FORECAST: Taurus Time (The Face), Full Moon in Scorpio & Nakshatra of Visakha

For those of you with the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the sign of Taurus, the Sun and Mars is bringing great energy and focus to you (and your face) this month!

For everyone else, if you don’t know what “house” Taurus rules in your birth, get a free copy of your birth chart HERE (will open on a separate page). On the same page are the basic house descriptions. Look for the house ruled by Taurus and read the significations of that house, the Sun and Mars will be energizing this house.

The Sun and Mars are the two warrior planets and you can find yourself getting a traffic ticket simply because the cops (warriors) are noticing you. Of course, you could slow  down, but you won’t want to.

You could also be passionate about righting some kind of injustice and feeling good because asserting yourself is a lot easier lately. The Sun and Mars are both fire “pitta” planets and are literally bringing a lot of heat into your body so you may be getting overheated too.

Be mindful when cooking this month too, as Mars with the Sun can cause a cutting accident, especially if your ascendant is in Taurus.

White is the color associated with the sign of Taurus and wearing it will help to cool your system down, and it throws flattering light onto your face too. Since Taurus rules the face, and the Sun is shining in your sign, your face is probably radiant right now. Wearing white will emphasis this.

TaurusThe classic white shirt was probably made popular by a Taurus!

This is the best time of year to think about your long-term goals and what you most want to accomplish in this lifetime.

The Sun is about following your inspirations, the soul, and about doing your own thing.

Mars likes to fulfill the wishes of the Sun and will help you to assert your need for the time and space to follow the promptings of your soul.

Whatever it is, it is likely related to material security as this is what Taurus is chiefly about.

Material security and the pleasures of the senses belong to the realm of Taurus. You will be considering how you can increase your financial foothold in the world. If it brings you pleasure, it is likely the right way to go.

Mercury and Venus are in Gemini right now, the second sign from Taurus. Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini, and with Venus, makes a fun and witty combination. Your friends and relatives (Mercury) planet with your ruler, Venus, will help you improve upon your available resources.

Mercury and Venus together in Gemini is a great time to experiment with art and craft project ideas. Mercury in Gemini is full of ideas and “know how” in manifesting them too.

This can be very fulfilling (Venus) for the next few weeks.

The Full Moon in Scorpio in Nakshatra of Vishakha

The Full Moon this month is on the 3rd and 4th (yesterday and today) depending on where you are in the world.

Scorpio is opposite the sign of Taurus, the 7th sign representing your partner. The sign of Scorpio is about emotional security regardless of circumstances and in the
house of the partner, the full Moon will reveal where you stand in that regard.

The 16th nakshatra named Vishakha, the “star of purpose.” It’s in the constellation of of Libra and is represented by a large tree spreading its branches providing protection for others. It also implies one who slowly grows in influence, and promises great fruits as one ripens with age.

It’s ruling deities are Indra, the God of transformation and Agni, the God of fire. They reflect the energy, strength, and potential power of this lunar mansion. Vishakha is about plowing, cultivation and finally obtaining the fruit of the harvest.

Another symbol for Vishakha is the potter sitting at his wheel patiently shaping the pot into a work of art. This lunar mansion can give the individual the patience, persistence, and determination to accomplish any task.

Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter and gives enthusiasm, faith, optimism and hope for the future. The only possible downside to a full Moon in this lunar mansion is that if there has been infidelity in your relationship, it can be brought to light!

Vishakha is generally good for most mundane daily activities, including buying a home.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!


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