Such FUN! Watch as Nicole Transforms Herself Into a Planet, Plus Colors & the Days of the Week

I just have to share this with you if you are interested in learning more about the planets as understood in Vedic astrology, but learning about them in a creative and fun format.

My colleague Nicole Brenny (we’ve interviewed each other and did some astrological forecasts together) has done something so creative in these videos that I HAD to share them with you! I think they are absolutely fun and delightful, yet profound and accurate too. I smiled and laughed through all of these videos.

Nicole is doing “planetary makeovers.” She uses makeup, wardrobe, colors, and symbols to transform herself into a planet. She explains why she uses everything she does in her transformation according to the descriptions of the planets in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the ancient text that is the basis of Vedic Astrology. Accurate, yet very creative (and she’s gorgeous to look at too) :-)

Back when I had a regular day job, I would dress every day according to what planet was ruling the day, choosing the colors, makeup and jewelry according to that planetary day. Because I always knew what to wear, it saved a ton of time in the morning when I was rushing to get to work during the week (I am not a morning person), and it saved time on the weekends too:

  • MondayMoonWhite for Taurus (the Moon is happiest in the sign of Taurus), Pink for Cancer, silver jewelry/accessories
  • TuesdayMarsRed for Aries, Whiskey-Cognac color for Scorpio
  • WednesdayMercuryBlue for Gemini, Shimmery colors for Virgo
  • ThursdayJupiterOrange for Sagittarius (coral and peach works too), Black for Pisces with clear crystal-like jewelry/accessories
  • Friday – Venus –  Blue/Green for Libra, White for Taurus (it doesn’t have to be ALL white, it can be just white accessories, like white flower jewelry)
  • SaturdaySaturnmulti-colored for Capricorn – Purples for Aquarius
  • SundaySun – Shades of yellow, gold jewelry/accessories

Nicole is taking that idea to a whole new level in these videos; she’s teaching about the planets in a vivid visual way and it’s really fun to watch. I can’t decide if I like her Mars or Venus one better, and I hope she does the Moon and Jupiter next.

Which one is your favorite so far? Check them out and give her a thumbs up!


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