TAURUS Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

The native with Taurus lagna (ascendant or rising sign) is in a process of considering the value of that which their life consists of. They look at themselves, what they have acquired, and their lives to see if it is worth it, and if not what needs to be fulfilled in order to make it worthwhile.

There is an emphasis on developing that which they consider of value, which generally are those things that provide physical security, well-being and joy. Though naturally pragmatic, the hardships and struggles of the world reveals to them what is important to them, what they get out of what they do, and what they want to identify with.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Scorpio. What is valuable as well is that which there is an emotional or inner need for. It is recognizing that it is the inner security which having things give that is valuable, not merely the material security.

Generally they must suffer some loss and crisis in order to realize this, which turns them to look where their needs are not being fulfilled. This generally gives partners that create some crisis in their lives, or a partner that suffers some crisis, in order to awaken them to their need for inner security.

Taurus Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Sun as 4th lord

The Sun is the Bull’s strength.

The Sun, as the 4th lord, gives a steadfast mentality, which is the unalterable strength of the Taurus native. The Sun ruling the 4th house makes them solid and grounded, but gives a lack of negotiation capacity when it comes to their emotional needs. The Sun indicates that their happiness and security is more self-dependent. As an angle lord the Sun is a temporal neutral, and other factors influencing the Sun will indicate whether their efforts for happiness and wellbeing are selfishly inclined or dharmic in nature. As a natural malefic, the Sun may serve to separate the native from those things it influences due to other security needs and desires for happiness.

Moon as 3rd Lord

The Moon is the Bull’s gentleness.

The Moon, as the 3rd lord, indicates a skilled mentality and a preference for ease in their activities rather than force or exertion. The Moon gives changeable hobbies, and desires, and great commercial skills. Due to ruling the 3rd house, the Moon is a temporal malefic that is self-motivated, since the Moon is kind and flexible though, it will not create conflict on account of its desires. As a natural benefic, the bright Moon gives skills that allow for the growth and fulfillment of the areas it influences. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon tends to give a pessimistic attitude and unresolved desires which reduces the happiness possible with the areas it influences.

Mars as 7th and 12th Lord

Mars is the Bull’s cows.

Mars, as the 7th and 12th lord, indicates a very powerful sexual nature and the possible expense or loss on account of partners and relationships. Mars is a temporal neutral, as a natural malefic however; Mars will give the dark side of passion in relationships; anger and conflict.

Mercury as 2nd and 5th Lord

Mercury is the Bull’s wealth.

Mercury, as the 2nd and 5th lord, gives the Taurus native a practical and efficient mentality. Mercury gives a knack for speculations and makes them lucky in business, but this luck is due largely to their intelligence, resourcefulness and preparedness. Their intelligence is really their best resource. Mercury also indicates a creative speaker as well. Due to the 5th house lordship, Mercury becomes a temporal benefic, and as a natural benefic as well, Mercury gives intelligence, practicality, and the resourcefulness which allows the Taurus native to fulfill the areas which Mercury influences.

Jupiter as 8th and 11th Lord

Jupiter is the Bull’s utility.

Jupiter as the 8th and 11th lord gives the Taurus native an ability to gain from difficulties, breaks, etc.; Jupiter makes them an opportunist. Due to the 11th house lordship, Jupiter becomes a temporal malefic and creates a greediness or miserliness that hopes to make up for any fears or vulnerabilities. As a natural benefic, Jupiter is inclined to give fulfillment for some time, but its 8th house lordships is bound to make things unsteady.

Venus as 1st and 6th Lord

Venus is the Bull’s plodding

Venus as the 1st and 6th lord, being a comfort-loving planet, inclines the native to prefer a luxurious life rather than a hard one, as well as giving a tendency towards self-indulgence. However, Venus also gives physical strength, and, when the need arises, the native is capable of great effort, though preferring comfort. Venus may give a bit of self-pride and pride due to one’s works. Due to the 6th house lordship Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra states that Venus is a temporal malefic, but for Scorpio with whom Mars shares the same lordship, Mars is given as neutral, so I have to question the lagna lord being malefic for Taurus. Not that I question Parashara, only that when something has been rewritten for 5,000 years a couple of errors are bound to creep in. The 6th lordship does gives trouble, but trouble that the native is really responsible for himself. Venus ruling the 1st and 6th house shows that the native is really his own worst enemy or best friend for pointing out needed areas of improvement. As the lagna lord, Venus is responsible for finding the native’s niche in life, but the 6th house lordship throws some obstacles, delays or struggles into the path. The 6th house being an upachaya linked to the lagna shows that there will be gradual improvement in one’s life. As a natural benefic, Venus gives fulfillment and pleasures to those areas it influences after the native has done the work to earn it.

Saturn as 9th and 10th Lord

Saturn is the horns of the Bull.

Saturn, as the 9th and 10th lord, is the Taurus native’s ability to do what must be done. As the 9th lord and an angle lord, Saturn becomes a great temporal benefic and a yogakaraka that gives the native direction, purpose and fortune in their career and activities. As a natural malefic however, Saturn delays career success which grows better as one ages, as well as causing separation from those areas it influences due to one’s beliefs or career objectives. In either case, Saturn is a planet of dharma who very much believes in simply doing those right few things; yama, niyama, the 10 commandments, etc.


This ascendant portrait was taken from Kala Astrological Software created by Ernst & Srishti Wilhelm, and written by Ernst Wilhelm, my awesome Vedic Astrology teacher and mentor.


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