Stephen King & the Astrology of Writing

Stephen King, Astrology & WritingI thought it would be fun to talk about Stephen King & the Astrology of Writing (for those of you who prefer video, the VIDEO is BELOW) using Vedic Jaimini Astrology. It was the show, Castle Rock, airing now on Hulu, that made me want to do it.

The first season of Castle Rock is actually over (you can binge on the whole season now), but it’s vintage Stephen King – without the gore that’s typical in horror shows.

Castle Rock doesn’t come from any one of Stephen’s stories directly but is the setting for several of his novels, novellas, and short stories.

Stephen King’s Writing Yoga as Per Jaimini

Stephen King, Astrology & Writing

First, we’ll see how the writing yoga shows up astrologically in his birth chart. Stephen’s AK (AK is short for Atmakaraka, the Self-Producer planet “essence” planet), is the Sun.

The Sun is in the 3rd house of writing, helping him to do the hard work of writing (because the Sun is steadfast and consistent and able to stay focused on his vision).

Stephen King, Astrology & Writing
The horoscope of author Stephen King

The AK Sun in the dual sign of Virgo is aspected by the Moon (the Moon is in the 6th house in a dual/mutable sign and can only aspect the other dual/mutable signs), the most important planet for authorship according to the ancient Jaimini Sutras.

The Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the three planets that the Moon has to be aspected by, with, or ruled by, for a person to be an author.

Connecting The Yoga Factors All Together

Next, we need to connect his AK and/or Moon to the 3rd house of writing itself, the 5th house of creativity, and the 9th house of teaching and telling tales.

His AK Sun in Virgo is already in the 3rd house of writing (look closely and you’ll see the little numbers for the relevant houses circles in red. Count from the sign of Cancer where the diagonal lines are, in a counter-clockwise direction). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the natural planet of writing (in addition to the Moon), and the 5th house of creativity is in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars.

We look at Mars, and it’s in Cancer (the 1st house where the diagonal lines are), ruled by the Moon, and the Moon aspects the AK Sun.

The 9th house is Pisces ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Scorpio the 5th house of creativity ruled by Mars, and again Mars is governed by the Moon which aspects the Sun AK in the 3rd.

The Sun AK and the Moon also both aspect the 9th house (the dual or mutable signs aspect only each other). So we see all the necessary houses are connected to Stephen’s Moon and AK planet.


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Stephen’s Creativity

Mars, the 5th lord of creativity, is right in his first house, showing that creativity is an essential part of his nature. He has a mutual reception with Jupiter. This is demonstrated by Jupiter being in a Mars sign and Mars being in the exaltation sign of Cancer.

Jupiter, the 9th lord of teaching and telling tales aspects the 1st house and its exaltation sign (Cancer) giving it manifesting strength.

Stephen writes science fiction novels too, not just horror. This can be seen clearly with the Vedic Astrology Jaimini technique also: Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is the planet that rules innovation, technology, magic. Rahu aspects the first house of Cancer.

Why Stephen Mainly Writes Horror Novels

Everyone wants to know why Stephen writes about horror so much and how he keeps coming up with such horrible ideas. Does that show in his birth chart? Yes.

That can be seen in the D9 (the little chart on the right of the main birth chart with a 9 in the center of it), the navamsa where his AK Sun is again in Virgo and with his enemy Saturn. Saturn rules death, disease, aging, and our fears. It’s a challenging thing to have Saturn with the Sun, but Stephen has used his creativity and writing skill to express the worries and fears that we all have. Even after many years, we’re still fascinated by the stories he comes up with.

Stephen’s father abandoned the family when he was really young and he was terrified that his mother would leave him and his brother too. During his childhood, he had many nightmares. He started writing down his scary thoughts to cope with his night terrors. Writing them down made it easier to believe they couldn’t happen in real life.

“From a very early age, I wanted to be scared…I wanted an emotional engagement with something that was safe, something I could pull back from.”
– Stephen King, Fresh Air

Rahu also represents our fears, but strange unknown worries, unlike Saturn which usually represents “known” fears, things that can actually happen in real life. The fears of Rahu can involve the supernatural. In the main birth chart, Stephen has Rahu aspecting his ascendant (the 1st house of the Self).

(The fixed signs aspect the moveable/cardinal signs in this technique, so Rahu in the fixed sign of Taurus is aspecting the moveable sign of Cancer, Stephen’s first house)

Stephen’s Amazing Success Yoga

Another fascinating thing shown by Vedic Astrology is that he has a Grahamalika “planetary garland” yoga, which is all the nine planets consecutively in 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 houses from the Lagna or the Sun.

Starting from the lagna, the 1st house, we see he has a planet or two in six houses one right after the other. This yoga is a fortunate yoga. Because of this yoga, Stephen is world famous for his writing, especially because so many of his books have been made into movies or TV shows.

The Video Showing Stephen’s Chart & the Jaimini Writing Yoga


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