The Partial Solar Eclipse January 2019: When & Where

Partial Solar Eclipse January 2019: When & WhereOne of you (a subscriber to my newsletter) was kind enough to email me today and let me know that Neeshee and I forgot to mention WHEN and WHERE the Partial Solar Eclipse happens on January 5th or 6th, 2019!

In the videos, Capricorn Partial Eclipse Jan 5th, 2019: RITUALS & Poison vs. Nectar Parts 1 & 2, the chart I demo is for the Partial Solar Eclipse on January 6th at 1:41:29 (AM) in Greenwich, United Kingdom, UTC. I set it for Greenwich because that is the reference point for all time zones. In some places in the world, the solar eclipse may be happening today.

It may be too late to do the 12-hour fast before the eclipse for some of you, but you can still meditate and pray during the eclipse, cleanse yourself and make a donation of some kind after the eclipse, depending on your time zone.

Go to this website to find out WHEN and WHERE you can see the Partial Eclipse and how you can figure out what time it will be happening for you:, and/or for more information.

Here are articles by Neeshee Pandit on the eclipse:


Capricorn Partial Eclipse Jan 5, 2019: RITUALS & Poison vs. Nectar

March 20th & April 4th, 2015 Eclipses! Interview with Eclipse Astrologer Brenda Black


2 Responses to The Partial Solar Eclipse January 2019: When & Where

  1. The link to “The Creative Mastery of Inner and Outer Flame” is not working.

    I personally find this particular eclipse season interesting, as my DOB is the 5th and my brothers is July 2nd, the next round of eclipses.

    It is a great one for me, as I have been living a very stagnant life and this eclipse is a huge pitchfork in my butt!!!

    Thanks for all of your lovely content and wisdom <3
    Leah Hansen

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