of love (I’m always telling my husband that I’M the lucky one).

Venus is the natural ruler of the wife, and the Moon rules his Venus in Cancer, and the Moon is my atmakaraka (essence) planet. His Venus in Cancer occupies the 8th house of the occult sciences, and he is married to this astrologer! 


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