The Future of Your Love Life in 2018: LOVE FORECASTS for All Signs of the Zodiac

I have a treat for you! Love Forecasts for 2018. These are a combination of astrology and the Cards of Truth. Nicole Brenny and I did these love forecasts together. I’m doing Vedic astrology, of course, and using a Jaimini technique (something different than the usual transit forecasts), and Nicole is mostly using The Cards of Truth, but some astrology too.

There are two videos, the first one is Aries through Virgo and the second one is Libra through Pisces. I really hope you enjoy watching and Happy New Year!!

For those of you who prefer just audio, here are the links to listen to the love forecasts (NOTE that the 2nd playlist, Libra-Pisces is right under the Aries-Virgo playlist):

SPECIAL OFFER, the Ready-for-Love Consultation:

  • Karmic Connections (Rahu and Ketu Contacts) – This shows past life connections, future karma and areas of life you will be involved in because of the relationship.
  • What’s your type? Your partner profile. The psychological makeup of your partner, their general characteristics, if they are predominately masculine-energy, feminine-energy, or androgynous, and their general physical description.
  • Marriage or Not – Marriage chart (D9) comparisons to see if you will marry a particular person (if you have the Sun in the same sign as his Sun sign in the navamsa, for instance).
  • Timing – When marriage is most likely to happen, and if both people are in a love period at the same time (sometimes the timing is the only problem between two people).
  • Relationship Capacity – Are you or your partner the marrying kind, or not? If relationship is easy or hard for you, and what may be blocking love if relationship tends to be hard for you, or your partner (Read more about Relationship Capacity).
  • Vedic Compatibility Technique – This famous technique measures 15 areas of compatibility important for relationship longevity, purpose, productivity, and happiness. Though the Moon is the most important, I look at ALL the planets for compatibility (Read more about the Compatibility Technique).
  • Assertive Pressure – Do you have equal “assertive pressure” in the relationship, or is one person much more aggressive than the other? If you’re you prone to affairs, or your partner is. If you tend to have abusive relationships, or if you use Mars energy inappropriately in the Venus arena, if you are too idealistic about love, or if you tend to mind your partner’s business (this is a simple fix).
  • Relationship Yogas – Evaluation of any pertinent marriage yogas.
  • Muhurta (optional) – For choosing the best time to marry, consummate the relationship, buy a house together, etc.
  • Fertility Report (optional) – Used either as a form of birth control or to get pregnant.
  • If there is a question about whether or not you will actually marry a particular person, if you will break up with a particular person, how the other person really feels about you, or if there is a question of fidelity, then I would also do a Horary chart (FREE WITH THIS READING), as these types of questions cannot always be answered with the birth chart.

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